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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Obligatory Fast in Judaism - 7/6/2017
Judaism recognizes only one mandatory fast – the Day of Atonement. Its general attitude toward other fast days (public or private) is negative, based upon Isaiah 58:3–8...
Islam Message Fasting of the Jews according to the Old Testament and Talmud - 6/14/2017
Fasting is attested in the oldest strata of biblical literature and there can be no doubt that spontaneous fasting was widespread from earliest times both among individuals and groups...
Islam Message The Rights of Allah between Islam and Judaism - 5/18/2017
To Allah are universal laws upon His servants, and His rights are the rights that must be kept the most....why can’t the right of that powerful Creator be recognized by man whilst He is the One who grants all the graces since man ..
Islam Message Status of the Jewish Bible According to Contemporary Muslim Scholars  - 3/2/2017
An-Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: The books of the Torah and Gospel are among the things that it is prohibited to seek benefit therein, because they changed and altered them...
Islam Message Attributes of Prophet Muhammad in the Jewish Bible  - 1/19/2017
The Gospel refers to him also as the one who wears a crown. What is meant here by crown is turban, and it is the Arabs who have worn head-covers with a wrapper around them since ancient times...
Islam Message History of the Torah and Criticism of its Chain of Transmission - 1/28/2016
The Torah is the central reference of the religious Judaic tradition...
Islam Message Jewish Scriptures: Presentation and Criticism - 1/17/2016
This article showcases the Jews Scriptures and debates the presence of various differences between its various versions. read more...
Islam Message Marriage Between Islam and Judaism - 11/16/2015
Marriage relationship between Muslims and Jews in the view of Islam Principles.
Islam Message Belief of the Jews about the Hereafter - 5/5/2015
Although, the Jews make it look very sweet-mouthed when they discuss life after death, yet Judaism is generally ambiguous about this matter...
Islam Message Judaism - 10/28/2013
Islam is however a gift from God, and God bestows it on whom He wills.
Islam Message My quest for absolute values was satisfied - 3/16/2013
THE kinship between Judaism and Islam is even stronger than Islam and Christianity. Both Judaism and Islam share in common the same uncompromising monotheism,
Islam Message Islam Saved Jewry - 6/13/2012
Islam saved Jewry. This is an unpopular, discomforting claim in the modern world.
Islam Message Islam's Acceptance of Judaism and Christianity - 4/4/2012
We are living in an era in which the world is desperately in need of peace, friendship, and solidarity.
Islam Message Muslim Savior of Holocaust Jews  - 10/10/2011
Delving into untold stories of the Holocaust, a new film is shedding the light on heroism of Muslims who risked their lives to rescue Jews from the Nazi brutality.
Islam Message Is Islam hostile to Jews? - 3/28/2009
Since the Prophet Muhammad's coming into contact with members of the Jewish faith in Madinah, tolerance, kindness
Islam Message Treatment of Jews in Islam  - 3/28/2009
To prove Islam’s alleged mistreatment of Jews, I was recently provided a link to Spencer’s hate literature.
Islam Message Is the Qur'an Anti-Semitic? - 3/28/2009
Anti-Semitism means condemning and hating a people because of their Semitic race. Anti-Semitism is bigotry and racism.
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