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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Christianity in the light of the New Testament and the Stance of the Holy Quran - 5/11/2017
Unlike Islam, nowhere in the two testaments of the Bible is the religion of Jesus Christ and his faith named as “Christianity...
Islam Message Decisiveness in Islam and Judaism - 5/3/2017
Decisiveness is the capability of taking the responsibility of a decision. It leads to taking a decision at the right time in appropriate situations immediately.
Islam Message Dependability and Merit as taught by Islam and Christianity - 4/27/2017
The principle of treating people and evaluating them depending on their worth and merit is a requirement highly upheld in both Islam and Christianity....
Islam Message Thoroughness and Precision as taught by Islam and Christianity - 4/19/2017
Islam and Christianity consider thoroughness and precision as a religion manner. In fact, they are at the very core of Islamic manners and unfortunately, very few people apply this manner and the majority that do, are not religious...
Islam Message Propagation of the Spirit of Initiative between Islam and Christianity - 4/13/2017
Islam and Christianity speak of Propagation of the Spirit of initiative. Propagation of the spirit of initiative is a concept firmly based in Islam and Christianity...
Islam Message Personal Responsibility To God’s Unchanging Laws between Islam and Christianity - 4/6/2017
In scriptural terms, justice is the unchanging law that brings consequences for actions...between Islam and christianity...
Islam Message Sunni-Non-Sunni Relations in Turkey  - 4/2/2017
The established presence of Islam in the region that now constitutes modern Turkey dates back to the latter half of the 11th century, when the Seljuks started expanding into eastern Anatolia...
Islam Message Categorization of the Sufi Sects in Senegal and Sudan  - 3/29/2017
Many Sufis in Africa are syncretic where they practise Sufism with traditional folklore beliefs which are incorporated "un-Islamic" with the real beliefs of Islam...
Islam Message Sunni-Non-Sunni Relations in Senegal - 3/21/2017
Islam is the predominant religion in Senegal. 95% of the country's population is estimated to be Muslim. Senegal Muslim population is a home for sectarian pluralism with the sunni Muslims with sufi affiliations...
Islam Message Sunni-Non-Sunni Relations in Kuwait - 3/16/2017
An example of such an act would be vandalizing the walls of Sunni mosques with disparaging slogans about the Prophet Muhammad’s companions, as has happened numerous times...
Islam Message Sunni-Non-Sunni Relations in Oman - 3/7/2017
The Sunni are the majority of the Muslim nation. They are the people who rightfully followed the methodology of Prophet Muhammad (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). They include the companions and those who followed them in the essence of belief..
Islam Message Muslim-Non-Muslims Relations in Congo - 2/22/2017
The relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims in the republic of Congo is one characterized with cordialness and friendliness. There is peaceful co-existence between adherents of the Islamic faith ...
Islam Message Muslim-Non-Muslims Relations in Canada  - 2/16/2017
According to 2010 data, there are 940,000 Muslims in Canada, accounting for 2.8% of the total population (Pew, 2011). The Muslim population in Canada has increased exponentially in the last 20 years, driven primarily by immigration...
Islam Message The Beliefs of the Protestants and Shiites- A Close Juxtaposition - 9/18/2016
Protestantism is a form of Christian faith and practice which originated with the Protestant Reformation...
Islam Message Muslim-Christian Relationship in Burkina Faso - 8/7/2016
With a Muslim population of about 55 to 60%, the country has from time immemorial experienced cordiale relations between Christians and Muslims... read more
Islam Message What Makes Islam the Only Religion Recognized by Allah - 7/31/2016
Only Islam is valid or acceptable now that Allah has sent it to all men, discover why....
Islam Message Confucianism: Most Prominent Beliefs, Places of Deployment and Criticism - 2/1/2016
Confucianism is both a religion and a philosophy, and it is an implicit part of Chinese culture in both China and the Chinese communities around the world...
Islam Message Belief in the Angels between Islam and Christianity - 12/27/2015
Angels are creatures shared by many religions around the world. In particular, both Christianity and Islam ...
Islam Message Belief in the Names and Attributes of Allah between Islam and Judaism - 12/20/2015
This article outlines the belief in the Names and Attributes of Allah between Islam and Judaism, learn more in reading the article below.
