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This is the Story

The story of a child pure as cold.. born an orphan.. and the orphaning continued to pursue him in his childhood throughout the roads of Makkah and its routes.. making him feel the bitterness.. surprising him with the loss of his family and loved ones.

Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) grows up.. as his strangeness also increases.. he discovers through the paths of life an orphaning greater than his.. worries heavier than his.. for the whole world is orphaned.. the human race is groaning worries and sorrows that are squeezing its heart.

The Arabian peninsula was a forest of idols.. and valleys running innocent blood.. running archaic customs and confusing traditions.

What can he do towards that.. and what can he render to that.. what can he do other than to run back to his strangeness.. talking to his lord and crying to him alone and making supplication.. while in his strange feelings the message falls down on him.. he carries the responsibility and went down towards Makkah.. towards his generation voicing it with joy and glad tidings for them.. waiting for a response.. the response came but not as he wished and liked.. the response came as lashes, abuse and denial even though he is the one they called 'Al-Amin' the trust worthy.

What did the trustworthy (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) do with this people?

The answer was more than 50 years through the method of dealing with others.. he planted it in the hearts of those around him and those who will leave on this earth until the hereafter.

The answer is a life history that has never existed.. a flame that lights the candles of life.. and blood running in the veins of the future and generations.

His history (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in Makkah is the reality of the awakening that is shaking all the corners of the earth from its far end to the other end.. this awareness must drink from the spring it drank from in Makkah.. it must light its everlasting flame otherwise it will become ashes that will be blown by winds and desires.

I am trying in this history – story – to simplify it as much as possible.. to make these events easy for every one particularly those who do not search for complexity and diversity.. so I composed it and connected between its authentic Hadiths so that it will be a story and not just reports of different events.

I thank Allah thanks that befit his might and greatness if I have succeeded in it.. while I beg for his pardon and forgiveness if I have Slipped.


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