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  Islamic Art
Islam Message Islamic Art and Geometric Patterns  - 4/29/2014
Geometric patterns make up one of the three non-figural types of decoration in Islamic art, which also include calligraphy and ...
Islam Message Al-Khat al-'Arabi (Arabic Calligraphy) - 4/14/2014
In Arabic Writings there are so many of them. But with the passage of time, two became most popular...
Islam Message The Domes: A Touch of Islamic Art - 3/13/2014
Like minarets, domes are one of the signature forms in Islamic architecture...
Islam Message The Touch of Islamic Art: The Ottoman Bridges in Bosnia - 2/26/2014
It is no news that Islam ruled the world at a particular point in the epochs of this human history. It emerged from a city in today's middle East called Yathrib...
Islam Message The Nature of Islamic Art - 10/16/2013
As it is not only a religion but a way of life, Islam fostered the development of a distinctive culture with its own unique artistic language that is reflected in art and architecture throughout the Muslim world.
Islam Message Photography in Islam - 8/18/2013
In our series Islam and Arts (Q & A), we will try to find answers to many questions that spark controversy about arts in Islam
Islam Message Popularity of Islamic Art Brings Global Changes to Museums' Attitudes toward Textiles - 5/6/2013
Museums have developed new practices towards the display of textiles in response to the increased worldwide popularity of Islamic Art.
Islam Message The Masterpiece Minbar  - 6/20/2010
Until relatively recent times, wooden furniture—in the sense of tables and chairs was little known in traditional Islamic...
Islam Message Manuscripts of Muslim Spain  - 5/24/2010
Whenever anyone thinks of the art of Islamic Spain it is usually the great architectural monuments which come to mind; the Alhambra..
Islam Message Islamic Calligraphy - 2/8/2010
While many religions have made use of figural images to convey their core convictions, Islam has instead..
Islam Message Dome of the Rock - 12/23/2009
To understand Jerusalem's position in Islam, we need to look at how Islam sees itself in relation to Judaism and Christianity...
Islam Message Mosque Design in the United States  - 11/21/2009
Islam's first mosque, built in Madinah in 622, was a simple rectangular structure constructed of palm logs and adobe bricks.
Islam Message The Minaret: Symbol of Faith & Power  - 10/17/2009
Among the most distinctive sights in any Islamic city are the minarets, tall slender towers attached to the city’s mosques from which muezzins call the faithful to prayer five times a day.
Islam Message Introduction to Islamic Art - 5/26/2009
Islamic art is perhaps the most accessible manifestation of a complex civilization that often seems enigmatic to outsiders. Through its brilliant use of color and its superb balance between design and form...
Islam Message Early Architecture in Islam - 5/26/2009
Architecture of the early years of Islam (between 622-661 C.E.) was characterized by simplicity and humbleness. The newly born state, with poor resources, was preoccupied in defense against hostile surrounding nations.
Islam Message Islamic Literature - 4/15/2009
The cultural flowering of Islam began at the time when Europe was in a state of disintegration - the Dark Ages.
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