Prayer Time

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  1. To put forward an initiative by proposing topics to learned scholars and researchers to write on.
  2. Reprinting documented guidance brochures and making them available to readers during the seasons of special worship like (Hajj and Umrah, Ramadan, End of the year...).
  3. Adopting the printing of Da’wah cards, or Wedding Cards, in a very attractive form bearing short  phrases of invitation to Islam  and fit for preaching  in many areas. This is because standing to preach to a person may need some potentials and capabilities not required by preaching through cards.
  4. Printing short Da’wah messages to be sent in form of envelopes, bearing admonitions for people who fall victims of evil perpetrations and negligence in their obedience to Allah.
  5. Adopting the edition of Islamic propagation magazines.
  6. Advising publishers and owners of companies publishing and printing materials that are dead set against the Islamic Legislation .
  7. Publishers should seek the reward of Allah through reducing the prices of the Islamic books they publish so that they can spread fast and reach to the people.
  8. Making the copy and translation rights of books  free to every capable  Muslim  and to seek Allah’s reward through that for He may make some persons to translate, print and distribute them.


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