Prayer Time

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  1. Seizing the opportunity whenever possible to express our repudiation of the strayed and deviant doctrines and to warn the public about them so that people would take to the standards of the Sunnis in their future lives before a day comes when we will hear that someone has been influenced by the ideas of the people of innovation and misguidance due to lack of intellectual immunity and resistance.
  2. Chasing the sidewalks youth, public land travellers, public parks and recreational facilities at the end of the week to invite them to Islam.
  3. Activating the role of taxi drivers and mass transit, by providing them with palmphlets and tapes to propagate Islam among their passengers.
  4. Holding weekly meeting with the family, even if it were for reading Surah Al-Kahf every Friday, or for reading a booklet while taking tea. This has a great impact in the hearts of parents but you can hardly see who does this constantly even among the righteous.
  5. Carrying on the sending of letters of thanks and words of praise through phone or correspondence or fax or telegram, to those you have noticed having the concern for Islamic propagation, or having an effective idea, or a successful method, in order to encourage others and spur them to continue to give and do more, for the preacher is a human being that can be influenced by this method .
  6. Strengthening ties and links with preachers and students in the neighborhood and exchanging experiences and benefiting from them in joint Da’wah programs that are likely to remove the solitude in the soul.
  7. Opening a file for the legal violations in the neighborhood where you live, and scheduling the method of changing, remedying and removing them in cooperation with the Association for Promoting virtues and Prohibiting vices’ center in the neighborhood.
  8. Specifying some time to visit the prisons and reformatories to strengthen those working there and present to them modern means of preaching and to visit the prisoners to raise their spirits.
  9. Specializing in a particular evil that is widespread among the people by focussing on all its aspects and studying it consciously to proffer successful solutions, and raise a strong comprehensive memorandum to the persons in charge of affairs for implementation.
  10. To further strengthen relationship with the mayor of the neighborhood by visiting him, cooperating with him and support him in doing reforms among the people and acts of goodness.
  11. Paying periodic visits to stores containing evils, to give them good words of advice and to continue preaching without fatigue or interruption. If only fifty people from the mosques visit a shop involving legal violations to advise their owners many would have responded positively.


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