Prayer Time

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  1. Organizing programs in form of exchanging family visits between the righteous people as they live a similar reality and have same aspirations.
  2. Reducing programs and activities in the last days of the week, so that the Islamic propagator can have some time to carry on his Da'wah programs with his family.
  3. To take advantage of the capacities of young people who are being trained for Da'wah work through correspondence.
  4. To get our children and students used to practical preaching by training them on inviting their parents, relatives, friends and schoolmates.
  5. Establishing investment institutions, exclusively for practical Da'wah training of groups of persons interested in Islamic propagation. Such training courses should be offered along with the award of recognized certificates for participants.
  6. Selecting and concentrating on young brands that have the capacity of propagating Islam and training them for the community to serve as preachers in the path of Allah, the most Exalted and Dignified. Moreover, this goal should always be considered in the lessons and Da'wah activities given to the religiously committed ones.
  7. Reconciliation in public and private between people is one of the greatest areas of the religiously committed people as far as Islamic propagation is concerned.
  8. Building strong media institutions, companies and projects for the issuance of useful and beneficial media programs.


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