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Fatimid state has made ​​malicious efforts to erase the Sunna and spread Shiism, and the plan they followed was that in the absence of the state they distributed preachers secretly to do the call to the doctrine of Ismailia Shiite, in the case they have a state, they intended to  make Shiite the official religion of the state. 
When the Fatimids began their call in the Maghreb, they found that Shiism was widespread there, because the Idrisid state founded by Idris bin Abdullah bin Hassan bin Al-Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib, in the year (172AH) was originally a Shiite state, Morocco then became through the time a valid country to call for Ismailia. Shiism then spread-out and many of  the Berbers embraced it. Till it occurs that most of Aghaalibah ministers were on the Shiite sect. The most prominent advocate of the Fatimids in that country was a man called Abu Abdillah the Shiite from Yemen, and his cruel tricks were Countless.  
This Abu Abdillah the Shiite didn't only limit his call to the Fatimids in the Maghreb, but he extended his influence to North Africa and several cities fell in his hand. So the Fatimids announced their state in (296
AH)  after their victory over the Aghaalibah in a battle called Al-Arees.  
After that
, the Fatimids saw the need to extend their influence but not to the Maghreb for the country was not suitable to be the capital of the State. In addition to the weakness of its resources which was a trouble from time to time, they went to Egypt due to the abundance of wealth and proximity to the Levant which makes them suitable for the establishment of an independent state to compete the Abbasids.
The Fatimids did not confine their efforts to agitating the Sunnis to establish  Shiite rituals but they forced them, attacked them and shared with them the rituals. 
Despite what the Fatimid caliphate did as attempts to eliminate the doctrine of the Sunnis and their sect, the shadow remained strong though some Egyptians converted to the Fatimid doctrine.


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