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All praises and glorifications are due and belong to Allah, and may His peace and blessings be upon the holy Prophet of Islam; the Prophet Muhammad, upon his family, his lofty companions and all those who them in piety and righteousness.

Ablution is a great act of worship that ushers worshippers into a state of cleanliness as a preliminary condition for such acts of devotions that necessitate ablution. It involves washing some demarcated parts of the body such as the face including the mouth, the nostrils, and washing the hands to the elbows, wiping the head with wet hands and wiping in and out of the ears and finally washing the feet. Once a person is in this spiritual state of cleanliness, it is not invalidated except with the occurrence of certain things. These are known in Islamic Jurisprudence as invalidators of ablution (Nawaaqid Al-Wuduu’). Some of them are enumerated below with substantiated proofs from the Glorious Qur’an and the Noble Sunnah:

1 Relieving oneself (defecating or urinating), or passing wind. God, the Exalted, says:

 أَوْ جَآءَ أَحَدٌ مِّنكُم مِّنَ ٱلْغَآئِطِ

 “... or one of you comes after answering the call of nature.” (Surah Al-Maidah: 6) 

 The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “The prayer of any of you who is in a state of impurity (hadath) will not be accepted until he performs ablution.” One man asked Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him: What is “hadath”, Abu Hurairah? He said: “Breaking wind.” (Agreed upon)

 2- Urethral discharge or pre-seminal fluid (madhi) and secretion of prostate (wadi). Ali Ibn Abi Taalib (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “I was a man whose pre-seminal fluid flowed readily. So I requested a man to ask Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) about it (in view of his relationship to his daughter). When he asked the Prophet (Peace be upon him), he said: ‘Wash your penis and perform ablution.’” (Reported by Bukhari)

3- Complete sleep (during which one loses consciousness). Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, reported Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) as saying: “The eye when awake precludes breaking wind. If anyone sleeps he must perform ablution.”(Reported by Ahmad, Abu Daud & Ibn Majah)

However, drowsiness during which one is still conscious does not invalidate wudu’.

4- Eating camel’s meat. Jabir ibn Samurah, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that a man asked the Prophet (Peace be upon him):

‘Should we perform ablution after eating mutton?’ He replied: ‘If you wish perform ablution, otherwise don’t perform it.’ The man asked (again): ‘Should we perform ablution after eating camel’s meat?’ He said: ‘Yes, perform ablution after eating camel’s meat.’ He asked: ‘Can we perform prayer at camel’s rest places?’ He answered: ‘No’.” (Muslim & Ahmad)

5- Loss of one’s senses or state of unconsciousness resulting from lunacy, epilepsy, fainting, drug or drunkenness, because integrity of the mind is a prerequisite to the validity of wudu’.

6- Touching sexual organs (i.e. the penis, vulva or anus) with the exposed palm of the hand. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “If a man touches his penis he should perform wudu’, and if a woman touches her vulva she should (also) perform wudu’.” (Reported by Ahmad)

7- Vomiting. It was narrated that: The Prophet (Peace be upon him) vomited and then performed wudu’.” (Reported by Ahmad)

8- Excessive bleeding. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “Whoever vomits, bleeds through the nose during prayer should perform wudu’.”

9- Touching a woman (such as his wife) with desire that leads to pre-seminal discharge, based on Ibn Abbas’ saying: Semen necessitates having a bath. As for pre-seminal fluid (madhi) and secretion of prostrate (wadi), he said: Wash your penis and perform wudu’ as done  for prayer.


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