Prayer Time

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  1. Specifying a family meeting involving all family members to discuss their shortcomings regarding the rights of Allah, and to exhort one another to spread goodness and Islamic propagation.
  2. Giving gifts to neighbors involving a tape or book on Islamic propagation.
  3. Taking advantage of useful computer software.
  4. Organizing various cultural competitions among children, such as competition for the memorization of Surah Tabarak, Aayatul-Kursy (Verse of the Chair), the forty prophetic traditions of An-Nawawy, and the three fundamentals …e.t.c.
  5. Holding competitions in summarizing some useful books, or unloading tape contents, or by asking questions on the contents of a tape, to ensure that they listen to it.
  6. To pay attention to the style of narrating objective stories to children and to bring them story programs free of illegal contents such as stories of the prophets, the companions of the prophet and others.
  7. Accompanying one’s children to one of the Islamic libraries and Islamic recording industry, and educating them to choose what suits them of the useful materials that will develop their love for reading and curiosity.
  8. The method of verbal reinforcement (praise and admiration) by the father or teacher has its effective impact in the hearts of children.
  9. Indoctrinating normal words and phrases in the child's mind and training him on that has a deep meaning in the psyche of the child, such as: Saying “La Hawla Wa La Quwwata Illa Billaah” (No might nor power but with Allah) during sadness and distress or saying Subhaanallaah (Purified and praised be Allah) when one wonders .. e.t.c.


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