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Variation in Human Circumstances Necessitates Diversity of Deeds


Different deeds come from different revelations, which are the states touching and affecting the heart from knowledge and secrets and result from the knowledge and states in the heart, as in the Hadith: "indeed the body contains a 'lump of flesh' which if set right sets the whole body in a good state, and if corrupt will corrupt the whole body, and this is the heart." So if the heart is touched by the knowledge of the benefit of night prayer [qiyam al-lail], it will prefer it to other deeds, and the body will follow. Similarly, other deeds follow the heart's state as charity and fasting and all other acts and deeds, thus what this means is that “Deeds vary in type, because of the variability of conditions and states.”


Allah the Most Glorious may decree an affair that may be in favor of a servant’s need and anticipation, and then he becomes happy and hence, should give thanks and praises to Allah in such circumstance. He may also decree an affair, which may not coincide with a servant need; in this case, he must remain patient and make dua (supplication). Thus, the varying acts of praising Allah and exercising forbearance were both dictated by the variability of conditions and circumstances.

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