Prayer Time

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  1. Selecting anyone among the students that appears to be genius and intelligent from the early stage and configuring him to be one of the nation's learned scholars, and to make a future plan for this long-term goal.
  2. Correcting the way many school educators look at the bad image of the children of people who are religiously committed, taking special care of them educationally and training them on good moral ethics and respect for adults, teachers and others.
  3. That we preach in our neighborhoods by setting practical examples and good model by making our homes to be typical and exemplary of a Muslim home that can be emulated as a role model.
  4. Not neglecting to invite the neighborhood kids to watch a video and comment on it, or set questions on its subject matter.
  5. Some righteous people still hesitates to break into the world of computers and does not know that the Buddhist monks in pagan countries or even the Christians and others are moving forward to specialize and master dealing with networks.
  6. My blessed brother! The little time you spend in learning the basics of computer, saves you a lot of time.
  7. Visiting the righteous brothers, urging them to engage in preaching work, to leave off negative redundancy with respect to Islamic propagation and to know the areas that fit each and every one of them to take advantage of them in the call to Allah the Almighty.
  8. Examining the state of the Imam of the mosque, meeting his needs, informing him about current affairs, new books and ideas, and to give him tribute, respect and prestige in order to win him and persuade him to serve Islamic propagation.
  9. Efforts of the early religiously and scientifically committed brothers are being depleted by some radio stations, or  missionary or deviant associations through unending correspondence and that frequently request them to send writeups for publication but they would instead burn and destroy them to limit their accessibility to people who are really in need of them. Such stations and associations as well as the owners of deviant ideas should be rejoined and their websites should be deliberately interrupted.


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