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Lamis bint Amr Ibn Hiraam Ibn Kaab Al-Ansaariyah. She was from Madinah and companion of the prophet(peace be upon him). Her mother was Hind bint Kaes Ibn Al-Kuraym Ibn Umayah Ibn Sinan Ibn Salamah. She pledged allegiance to the prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) together with her three sisters; Shumuus, Hind, and Ummu Amr.She embraced Islam and pledged allegiance to the prophet(peace be upon him). Then, she married to Zayd Ibn Yazeed Ibn Jutham Ibn Sabi'i.

Some scholars of Hadith said: there is no any woman companion whose name was Lamis. Ibn Hajar said in his book "Tamyeez Sahaba" that there is no companion whose name was lamis except the woman whose name was Labis. Perhaps the illusion occurred when this name was mentioned in a book known as " Usud-l-Gaabat " where it referred to another women not Labis. So, the woman whose name was Lamis was not a companion, she was another woman entirely.

However, Labis was a daughter of Ummu Kiraad bint Mawhibah, while Kaes Ibn Kuraym that was mentioned above was the father of Lamis. Lamis was a very popular name among Arabs but it was not a companion's name.





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