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4- A lot of pilgrims may not completely know the pillars of Hajj, and what are recommended acts here and there. They rely on the Hajj guide who may not know all these things. Hence, the role of one, who invites to Allah comes into focus so as to explain some pillars of Hajj and some recommended acts, and to guide people to the best of righteous deeds, such as raising the voice during takbeer, pointing to the black stone when it is difficult to touch and kiss it, supplication when drinking the water of zamzam, and the obligation to throw the seven pebbles at their designated place and other things.

5- Presenting some gift items, audio tapes and pamphlets to pilgrims during Hajj so that they can benefit from them when they return to their countries. This is one of the obvious things which give one who propagates Islam opportunities to benefit from, such that he does not limit his propagation to issues relating to Hajj. Rather, his propagation should encompass all aspects of righteousness. Likewise, the pilgrim's people  in most Arab and Muslim countries are eagerly waiting for his return and they are interested in the books, audio tapes, and pamphlets he comes with because they are from makkah so their impact is much. A large number of people will read these books, benefit from them and that will instill righteousness in them.

6- Participating in some travel agencies with the intention of providing services to the pilgrims, admonishing and guiding them in issues of Hajj especially when one is a student of knowledge.

7- Inviting people to places where lectures are organized in Mina and reminding them of its importance.

8- Somebody may ask you questions about some Islamic matters in Mina, and you may not be in the position to provide answers to them. Hence, you must not give Islamic verdicts without evidences. Rather, it is better to guide such people to fatwa cabins and to give them phone numbers of scholars whom they can get answers from.

This is in addition to a number of ideas which a Muslim may find applicable during Hajj and useful in propagating the message of Islam at any time and in any place. We must also realize that propagating Islam is not limited to the period of Hajj or to specific people. Rather, it is a righteous deed relevant to all and it is obligatory on everybody. Allah says in the Quran:(translated as) “invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good admonition” (Q16:V125).


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