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Islam MessageIntroduction to the Qur'an: The Firewood of the Hell in light of the Qur'an and Hadith - 4/30/2017
Islam teaches that Hell is a real place prepared by God for those who do not believe in Him, rebel against His laws, and reject His messengers. Hell is an actual place, not a mere state of mind or a spiritual entity...
Islam MessageBiographies: Eminent Female Companions of Prophet Muhammad-Khaulah bint al-Hakeem - 4/30/2017
Khawla Bint Al Azwar was an extraordinary woman from the early years of Islam...she was the daughter of one of the chiefs of Banu Asad tribe and her tribe was among the first tribes to embrace Islam. ..a great female companion...
Islam MessageSouth Asia: Buddhist monks forces closure of 2 Muslim schools - 4/30/2017
Protests by Buddhist monks and other nationalists demanding Government ban word Rohingya in Myanmar on 22 May 2016.
Islam MessageEurope: Man with knives arrested near Parliament - 4/30/2017
Counter terrorism police taking terror suspect found with large number of knives. He was arrested corner of Parliament St and Parliament Square opposite Parliament in London on 27 April 2017
Islam MessageEurope: Women dominate all fields of achievement at The Muslim News Awards for Excellence - 4/30/2017
60% of the winners were women and 53% were from outside London.
Islam MessageIntroduction: Dependability and Merit as taught by Islam and Christianity - 4/27/2017
The principle of treating people and evaluating them depending on their worth and merit is a requirement highly upheld in both Islam and Christianity....
Islam MessageIntroduction to the Qur'an: Science of counting the Verses of the Qur'an - 4/24/2017
It consists of 114 chapters with each chapter containing number of verses, which differ in numbers. The chapter with the highest number of verses is the second chapter of the Qur’an known as Al-Baqara...
Islam MessageIslamic Spirituality: The Sincere and Honest Repentance - 4/24/2017
Repentance is: an act of seeking forgiveness with sincere intention not to go back to sin or disobedience, and the feeling of remorse for what was committed in the past. The word “honest” is added to repentance, but it is actually a description of the one who repents...
Islam MessageTeachings of Muhammad: Taking the good route and having a good appearance is part of the twenty-four parts of Prophethood - 4/23/2017
good looking and appearance, deliberateness and observing a middle course (in issues) is one part of a twenty-four parts of Prophethood”. (reported by Tirmidhi and rendered authentic by Albaani)...
Islam MessageIslamic Spirituality: The Problem of Drug Addiction and Smoking Among Young People and How Islam Addressed it - 4/20/2017
The young Muslims of today are facing an ever-increasing number of dilemmas. One of these is drugs addiction and smoking. Drug addiction and smoking is a serious public problem...
Islam MessageEurope: How an 'Islamic' bar became a French election scandal - 4/20/2017
French bar owner Amar Amar Salhi's bar north of Paris sparked an election scandal after it featured on national television in December during a report about Islam and women
Islam MessageSouth Asia: Pence to tour Indonesia's largest mosque in outreach to Muslims - 4/20/2017
US Vice President Mike Pence will visit the largest mosque in the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, Indonesia, a symbolic gesture for the deputy in an administration accused of stoking Islamophobia
Islam MessageIntroduction: Thoroughness and Precision as taught by Islam and Christianity - 4/19/2017
Islam and Christianity consider thoroughness and precision as a religion manner. In fact, they are at the very core of Islamic manners and unfortunately, very few people apply this manner and the majority that do, are not religious...
Islam MessageSouth Asia: Jakarta Election Exposes Deep Political, Religious Divide - 4/17/2017
A worker carries a box with ballots during preparations for the second round of an election for Jakarta's governor in Jakarta, Indonesia April 15, 2017
Islam MessageSouth Asia: Philippines: Quake damages 30 houses, 2 mosques in Mindanao - 4/17/2017
Some residents sought shelter at evacuation centers while several people reported minor injuries from falling debris, Garcia said.
Islam MessageAsia-Pacific: Afghanistan divided on US mega-bomb drop on Daesh hideouts - 4/17/2017
Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai also condemned the use of the MOAB bomb.
Islam MessageTeachings of Muhammad: Children make Men Misers and Cowards - 4/16/2017
This Hadith teaches that we should realize that our parents have served us so much that we can never fully compensate them...
Islam MessageIntroduction: Propagation of the Spirit of Initiative between Islam and Christianity - 4/13/2017
Islam and Christianity speak of Propagation of the Spirit of initiative. Propagation of the spirit of initiative is a concept firmly based in Islam and Christianity...
Islam MessageIslamic Spirituality: The Problem of Sexual Perversion among Young People and How Islam Addressed it - 4/12/2017
A universally accepted outlet for sexual desire is the institution of marriage. It not only allows the husband and wife to satisfy each other’s sexual drives without promiscuity, it also provides a foundational family unit for raising children and perpetuating the human race...
Islam MessageAsia-Pacific: Triple talaq, polygamy are 'patriarchal values', such practices impact dignity of Muslim women: Cent - 4/11/2017
The Centre had on October 7 last year opposed in the apex court the practice of 'triple talaq', 'nikah halala' and polygamy among Muslims and favoured a relook on grounds like gender equality and secularism.
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