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3- Islam calls seriously for children to be given the best of training in line with Islamic teachings. ِAllah says (translated as):

"O you who believe! protect yourselves and your families from (Hell) Fire, which has its fuel to be human beings and stones." (At-Tahreem: 6)

And the prophet (PBUH) made every man and woman responsible for his or her home. "The man cares for his household and thus he is responsible for that which he cares for; the woman cares for the man's house and thus is responsible for that which she cares for." (Bukhari)


The responsibility of the man and woman toward their children actually begins right from the first instant in which they thought of making a family. This is because they both have to make the best choices in who will become the father or mother to their children.  Then comes the fact that after the child's coming into this world, the first thing to enter into his ear should be the words of tauheed and then adhan and iqamah, followed by the selection of a nice and beautiful name for him or her.


In same light did Islam give much interest to the training and good upbringing of kids. Parents are to instill good Islamic morals and best of ethics in their children right from childhood. The prophet (PBUH), in giving a practical approach to this, said: "Order your children to pray when they are seven years of age. Beat then (as punishment) over it when they are ten years, and separate between them in bedding." (Abu Dawud)


Our righteous predecessors took great interest in teaching their kids the tenets of Islam and instilling in them love for Islam. They made them study the history of the prophet (PBUH) and righteous personalities before them, took them along to study classes and so on. In doing this, they concentrated on certain instances and occurrences in their history that portrayed true selflessness for the sake of Allah and His religion. With such training, the children grew up having the best of morals, ethics, and steadfastness in supporting truth; and feared none in the cause of doing what was right.


If parents can take to such practices and activities that would breed their kids in the best manner and protect them as much as possible from all kinds of distractions and evils that may hinder the desired results, the adult made of such a child will be exemplary. In the same light, the parents will have a fulfilled achievement on seeing their children the way they loved of them.


This is exactly what we need in Muslim homes and families to have back the leading and exemplary rule in the international world.


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