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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Discomforts of Life and the Islamic Remedy - 12/22/2016
The religion of Islam is all about making and keeping a connection with God. This is how Islam deals with discomfort and worry...
Islam Message Libraries and Printing Activity in the Mameluke Era - 11/24/2015
The efforts of Mameluke era's Muslim scholars and rulers in the spread out of Libraries and Printing for the benefit of not only Muslim world but also for the entire world.
Islam Message Contributions of Saudi Arabia to the Muslim World - 2/7/2015
The kingdom through these four points briefly referred to has contributed a very sound and solid educational model system that is worth studying and even perfecting to the world...
Islam Message Illicit sex (Zina); from an Islamic purview - 1/30/2014
What I refer to as illicit sex in this write up are both the premarital sex and the extramarital sex, in other words fornication and adultery. I am going to give an extensive outline of the Islamic perspective...
Islam Message Homeschooling: Is It Your First Choice? - 12/18/2013
Knowledge is actually very easy to acquire while homeschooling because children tend to be very motivated to learn
Islam Message A happy home - 10/15/2013
The main point lies not in the walls and furniture of the house so much as it lies in its inhabitants.
Islam Message Common mistakes that destroy a relationship of marriage - 9/13/2013
In life and love, you may think you're supposed to always focus on the positive instead of the negative.
Islam Message How to Keep your Muslim Teen Away from Drugs and Alcohol - 9/8/2013
Be alert to possible signs of substance abuse in your teen.
Islam Message The Reward of Learning and Acquiring Knowledge - 5/28/2012
Islam brought knowledge when the whole world was engulfed in utter ignorance. The first Verse the Prophet of Islam received from Allah was:
Islam Message Waqf Promotes Singapore Islamic Education - 3/11/2012
The Singaporean government is planning an endowment fund to promote Islamic education in the south-eastern Asian country, TheStraits Times newspaper reported.
Islam Message What is Islam's view about education, science and technology? - 12/11/2011
In fact, Islam advocated knowledge at a time when the whole world was engulfed in ignorance.
Islam Message Towards Islamic Psychology  - 10/22/2011
As a Muslim woman, born, brought up and educated in England, I have sometimes experienced some discomfort in practicing Western psychology as a psychotherapist
Islam Message On the Paralysis of Muslim Mind - 10/9/2011
The world has changed beyond recognition. The conditions prevailing in the world, its views, trends and theories have entirely changed. The social problems and issues have taken many turns
Islam Message Europe: The Seeds of the Renaissance - 8/23/2011
Islam encourages the gathering of knowledge and the use of reasoning. In the Qur’an, God repeatedly urges humans to use their intellect and thinking
Islam Message The Impact of the Islamic Civilization - 4/23/2011
The lasting legacy of the Islamic civilization can be summed up under five main headings...
Islam Message Learning Institutions in Islam - 2/28/2009
Following the establishment of Seljuk rule, Muslim lands experienced a considerable rise in the number of scholarly institutions, which were largely sponsored by the powerful and wealthy elite...
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