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After the duration of this earth is over, comes the Day of Judgment. This great Day will commence by Allah commanding angel Israfil to blow the Trumpet. At the first blowing, all the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth will fall unconscious, except what Allah spares. The earth will be flattened and the mountains turned into dust.

The skies will be made to rain and everybody will be resurrected into their original bodies from their graves, thereby entering the third and final phase of life.

Angel Israfil will blow the Trumpet for the second time upon which people will rise up from their graves, alive. This will take the disbelievers and the hypocrites by surprise and regret, whereas the believers will find it exactly as they were told.

The angels will drive all human beings naked, uncircumcised, and bare-footed to the Great Plain of Gathering. This is called the Hashr. The first one to be dressed on that Day will be Abraham. At the Great Plain of Gathering, a re-created sun will shine close to their heads, and they will sweat according to their deeds. Some people will be sheltered under the special shade of Allah.

When the conditions will become unbearable, people will request God to allow the Prophets and the Messengers to intercede on their behalf to save them from distress. All prophets will excuse themselves, until Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will be allowed to intercede and thus Judgment will begin.


The Records

On that Day will be the disclosure of the Records of the deeds performed in this life. Some people will receive their book of records with their right hands while others will receive theirs with their left hand. Those who will receive theirs in their right hand will have an easy accountability. They will happily go back to their families. However, those who will receive theirs in the left hand would wish they were dust due to the disgrace and great humiliation they will face before the entire world. They will be full of regrets as will wish that they were not handed their Records or that they had not known it.


Then Allah will judge His creation. They will be reminded and informed of their good and evil deeds. The faithful will acknowledge their sins and be forgiven. The disbelievers will have no good deeds to declare because an unbeliever is rewarded for his good deeds in this life. Some scholars are of the opinion that the punishment of an unbeliever may be reduced in lieu of his good deeds, except the punishment of the great sin of disbelief.


The Aims and Objectives

Just like most other beliefs in Islam, especially in the unseen, the belief in the Hashr and handling of records is basically to instill that deep internal feeling and self monitoring as one knows that he will be accountable for every deed of his in the world. He knows that his deeds are all being recorded and this shall be handed over to him in front of the whole creatures of Allah on that Day. This self reproaching feeling and self accountability in this world towards the recognition of the fact that the Judge of that Day is an impartial One and Only Great God of immeasurable knowledge and wisdom is the major aim and objective of this belief. Other numerous reasons could be mentioned, but all fall within this first one, such as: doing good deeds, avoiding evils, always remembering Allah, performing our duties to Allah and other creatures and so on.


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