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Her name was Sahlah Bint A'asim Ibn Aadiy Ibn Al-Jad Ibn Al-Ajlan Al-Ansaariyah. She was among the prophet's companions. She was  born in the battle of Hunain and the prophet(peace be upon him) named her Sahlah.

She married to Abdur-Rahman Ibn Awf  who was one of the first eight persons to accept Islam and she had from him four children. They are Muin, Umar, Zayd, and Umatu-Sugrah. It was said that Abdur-Rahman Ibn Awf accepted Islam only two days after Abu Bakr as-Siddiq did so.

It is narrated by Hafs Ibn Umar Ibn Abdil-Rahman Ibn Awf that Sahlah said to him; " I was born in Hunain on the day the prophet (peace be upon him) conquered Hunain, and he named me Sahlah, and he said to the people: may Allah ease your affairs, and made a share for me, then Abdul-Rahman Ibn Awf married me on the day I was born.

She was very an intelligent and talented woman. May Allah be pleased with her.


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