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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Islamic Inputs in Modern Sciences - 3/11/2014
During its reign, contrary to the wide spread blasphemous teachings by its enemies, it achieved so much and made forth numerous contributions to human civilization upon which most of our today's developments are built on...
Islam Message Reflections on the Beginning and the End - 1/21/2014
You have learned how you have come into being in the first instance. Why, then, do you not reflect?} (Al-Waqi`ah 56: 57-62)
Islam Message The Appreciation of Arabic Science and Technology in the Middle Ages - 11/5/2013
The article is originally a talk presented at the international conference 1001 Inventions: Discover the Muslim Heritage in our World
Islam Message Women of Science, Medicine and Management, Istanbul - 10/22/2013
Women of Science Medicine and Management in Muslim Heritage
Islam Message The Probability of Macroevolution - 8/29/2013
Science accomplished enormous progress and achievements in genetics since the turn of the 21st century
Islam Message A General Overview of the Relationship between Islam and Science - 4/8/2013
The relationship between Islam and science has varied over time. Most Muslims consider that natural science and all other scientific pursuits are related to Tawhid.
Islam Message The Islamic Roots of Modern Pharmacology - 3/30/2013
By the beginning of the 9th century, pharmacy was already a well established, independent profession with well regulated rules and laws.
Islam Message Quotations From Famous Historians Of Science - 3/23/2013
Western writers have often used the word Arabs or Muhammadans for Muslims and Arabic civilization for Islamic Civilization. In other instances, the words Saracen(ic) and Moor(ish) are also used for Muslims
Islam Message The Expansion of the Universe and the Big Bang: A Qur'anic Perspective - 3/4/2013
After Hubble announced the final results of his observations in 1929, physicists' view of the universe began to change completely. In fact, before Hubble published his findings, Friedmann, who had used the equations put forth by Einstein in 1916,
Islam Message Science - 2/25/2013
Today, scientific developments have reached unparalleled speed and level as we stumble upon a new surprising invention or discovery every day.
Islam Message The Perfect System That Perceives Scent - 2/6/2013
When you take a deep breath, you simultaneously perceive various smells, for example, from the coffee you are drinking, the food cooking in the kitchen, the flowers in the vase, and the smoke outside.
Islam Message The Superior Details in Bacteria - 1/17/2013
Life on earth could not survive in the absence of bacteria. All of the wastes we throw into the ground, certain that they will be broken down and rot away, disappear because of bacteria.
Islam Message The Human Brain’s Great Energy - 12/29/2012
The brain consists of approximately 80% water, 10% fat, 8% proteins, and small amounts of carbohydrates, salt, and other minerals. Each one of its nerves functions by receiving electrochemical signals
Islam Message Abortion: Mercy or Murder - 12/16/2012
Abortion is the intentional destruction of the fetus in the womb, or any untimely delivery brought about with intend to cause the death of the fetus (Price, 1988).
Islam Message The Atom’s Astonishing Detail Signs of Allah - 11/17/2012
The electron, on the other hand, has a negative charge proportional to the proton’s positive charge
Islam Message The Superior Detail in the White Shark's Eyes - 10/31/2012
..the heat of its bodily muscles is transmitted directly to the eyes, thereby allowing it to catch fast-moving fish and even seals with great ease.
Islam Message The Superior Detail That Permits Life under the Ice - 10/3/2012
People seldom wonder why water is transparent, how sand can become transparent glass and play an important role in our lives, or how a giant ship can sail without sinking.
Islam Message Religious Inspirations and Scientific Inventions - 9/29/2012
What exactly is it that inspires us, say, to write a beautiful poem or an article, or the next big idea that will change our life? There is no short answer for this question,
Islam Message A New Model: Multiple Universes (MULTIVERSE) - 9/24/2012
There are a number of critical points in the history of physics, which strives for a better understanding of the mysteries about the creation of the universe.
