Prayer Time

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  1. Registering any idea or suggestion or discovery regarding invitation to Islam and delivering it to anyone who can implement and benefit from it.
  2. Paying a quarterly visit to Islamic propagation agencies to observe the new aspects of Da’wah, present your services to them and cooperate with them as centers and bodies of Islamic propagation.
  3. Subscribing annually in Islamic magazines to encourage and ensure their continuity.
  4. Religiously committed and qualified persons should hurry to handle the functions of an Imam and Mau’dhin, for their own benefit and that of the people.
  5. Utilizing the company of Hajj and Umrah trips, to preach to pilgrims and provide them with the possible number of brochures and tapes to be distributed and disseminated in their countries.
  6. The religiously committed brother should specialize in an aspect of invitation to Islam, in which he focuses, innovates and directs his utmost attention. For example, he may specialize in preaching to the deaf or the dumb, or partake in relief work... e.t.c.
  7. The Islamic propagator should take with him some young men while going out to deliver Da'wah programs.
  8. To seek Allah's reward through the Internet by following-up the deficiencies in Islamic sites and directing their owners because most of the people propagating Islam via the Internet do not lack sincere passion or sacrifice, as much as they lack the attendance of scholars and students.
  9. To send Islamic propagation messages to evil sites and apprehensive channels to make more people to reject them.
  10. To participate by sending every new and useful material to the Internet including books, ideas and other beneficial materials  to students. Thus we would have established a link between the righteous persons and cooperation as well as cooperating in exhorting that which is good.


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