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Marriage union is a called for practice and norm in every Islamic setting. No sexual intercourse is allowed between a male and female except legally married as stipulated by Islamic regulations.

This institution of marriage has its most significant requirements for it to be valid: the mahr (dowry), presence of at least two witnesses and the guardians, the offer and acceptance, and the celebration or publicity.


Most marriages are not held in mosques, and men and women remain separate during the ceremony and reception. Since Islam sanctions no special official clergy, any Muslim who has a good knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings to this regard can officiate a wedding. Most important is to make sure all regulations are met.

None the less, in much Islamically organized settings, the authorities do grant leave and authority to only recognized and qualified scholars to officiate marriages. In that case, such communities would officially not recognize marriages not conducted by such authorized individuals.


These officials authorized to perform the marriage ceremonies are duly licensed by the government in charge of such environments. All marriages recognized by the authorities of the lands must have the signature and seal of such authorized official. However, the officials are supposed to exhibit certain fundamental qualities, some of which are but not limited to the following:

  • Academically qualified or well known for his vast knowledge in this aspect.
  • Be trustworthy and not known with any form of defamation in characters and ways.
  • Command respect and recognition amongst his people.
  • Matured.
  • Sane.
  • Free and not a slave.
  • A Muslim.
  • Display of qualities of a just leader among the people.


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