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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Contribution of Muslims to the American Economy - 2/3/2016
Read about the level of contribution of Muslims to the American economy...
Islam Message How Islam Cares about Preservation of Wealth - 10/21/2015
In same light, Islam put in place some regulations that preserve the wealth of its followers at all levels....
Islam Message Islamic banking System, A Contribution to the World - 11/4/2014
The equilibrium it builds and maintains between the rich and poor in the society is another point of interest...
Islam Message Ibn Taimia`s view on Fiqh and Economics - 10/13/2014
Ibn Taymiyah had dealt with the subject of economics. According to his view, the Shariah scholar who desires to study this type of subject shall be equipped with sufficient knowledge of economics
Islam Message The Economic Objectives of the Islamic State - 3/13/2013
The Islamic state is required to guarantee a minimum level of living for those whose own earnings fall short of fulfilling their basic needs.
Islam Message Economic System of Islam - 9/19/2012
Islam is an entire way of life, and Allah's Guidance extends into all areas of our lives. Islam has given detailed regulations for our economic life, which is balanced and fair.
Islam Message The Material World - 10/11/2011
One of the enduring images of the recent riots in the UK must be the looters queuing up to try on stolen trainers for the right size.
Islam Message The Economic Theory of Ibn Khaldun  - 10/20/2009
Ibn Khaldun was the first to systematically analyze the functioning of an economy, the importance of technology, specialization and foreign trade in economic surplus and the role of government
Islam Message Muslim Economists before Adam Smith - 3/15/2009
The relationship between economics and religion has a very solid ground in Islam. This has reflected positively on Muslim society, which became a distinguished society in the way it dealt with the economical life of the individual, and consequently the society as a whole.
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