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Choosing Islam

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Islam Message The Truth about Muhammad  - 6/13/2012
The criminal activities of terrorists have given the old western prejudice a new lease of life
Islam Message People of the Book: The Forgotten History of Islam and the West  - 5/22/2010
Not a book for complete beginners, I feel some familiarity with basic Islamic, political, economic and historical terms...
Islam Message Paying a visit to America‚Äôs Arab and Islamic roots  - 3/20/2010
What have Arabs and Muslims contributed to American history and culture? Jonathan Curiel considers this important...
Islam Message Muslims Under Non-Muslim Rule  - 2/27/2010
Shaikh Taqi Ahmad Ibn Taymiyya (d.1328) is the favorite whipping boy for a wide array of people from US politicians to Middle Eastern academics.
Islam Message The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades). - 11/29/2009
The underlying thesis of this book, as well as his works over all, is that Islam is an imperialistic religion that is rooted in warfare and is fundamentally incompatible with Western civilization.
Islam Message Children of Abraham - An Introduction to Islam for Jews  - 10/13/2009
Since its publication in the spring of 2001, Children of Abraham has received rounds of criticism from the Muslim community, most notably from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).
Islam Message The Truth about Muhammad - 9/14/2009
People often seem eager to believe the worst about Muhammad, are reluctant to put his life in its historical perspective and assume the Jewish and Christian traditions lack the flaws they attribute to Islam.
Islam Message 1001 Inventions - 6/14/2009
In our popular scientific history books there is a thousand-year gap. The history of science [as] written by the Western academics neglects the Islamic contributions to science.
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