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A lot of people wish to invite to Allah during Hajj so as to gain reward, increase their righteous deeds and benefit the Muslims coming from all over the world with what will make their acts of worship acceptable, spread the correct teachings of Islam, and discourage people from anything that can corrupt their Hajj in terms of innovations, which result from ignorance and wrong teachings. However, some people may become puzzled about how to invite to Allah in this season and this may discourage him from this righteous deed, which Muslims need in these few days.

It is possible to benefit from some ideas in this regard:

  1. During your journey to Hajj , try to take along a number of small books and pamphlets, which contain beneficial knowledge about Hajj, some supplications, and obligatory acts of worship, distinguished Islamic morals and creed. Try to distribute them to a great number of people in different places so that many people can benefit from them. If you can lay your hands on pamphlets in languages other than Arabic, take them along with you and distribute them to Muslims coming from countries other than Arab countries. A brother who once travelled to Hajj narrated an incidence that happened to him. He said: “I went to Hajj for the first time in my life. I tried to learn many things concerning Hajj but surprised to see something I had no knowledge of such as hajar yamanee, should I kiss it or just touch it. So I asked but no one answered me except a young man from another Arab country who gave me a pamphlet where I read that it is the practice of the Prophet to touch it and not to kiss it.
  2. Some people coming from many countries practice some traditions which are not in conformity with the Shari'ah and are contradictory to its teachings as a result of ignorance and some wrong beliefs. Thus, Hajj provides a great opportunity to enlighten people about the prohibition of these practices and explain the true teaching of Islam in this regard, especially, given the fact that majority of Muslims in the world take to the opinions and verdicts of scholars and righteous people. So, their acceptance will be easier in Makkah than any other place. Muslims have a great responsibility in explaining the Islamic view on these wrong practices. One of the Pilgrims from Egypt said: “My father went for Hajj ten years ago and when he came back he informed us about an incidence that happened to him. According to him, he was standing beside haram in Makkah and supplicated to Allah, seeking help from Sayyid Badawi in his supplications. So a righteous man standing by his side said salam to him and told him he wants to make an observation to him for the sake of Allah. So my father welcomed him with open mind and the man told him about the innovation he practices in terms of seeking blessing from Sayyid Badawi and the prohibition of that in Islam, and that it is an act of associating partners with Allah. He also told him about some past narrations such as the story of the righteous people among the people of Prophet Nuh and how they were worshiped by people after their death. So my father accepted the admonition and thanked the man. So the man deserves appreciation for explaining to us the mistake we have fallen into which almost destroyed us.
  3. Reminding people of the importance of the remembrance of Allah (dhikir), recitation of the Qur'an, and not to busy themselves with things other than the worship of Allah in these blessed days, which do not exceed five days because it is observed that a lot of people get busy with lenthy discussions, which may involve backbiting. Others may get busy with shopping here and there and even with smoking during Hajj . This is where the role of a Muslim who invites to Allah comes. He should admonish people and remind them that these few blessed days will soon end and it may not be easy to return to the same place. Hence, it is obligatory to take advantage of these moments to the best of your ability with good deeds. This way of inviting to Allah is very common-praise be to Allah. Frequently, pilgrims see some righteous persons standing in front them, say salam to them, praise Allah and send blessing upon the Prophet and admonish them briefly. This is a method with great benefit because Man is naturally exposed to mistakes, shortcomings, and forgetfulness. Hence, reminding them and giving them brief sermons will make the pilgrims realize the virtues of the time they are spending and thus return to righteous deeds , which will give them and the one who invites them to Allah reward.


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