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Sifanah bint Hatim hailed from the pupolar Arab tribe of At-Ta’ei. Her father; Hatim Ibn Abdulla Ibn Sa’ad At-Ta’ei who died before the advent of Islam was known of his generosity, his kindness towards the poor and the needy. He was a model of generosity among the Arabs to the extent that it is said to a very generous man: “he is generous than Hatim At-Ta’ei”

Her father was an Arab Christian and was a leader over his people. After his death, the rein of leadership over Ta’ei was transferred to  Adiy ibn Haatim At-Ta’ei the eldest son of Hatim At-Ta’ei.

The story behind her Islam:

It is mentioned in the books of history that Adiy Ibn Haatim before embracing Islam used to inflict harms on the Prophet Muhammad –peace be upon him-and says many undeserving words about him, which led to the invasion of At-ta’ei. Adiy fled the community to Sham (Syria) at a place near Rome. Sifanah was taken a prisoner by the army and presented among other prisoners to the holy Prophet Muhammad-peace be upon him-.

Sifanah; who was a woman of high intelligence, wisdom and good eloquence addressed the holy Prophet peace be upon him when he passed by her, she said: “Oh Messenger of Allah! do me a favor, and may Allah be favorable towards you. My father is dead and my guardian (meaning the brother) is exiled, (I hate that) the Arabs will despise me (for remaining in captivity) for I am the daughter of the leader of my people (the tribe of Ta’ei). My father used to help the distressed,  and protects the weak, and honor the guest, feed the hungry, used to give out food and never turn down a request from any one, I am the daughter of Hatim At-Ta’ei”

The holy Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ) upon hearing this from her said; “ Oh young Woman, these are qualities of the believer, had you father being a Muslim we would have invoked the mercy of Allah on him

 The holy Prophet-peace be upon him-then said to his companions: “set her free, for her father used to love good manners”. He –peace be upon him-said to her after emancipating her from captivity: “do not be in haste until you get a trustworthy caravan heading towards your community, then seek my permission” (Ibn Hisham)

When she got a caravan leaving Madina to her town, she sought the Prophet’s permission to depart to her people and he permitted her and endowed her with the best garment in his possession for her to wear. He also gave her ample provision for her journey.

She left Madina with her heart filled with the love for Islam and reverence for the unparalleled generosity of the Prophet Muhammad-peace be upon him, his lofty qualities and manners and the beauty of the treatment of the sahaaba. In fact, she left Madina as a complete Muslim Woman and with a determination of getting the opportunity of inviting her fleeing brother into Islam. That golden opportunity presented itself when she met her brother and he asked her: “Oh Sifanah! What do you say about that man? (referring to the Prophet Muhammad-peace be upon him) she said with her usual wisdom and eloquence: “ I think you should joined up with him, if he is a Prophet then follow him for the foremost to join him will have that excellence( excellence of being the foremost in Islam) and he is other than a Prophet, then he is not to be feared over you whilst you are whom you are in wisdom and intelligent, but for me I have become  a Muslim”

Her brother; Adiy said: “this indeed is a good opinion”. He went over to the Prophet in Madina and entered upon him in the Mosque and embraced Islam and glorified Allah for that. Thus, Sifanah Bint Hatim became the cause of her brother entering Islam..

Such was the great Woman Companion; Sifanah Bint Hatim (may Allah be please with her) who was also a model of generosity like her father. She and her brother all became very good Muslims and remained on that till death (may Allah be pleased with them both)


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