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Islam MessageEurope: Canada: Small number of residents vote against Muslim cemetery - 7/18/2017
Opponents said Muslims could be buried in sections of existing cemeteries or in a new one that allowed multi-faith burials, with a section for those of the Islamic faith
Islam MessageSouth Asia: Hindu mob brutally assaults Muslim family on the train - 7/18/2017
In the video, a group of around 30 men with rods and sticks could be seen beating the family
Islam MessageWorship & Practices: Islamic Jurists' views regarding purification with Zamzam Water - 7/16/2017
Zamzam is the name of a famous well in Masjid al-Harm in Akkah,which is thirty-eight cubits away from Ka'bah...
Islam MessageBiographies: Eminent Female Companions of Prophet Muhammad-Sifanah bint Hatim At-Ta'ei - 7/11/2017
Sifanah bint Hatim hailed from the pupolar Arab tribe of At-Ta’ei. Her father; Hatim Ibn Abdulla Ibn Sa’ad At-Ta’ei who died before the advent of Islam was known of his generosity...
Islam MessageIntroduction to the Qur'an: Etiquettes of the Learner of the Qur'an in himself and with his teacher - 7/10/2017
Learning the Qur’an is one of the lofty objectives in this life and an adventure that elevates the status of its seeker to the pinnacle of success in this life and the hereafter ...
Islam MessageSalah (Prayer): What did we learn from Ramadan. - 7/9/2017
The month of Ramadan is seen in Islam as a spiritual semester for the strengthening of faith and as a pit stop for strengthening or charging one’s spiritual batteries....
Islam MessageJudaism: Obligatory Fast in Judaism - 7/6/2017
Judaism recognizes only one mandatory fast – the Day of Atonement. Its general attitude toward other fast days (public or private) is negative, based upon Isaiah 58:3–8...
Islam MessageEurope: 'Liberal' mosque where burqas are banned opens in Germany - 7/5/2017
'You can only achieve change through setting an example, opening doors, in a space where every question can be asked', says founder Seyran Ates
Islam MessageAmericas: A Bona Fide Bogus Travel Ban - 7/5/2017
These enormous holes in a policy, supposedly driven by security concerns, demonstrate the deep confusion into which the Trump administration and the courts have fallen in
Islam MessageIslamic Spirituality: Religious Extremism among the Youth and Islam's Solution - 7/4/2017
‘When you ponder on the principles of the shariah you will find that they stand for moderation. If you perceive them as leaning towards a certain extreme, you should know that this is in opposition to another existing or expected extreme...
Islam MessageIntroduction to the Qur'an: Books on the Etiquettes of Learning and Teaching the Qur'an - 7/3/2017
The levels of knowledge and its status vary depending on the topic that it is discussing. There is no doubt that the most magnificent and honorable (noble) knowledge that one can have is the Book of Allah...
Islam MessageFasting: Rules concerning Fasting the Six Days of Shawwal - 7/2/2017
The month of Shawwal is singled out for the observance of extra fasts, since this month follows immediately after Ramadan...
Islam MessageIntroduction to the Qur'an: Scholarly Doctrines Regarding the Scientific Miracles of the Noble Qur'an, and the Correct View - 6/23/2017
The Noble Qur’an is the representation of Allah’s quality of speech and it is entirely His word revealed to the holy Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (Jibreel
Islam MessageIslamic Spirituality: GETTING THE BEST OUT OF THE LAST TEN DAYS OF RAMADAN - 6/20/2017
The last ten days of Ramadan houses a night that is better than a thousand months equal to 84 years of worship. The holy Qur’an emphatically declared this fact:...
Islam MessageZakah (Alms-Giving): Rules concerning Sadaqatul –Fitr - 6/19/2017
Sadaqatul -Fitr is charity given to the poor at the end of the fasting in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The Arabic word Fitr means the same as iftar...
Islam MessageJudaism: Fasting of the Jews according to the Old Testament and Talmud - 6/14/2017
Fasting is attested in the oldest strata of biblical literature and there can be no doubt that spontaneous fasting was widespread from earliest times both among individuals and groups...
Islam MessageIslamic Spirituality: Orientalism in the Scale of Islam - 6/13/2017
Any open-minded person embarking on a study of Islam, especially if using books written in European languages, should be aware of the seemingly inherent distortions that permeate almost all non-Muslim writings on Islam...
Islam MessageEurope: Exclusive: UK: Muslim MPs prominent in Labour resurgence - 6/12/2017
The high turnout included 12 Muslim Labour MPs being elected, up from nine in 2015. All three Muslim Conservatives retained their seats also with increased majorities as well.
Islam MessageEurope: Iceland: Muslims fast for 22 hours during Ramadan - 6/12/2017
“The first three days are most difficult. Then everything turns back to normal.”
Islam MessageAsia-Pacific: Court in Pakistan sentences man to death for ‘blasphemous’ Facebook post - 6/12/2017
Pakistan has strict anti-blasphemy laws, and anyone accused of insulting God, Islam or a religious leader can be sentenced to die
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