Islam Message The Concept of Divorce in Islam and the Pre-Islamic Era of Ignorance - 12/13/2015
In pre-islamic era of ignorance, women experienced limited rights, except those of high status...
Islam Message Relationship between Islam and Qadyanism - 5/28/2015
Qadianiyyah is a movement that started in 1900 CE as a plot by the British colonialists in the Indian subcontinent...
Islam Message Relationship between Islam and Baha'ism - 5/11/2015
The Baha’is believe that the book al-Aqdas which was written by al-Baha’ Husayn abrogates....
Islam Message Belief of the Twelver Shi’ism regarding the Noble Qur'an - 4/20/2015
The belief that the Quran has remained intact and uncorrupted is supported firmly by the Quranic verse...
Ibadism is a very distinct sect of Islam...
Azzaidiyya or Zaidism is an early sect which emerged in the eighth century out of Shi'a Islam, named after Zayd ibn ʻAlī...
Islam Message Agnosticism and its Relationship with Islam - 3/30/2015
The issue of Agnosticism is of integral importance to any theological discussion, because...
Islam Message Deism: Foundations and Principles - 3/27/2015
the upholders of the deism claim only depend on their human reasoning in determining the existence of God...
Islam Message Why not give faith a chance?‎ - 3/7/2014
After searching nearly all religions of the world, Islam appeared to be the ‎only ‎pure and pristine religion that pointed humans directly to God.‎
Islam Message An Open Letter To Her Parents - 11/4/2012
Deed does in the final analysis depend upon creed because if the intention is wrong, the work always suffers.
Islam Message The Choosen Religion - 5/23/2012
This was the last Verse revealed chronologically to Prophet Muhammad ,peace be upon him, Marking the completion of the Qur’an
Islam Message Islam: The Alternative Way to Peace and Prosperity  - 3/17/2012
The modern world has achieved tremendous success in terms of material development.
Islam Message The Hidden Heart of Islam - 3/13/2012
This month sees the 19th annual Islam Awareness Week (12-18 March) and the theme this year is ‘love’. When most people think of Islam today, it is associated with ‘tough’ qualities
Islam Message The Sword of Islam - 2/29/2012
The first few who embraced the "new" religion in Makkah in the Arabian Peninsula at the hands of the Prophet, were his wife Khadijah, his servant Zaid
Islam Message Islam: The Alternative - 2/21/2012
The idea that, following the collapse of communism, the world was to become one-dimensional impressed me as misguided triumphalism
Islam Message “Islam is a natural religion” - 2/14/2012
All the children in the world are born Muslims as Islam is a religion of nature and peace said Mohammad Amir
Islam Message Islam And World Peace  - 1/7/2012
The basic question is , if Islam is peace or for peace then why is there so much unrest in the Muslim world?
Islam Message The Role of Eve in Islamic and Judeo-Christian Traditions - 10/25/2011
The three religions agree on one basic fact: Both women and men are created by God, The Creator of the whole universe. However, disagreement starts soon after the creation of the first man, Adam, and the first woman, Eve.
Islam Message Origin of the diversity of religions  - 10/24/2011
Starting with this innate tendency of seeking to understand the world they lived in - using the provided apparatus for observation
Islam Message The True Religion - 9/17/2011
The first thing that one should know and clearly understand about Islam is what the word "Islam" itself means.
Islam Message 100 questions about Islam - 9/17/2011
In Muslim-majority countries, those numbers are generally higher, according to the same study. This data points to continuing fear, misperceptions and stereotypes among both Muslims and non-Muslims.
Islam Message Islam: The Next American Religion - 7/23/2011
The U.S. began as a haven for Christian outcasts. But what religion fits our current zeitgeist?
Islam Message Islam and Other Religions  - 3/28/2009
God, the Most Exalted, said: "Say: We believe in God, and in what has been revealed...
Islam Message Shared Values - 3/28/2009
The study of values comes under the broader field of ethics, which is the field of enquiry that looks into what is good and correct with respect to standards which may be personal
Islam Message Clash or Peaceful Coexistence? - 2/11/2009
Is it possible for the inhabitants of our global village to live peacefully together and reap the fruits of science and technology whose pace of advancement is ever increasing? Or are their religious...
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