Islam Message The Superior Detail in the White Shark's Eyes - 9/10/2012
White sharks, which catch their prey by following it with their eyes, easily move around hot coral reefs. However, cold water causes them great trouble, for it usually retards chemical processes. But its eyes somehow manage to follow its fast-moving prey in cold ocean waters.
Islam Message The Ant’s Glorious Nervous System - 7/7/2012
A tiny ant, which has around 500,000 nerve cells, is a great sign leading to faith. Even in such a creature as this, which has almost no other aim in life than to survive by gathering food,
Islam Message When a Finger Moves - 6/27/2012
The moment I want to move my finger, a large number of neurons in my brain start sending each other small electrical impulses.
Islam Message Humanity’s Magnificent Perception of Scent  - 6/12/2012
A carnation always smells the same to you. The second time you smell a perfume, you recognize it immediately, because even if you only smell something once in your life, that smell always retains its place in your memory.
Islam Message A Journey in the Atmosphere - 5/29/2012
Those daily events to which we have become accustomed are the ones that least attract our attention and interest.
Islam Message Science and Scholarship In Al-Andalus  - 5/26/2012
For Europe and Western civilization the contributions of Islamic Spain were of inestimable value.
Islam Message Creation of the Zygote (Nutfah) - 5/22/2012
As all the living beings, human being is also created from a male and a female. Gametes (germ cells) of male
Islam Message Islam and Psychosomatic Medicine  - 5/7/2012
The most important cause of morbidity today is the stress and strain of life. Not only this, but directly or indirectly the stress and strain of life.
Islam Message Islamic Contributions to Science  - 4/18/2012
The Islamic empire in the early 6th centuries were the inheritors of the scientific tradition of late antiquity.
Islam Message Diameters Of The Earth And Space  - 4/1/2012
The Arabic word for diameter is “kutr” of which the plural is “aktar;” this refers to the fact that the heavens and the earth have a plurality of diameters.
Islam Message Science and Religion - 3/20/2012
Science regards as “scientific” any fact established through empirical methods. Therefore, assertions not established through observation and experiment are
Islam Message Islam and Eco-friendly Lifestyle - 3/20/2012
The earth is in danger and the lives of our coming generations are under serious threat. And it is all due to the misadventures of human beings.
Islam Message The Earth's Atmosphere - 3/11/2012
Modern science has discovered facts about the atmosphere mentioned in the Quran over 1400 years ago.
Islam Message Islam is Pure, Natural And Environmentally-Friendly! - 2/18/2012
The Laws of nature can be observed by watching nature to some extent.
Islam Message Space in the Qur’an - 2/14/2012
Amongst many other fascinating revelations, the Qur’an contains a number of verses related to space and our world,
Islam Message Islam and Science  - 2/4/2012
Western thought today is in the midst of a raging battle between religion and science.
Islam Message The Amphipod A Detail Living in the Depths of the Oceans  - 1/31/2012
Human beings cannot breathe oxygen dissolved in water or withstand the pressure under water, which is some 1,300 times
Islam Message GENES: An Important Detail in the Cell Yet Invisible to the Naked Eye - 1/17/2012
Human beings cannot control the beating of their hearts, manage their salivary glands while eating, or remember to breathe every few seconds.
Islam Message The Sublime System Of Photosynthesis  - 1/3/2012
Pick up a leaf and look at it closely. Although it appears quite ordinary, what you cannot see are the wide-ranging and magnificent chemical processes that enable it to carry out photosynthesis.
Islam Message Islam and Science - 12/13/2011
The Church ruled that the pursuit of such scientific knowledge was the cause for the original sin.
Islam Message The Qur'anic perception of Ascension Through the Outer Space - 11/28/2011
It was proved that the air pressure decreases on elevating higher the earth's level ;it loses half of its value every 5kms higher than the surface of the sea in a continuant way.
Islam Message Physics and Islam - 11/26/2011
Abu Rehan Beruni, was a versatile genius, who adorned the durbar of Mahmud of Ghazni.
