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Austrian Muslims Denounce Hijab Ban Proposal.

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Muslims in Australia and many other civil society associations on Thursday strongly denounced a legal proposal to impose a ‘hijab’ ban after it was announced by the Austrian prime minister.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Wednesday said that legal preparations were under way to ban the hijab (headscarf worn by Muslim women) in elementary schools.

He further said on ORF Radio: "Our goal is to confront any development of parallel societies in Austria."

Ibrahim Olgun, the head of the Islamic Religious Authority of Austria (IGGO), described the proposal as “unacceptable” in his interview to Anadolu Agency. He said the proposed ban was merely aimed at creating an agenda in which children would be used as political tools and the headscarf would be portrayed as an Islamic political symbol.

He said: “If politics is not done through the kippah of Jews or Christian crosses, no politics can be done over the headscarf,” he noted.

Dr. Sonia Zaafrani, the head of the Initiative for Discrimination-Free Education (IDB), said the headscarf was not an obstacle to integration with regard to the education system.


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