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Eminent Female Companions of Prophet Muhammad-Fatimah bint Al-Walid bin Al-Mughirah


Fatimah bint Al-Walid bin Al-Mughirah bin Abdullah bin Amr bin Makhzuum Al-Kurashiyyah Al-Makhzumiyyah. Her mother was Hantamah bint Abdullah bin Amr bin Ka'b bin Wahilah bin Al-Ahmar bin Al-Harith bin Abdul Munah bin Kinanah.


She was a sister to Khalid bin Al-Walid. She married to Al-Harith bin Hishaam bin Al-Mughirah who was the son of her uncle and she bored for hin Abdurrahman and Ummu Hakim.

She embraced Islam on the day Makkah was conquered by the Prophet(peace be upon him) and gave allegiance to the prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). She was known as Sahibah Al-Izar(the waist wrap owner). She narrated the Hadith of Izar where she said that she used to wear Izar(waist wrap cloth) over the Jubbah(long cloth that covers the body up to the foot) and people said to her; does the jubbah not avail you from wearing Izar? She replied: I heard the prophet(peace be upon him) commanding wearing of Izar. And this is the only Hadith she narrated from the prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).


She was a companion of the prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and a very pious woman. May Allah, the Exalted be pleased with her.


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