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Islam MessageMiddle East: Saudi Arabia keen to see cooperation and solidarity at Arab Summit - 3/28/2017
The Cabinet recalled King Salman’s phone call to the British Prime Minister, which stressed that such terror acts necessitated the need for global cooperation to eradicate the phenomenon of terrorism and dry up its sources.
Islam MessageEurope: Islam taught in schools - 3/27/2017
Let us keep in mind that the Islamic education issue has parallels in other fields
Islam MessageAmericas: Canadian parliament passes motion against rising Islamophobia - 3/27/2017
The motion garnered an online backlash, petitions against it and nationwide protests. According to local media, Khalid has also received death threats after introducing the motion. Khalid told The Star that her office has been swamped with hateful messages over the Motion 103.
Islam MessageAmericas: Colorado mosque vandalised by intruder who threw rocks and Bible through window - 3/27/2017
The attacker was caught on camera attempting to open the doors of the building before smashing the glass window.
Islam MessageIntroduction: Sunni-Non-Sunni Relations in Senegal - 3/21/2017
Islam is the predominant religion in Senegal. 95% of the country's population is estimated to be Muslim. Senegal Muslim population is a home for sectarian pluralism with the sunni Muslims with sufi affiliations...
Islam MessageIslamic Manners: THE GOODNESS OF A NATION CAN BE GATHERED IN ONE MAN - 3/21/2017
History bore ample testimony to the fact that, one man can be the means of all goodness to an entire group of people be it a nation, a society, a community or family. ..
Islam MessageThemes in the Qur'an: The Restricted All-inclusive Verses in the Qur'an - 3/20/2017
Restricted all-inclusive verses is a very important issue in the philosophy of Islamic jurisprudence which helps Jurist in making a lot jurisprudential deductions from the verses that falls under this category...
Islam MessageBiographies: Eminent Female Companions of Prophet Muhammad-Rufaidah Al-Aslamiyyah - 3/19/2017
Rufaida Al-Aslamiyyah (May Allah be please with her) was one of the outstanding female companions of the holy prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and salutations be upon him). ..
Islam MessageIntroduction: Sunni-Non-Sunni Relations in Kuwait - 3/16/2017
An example of such an act would be vandalizing the walls of Sunni mosques with disparaging slogans about the Prophet Muhammad’s companions, as has happened numerous times...
Islam MessageIslamic Spirituality: Some Entrances the Devil to Humans - 3/14/2017
Shaitan’s (also referred to as Satan) enmity with man started when Allah (SWT) created the first man, Adam (peace be upon him). Satan was from amongst the “jinn” who have been created with the ability to obscure themselves from human sight, and who constitute a world of their own...
Islam MessageEurope: Alienated Muslims in Europe establish their own parties - 3/14/2017
Parties in France, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, and Greece were founded to counter the rising tide of Islamophobia and discrimination against Muslims in Europe.
Islam MessageSouth Asia: Rohingya group urges EU support for Myanmar probe - 3/14/2017
The Rohingya are not recognized by as one of Myanmar’s 135 ethnic groups. The government instead claims Rohingya are Bengalis, originally from Bangladesh.
Islam MessageBiographies: Eminent Female Companions of Prophet Muhammad-Khairah Bint Abi Hadr Al-Aslami - 3/13/2017
Umm Ad-Darda’ was held by Iyas ibn Mu`awiyah, an important scholar of hadith of the time and a judge of undisputed ability and merit, to be superior to all the other hadith scholars of the period, including the celebrated masters of hadith like Al-Hasan Al-Basri and Ibn Sirin...
Islam MessageThemes in the Qur'an: Agnomens in the Qur'an - 3/12/2017
There are many agnomens mentioned in the Glorious Qur'an in confirming the habit or states of the addressees...
Islam MessageDocumentaries: Vowelization and Calligraphy of the Qur'an - 3/7/2017
The Holy Quran was without Dotting and Vowelization. Now it became with Tajweed...
Islam MessageLectures: Hadith Science of Transmission - 3/7/2017
a short but educative lecture on the chain of transmission of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Hadith)..Dr.Rajab Senturk addresses the issue of Hadith criticism and provides a framework for us in understanding the social science within Hadith literature...
Islam MessageLectures: Hadith Books - 3/7/2017
different methods of writting hadith books ..
Islam MessageIntroduction: Sunni-Non-Sunni Relations in Oman - 3/7/2017
The Sunni are the majority of the Muslim nation. They are the people who rightfully followed the methodology of Prophet Muhammad (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). They include the companions and those who followed them in the essence of belief..
Islam MessageBiographies: Eminent Female Companions of Prophet Muhammad-Hamnah Bint Jahsh - 3/6/2017
She was the daughter of Jahsh ibn Riyab, an immigrant to Mecca from the Asad tribe, and Umama bint Abdulmuttalib, a member of the Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe who was the Prophet Muhammad's aunt ...
Islam MessageIslamic Spirituality: Self-Examination and its Impact in Building a Righteous Muslim - 3/6/2017
Self -examination or accountability is one of the ways reaching the peak of righteousness and piety, without which spiritual ecstasy cannot be achieved. Subjecting oneself to accountability leads to remorse for sins done ..
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