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Eminent Female Companions of Prophet Muhammad-Umairah bint Mu'awwiz


Umairah bint Mu'awwiz bn Al-Haarith bn Rifaa'ah bn Hafraah Al-Ansaariyah. Her mother was Umm Yazeed bint Qayz bn Zu'raah bn Hiraam bn Jundub bn A'mir bn Ghanam bn Adiy bn An-Najjar.


Umairah was a sister to a companion Ar-rabee'ah bint Mu'awwiz, who once said to Abu Ubayd bn Ammar bn Yaasir that: " if you see him(i.e. the prophet) you have seen the sun going pu"and her father- Mu'awwiz was among the people of Al-Aqabah and the martyrs of the battle of Badr.


Umairah was among the first people of Madinah to embrace Islam and gave allegiance to the prophet(peace be upon him).


She got married with Abu Hassan bin Abdul Amr Al-Maazini, and bored for him Amaarah, Amr, and Sariyyah.

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