Prayer Time

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  1. Inviting relatives, neighbors and their children,  to a party when any of the children memorizes something from the holy Qur’an, to encourage and motivate them.
  2. Attempting to convert the public councils to councils of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) tactfully, politely and attractively by linking events and previous happenings of the councils with faithful and educational meanings.
  3. Using phone in recitations and review of the holy Qur’an and other memorized texts and to give lessons to women organizations via the telephone.
  4. Making indexes for private libraries and accurate indices for books and tapes of Islamic propagation to be presented to people interested in calling to the path of Allah such as the Imam of a mosque, the preacher and students to benefit from.
  5. Accurate indexing of journals and tapes of Islamic propagation one after the other and creating acute indexes for the topics of these tapes to facilitate the deployment of a database on Islamic propagation.
  6. Designing alternative games that are useful and attractive for the children and are in line with Islamic morals.
  7. To communially agree not to backbite any one among us nor sit or listen to one that backbites.
  8. Establishing permanent communication and link between the student and the Sheikh and to maintain the relationship even outside the study circle.
  9. Displaying excellence in the life of those who are religiously committed to the extent that even if he is forced to get a maid she does not come but in the company of her mahram (legal guardian). This will in itself preach virtue, decency and modesty. Moreover, the laborers working in the homes of the righteous should also be well distinguished from other laborers because as they put it: “neighboring is contagious”.
  10. The housewive should donate in buying clothing, accessories and wedding jewelry and endowing them to be lent to her sisters who are in need.


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