Prayer Time

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  1. Contributing in the distribution of tapes, booklets and palmphlets in the women sections of public places.
  2. Hastening to give material support to Islamic projects whose benefits are all-inclusive and to save them from their financial crisis like the crisis in recordings and magazines to promote the life of their activity.
  3. Inviting philantriphists to support students and Da’wah workers, who appear to possess talents and knowledge and devote themselves to inviting to Islam.
  4. Specifying some time to visit the villages and hamlets, even once in a month.
  5. Consulting the elderly to record and benefit from their experiences in life. That will help to win their hearts and increase their attendance of some Da’wah programs. The prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be on him) said: (Blessing is with your aged ones). They can be entertained in schools, summer centres and honored by giving them prizes.
  6. To frequent libraries of galleries and waiting areas in public services, with every novel material and to seek Allah’s reward in organizing and arranging that.
  7. To take advantage of people with foreign languages, and activate their role in propagating Islam, even if it were through the translation of articles or words of taboo or irregularities to warn people against that.
  8. Producing various and interesting special programs in video cassettes or computer to be displayed in the camps, weddings and holidays, taking into account the diversity, seriousness, proportionality in approaches, and freedom from the imitation of comic immoral programs.
  9. Visiting and inspecting our fellow pilgrims in their places, to know about their condition, guide them and utilize their presence in this atmosphere of faith, to cultivate and awaken the sense of Islamic propagation in them.
  10. Contacting some websites, recording stores, magazines and newspapers to put before them an offer to participate in Da’wah programs.


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