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Muslim Students Around the UK Unite to Raise £1 Million During Charity Week.

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Muslim Students Around the UK Unite to Raise £1 Million During Charity Week.

Muslim students from around the UK set a new record by raising over £1 million during Charity Week (where student Islamic societies raise funds for Islamic Relief). The total was announced at the Charity Week International Annual Dinner that took place in the iconic Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham on Sunday, 25th November.

Charity Week (from 22-28 October) saw Muslim students up and down the country donate their time, energy and goodwill to raise funds. They took part in various whacky events including banana auctions and sumo wrestling.

The total amount raised by the students in the UK was £1,012,000. This was announced to a fanfare at the ceremony, attended by volunteers and students from across the UK, as well as Germany, USA, Canada and Qatar. Almost £360,000 was raised by students in Canada, Qatar, Germany, USA, Australia and South Africa, taking the international total to £1.3 million.

At the ceremony, awards of appreciation were given out to the most successful fundraisers and volunteers.

Charity Week isn’t just about fundraising. Students, local businesses and volunteers get behind the campaign to engage in projects that benefit local communities. In October this year, local councilors in Bradford joined Islamic Relief volunteers at a community litter pick in Seymour Park, making the park a cleaner and safer place for the community.

Another key element of Charity Week is the promotion of unity between different student Islamic societies and the wider society.

Students of De Montfort University in Leicester, whose contributions to unite students of different religions, cultures and universities, were acknowledged by being presented with the ‘Best Show of Unity’ award.


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