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Choosing Islam

Islam Message The Belief in the Life Hereafter Between Islam and Hinduism - 11/29/2015
Hindus really don't share the same opinion as Muslims when it comes to the meaning of life after death.this article elucidates the right meaning of life Hereafter according to Islam.
Islam Message Introduction To Hinduism - 10/21/2013
The most popular among the Aryan religions is Hinduism. ‘Hindu’ is actually a Persian word that stands for the inhabitants of the region beyond the Indus Valley
Which prophet was sent to India?
Islam Message The Impact of Islam on Hinduism - 3/18/2013
Before I discuss the impact of Islam on Hinduism, I shall endeavour to explain briefly what Hinduism generally means today to an enlightened Hindu.
Islam Message Concept Of God In Hinduism - 11/20/2012
Islam, on the contrary, exhorts man to consider himself and his surroundings as examples of Divine Creation
Islam Message Hinduism and Islam  - 3/26/2012
Hinduism is commonly perceived as a polytheistic religion. Indeed, most Hindus would attest to this, by professing belief in multiple Gods.
Islam Message Life and World Affirmation - 9/30/2009
Unlike speculative Hindu thought and unlike Buddhism and Jainism, Islam does not regard the world as alien to righteousness or religious felicity. In itself, the world is not to be denied and combated.
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