Islam Message The Earth: A Living Planet - 11/22/2011
Exploring only a few of the millions of these delicate balances would be sufficient to show that the world we live in is specially designed for us.
Islam Message THE ATMOSPHERE: A Perfect Protective Shield  - 11/20/2011
A single solar burst gives off a level of energy equivalent to a 100-billion-ton bomb of the kind that destroyed Hiroshima. Thanks to the atmosphere, this destructive force reaches Earth in the most ideal form.
Islam Message CREATION IN PAIRS - 11/2/2011
The importance of creation in pairs in the universe gained momentum with the discovery of quarks within the protons and neutrons as well. Laboratory research has made it clear that quarks and leptons (another subatomic particle) emerged in pairs
Islam Message Muslim Scientists: Contribution of Some Muslims Toward Surgery  - 10/29/2011
It is generally spoken that Muslims did not contribute to our knowledge of anatomy and surgery as the Muslims law prohibited dissection of the human body.
Islam Message Barrier Between Sweet And Salt Waters  - 10/18/2011
Modern Science has discovered that in the places where two different seas meet, there is a barrier between them.
Islam Message A Wonder for Mankind  - 10/17/2011
The waves are lapping the hull of Noah’s boat. Far beneath, in stages of darkness, the ocean world lives on through the flood,
Islam Message Social Behaviour of Birds & Animals - 9/18/2011
Research has shown that animals and birds live in communities, i.e. they organize, and live and work together, a fact captured well by the Holy Qur’an:
Islam Message The Origin of Life - an Islamic Perspective - 9/12/2011
Science must increase our faith. It is wrong for anyone to close their eyes to what is right in front of them.
Islam Message Creation of the Universe - 9/8/2011
The modern science has every reason to maintain that the Universe was formed of a gaseous mass principally composed of Hydrogen and a certain amount of Helium that was slowly rotating.
Islam Message Life and the Universe: Greatest of Designs - 8/2/2011
The laws of physics are nothing but human explanations and descriptions of the divine order that God has created.
Islam Message Islamic Medicine: 1000 years ahead of its times - 7/31/2011
Within a century after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the Muslims not only conquered new lands, but also became scientific innovators with originality and productivity.
Islam Message The Religion of Modern Science; Roots of modern God-free thinking  - 7/26/2011
We can summarize this degenerate understanding: The referred people, and the system of thought that shape their mentality impose that this 'scientific', in other words 'experimental' knowledge,
Islam Message Space in the Quran - 7/20/2011
Amongst many other fascinating revelations, the Qur’an contains a number of verses related to space and our world, indicating physical properties of the universe
Islam Message Liquid Gold - The Benefits of Honey - 7/19/2011
The benefits of honey don’t just stop at the satisfaction of our taste buds. The powerful healing attributes of honey have long been used to promote health and healing. Both the holy Qur’an
Islam Message Muslims: Pioneers of pharmacology - 6/28/2011
This early rise and development of professional pharmacy in Islam - over four centuries before such development took place in Europe - was the result of three major occurrences:
Islam Message Bring Back Golden Age of Science and Innovation - 6/11/2011
AMID the current turmoil in the Middle East and the ongoing negative image of Muslims in the West, it is reassuring, on a recent visit to New York City, I was able to visit the fascinating exhibition "1,001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in our World".
Islam Message Development of Science & Technology in Islamic History - 2/15/2010
Muslim history abounds with examples of scientific and cultural ingenuity. Muslims inherited the knowledge...
Islam Message Anaesthesia 1000 Years Ago  - 9/15/2009
Pain is a subjective experience which requires the presence of consciousness. Over the ages there has been a demand for methods of relief.
Islam Message Why Have Muslim Scholars Been Undervalued Throughout Western History? - 4/1/2009
The history books that fill our bookshelves are indispensable recollections of past civilizations’ glories and failures, achievements and abominations. Unfortunately, history can never be completely objective,
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