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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Muslims in Nigeria are getting first-ever Islamic insurance company - 11/2/2017
Daily Post reports that this company, ‘Jaiz Takaful Insurance’, was revealed at an event in Kano on Monday, October 30, 2017. Speaking at the launch, the Emir of Kano shared the many advantages of the system...
Islam Message Somali authorities ban movement of trucks, tankers after attacks - 11/2/2017
Somali authorities imposed a daytime ban on Monday on the movement of large trucks and road tankers inside the capital Mogadishu in an attempt to improve security following a wave of devastating attacks by militants...
Islam Message N4 million distributed by Zakkat board in Zamfara to needy  - 11/2/2017
Zamfara State Zakkat and Endowment Board has distributed N4 million to the needy in Gusau as part of efforts to reduce poverty among people of the state...
Islam Message US Targets Daesh in Northern Somalia - 11/2/2017
A U.S. airstrike has targeted Islamic State in northern Somalia, defense officials told VOA Friday. The strike resulted in at least one casualty, a U.S. defense official said, without elaborating on the target of the attack...
Islam Message Twin suicide car bomb attack killed 23 in Mogadishu - 10/30/2017
At least 23 people, including a former lawmaker and a police official were killed and more than 30 others wounded...
Islam Message A mosque in Sweden was gutted in suspected arson attack - 9/27/2017
A mosque in the southern Swedish city of Orebro has been completely destroyed in a suspected arson attack
Islam Message Malaysia disassociates with ASEAN Myanmar statement which did not mention Rohingya Muslims - 9/27/2017
Malaysia has disassociated itself from the statement issued by the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) current chair Philippine Foreign Minister Alan Peter Cayetano on Sunday...
Islam Message A Nigerian pastor arrested in Sierre Leone for blaming Islam for 'every terrorist act in history' - 9/27/2017
In an address to his congregation on Saturday, Victor Ajisafe, founder and leader of one of the country’s largest churches, called Islam a “violent religion of lies and deceit” and said...
Islam Message Transfixion of surgeon at Manchester mosque treated as hate crime - 9/27/2017
A man has been stabbed outside a mosque in Greater Manchester in an incident that police are treating as a hate crime.
Islam Message Sukuk bond: Federal government finally speaks on plans to Islamize Nigeria - 9/27/2017
The Federal Government has faulted the claims by the Christian Association of Nigeria that there are underground plan to Islamise the country with the recent issuance of its N100bn Sukuk bond...
Islam Message Cameroon: 5 worshippers were killed by suicide bomber in northern Cameroon mosque - 9/13/2017
MAROUA, Cameroon (AA): Five people were killed in a suicide bomb attack on a mosque in the Far North region on Wednesday, an official said...
Islam Message Somalia: Double explosions kill 4, injures dozens - 9/13/2017
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AA): At least four people, including soldiers and civilians, were killed and more than 35 wounded on Friday when a double explosion targeted a busy market in northeastern Somalia...
Islam Message Fire at Malaysian Boarding School Kills Dozens, Mostly Students - 9/13/2017
HONG KONG — Twenty-four people, most of them children, were killed in a fire on Thursday at an Islamic boarding school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, when they became trapped by a locked door and barred windows, officials said...
Islam Message Anti-Sharia bills exploit Islamophobia in the US—like anti-Catholic politics used to - 9/13/2017
Just a few days after 9/11, then-president George W. Bush delivered a compassionate address to America’s “Muslim brothers and sisters”...
Islam Message Myanmar: Trawler carrying Rohingya Muslims sinks near Bangladesh, 2 children dead - 9/13/2017
DHAKA, Bangladesh (AA): A trawler carrying Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar capsized Tuesday in the Naf River on the border with Bangladesh, leaving two children dead...
Islam Message Artist hopes for Guinness record with 700-metre Quran - 5/4/2017
Self-taught Egyptian man spent three years reproducing the Muslim holy book on a huge paper scroll.
Islam Message Tunisia erects JIHADI FENCE to stop ISIS terrorists sneaking across desert border - 2/11/2016
TUNISIA has completed a 125-mile razor-wire barrier along its border with Libya to try ...
Islam Message 1,370 Brotherhood members’ assets frozen since 2013 - 1/25/2016
Egyptian authorities have frozen the assets of 1,370 members of the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group...
Islam Message Push for Retribution in Egypt Frays Muslim Brotherhood - 8/6/2015
Already hunted by the police for his role in a banned organization when he released his online manifesto in May, the leader, Mahmoud Ghuzlan, conceded that shunning violence in the face
Islam Message Egypt: Arab League urges ‘all parties’ to back Egypt’s Gaza truce plan - 7/15/2014
Hamas appeared to reject the idea, with spokesman Fawzi Barhum saying the group would not accept a truce without a full-fledged deal to end hostilities.
Islam Message Nigeria’s ‘Soft Power’ Tackles Boko Haram - 3/23/2014
Nigerian soldiers patrol in the north of Borno state close to a former camp of Boko Haram.
Islam Message Birth Control Irks Senegal Muslim Scholars - 3/17/2014
The high rates of birth rates will result in increasing the Population of Senegalese to 58 million by 2100.
Islam Message S. African Muslim-Parties-Unite-For-Polls  - 3/13/2014
As South Africans charge their batteries for next May's general elections, two Cape Islamic parties have joined forces to unite South Africa Muslim
Islam Message Nigeria: 'Hijab - a Fundamental Human Right of Female Muslims'‎ - 2/21/2014
The Criterion, an association of Muslim women in business and the professions, has ‎expressed concern over what it describes as the crisis ...‎
Islam Message Islam in Malawi, Roots and Growth - 2/17/2014
Islam is the second largest religion in Malawi after Christianity.
Islam Message Muslims flee Central African Republic’s capital - 2/8/2014
Thousands of Muslims climbed aboard trucks protected by heavily armed Chadian soldiers in a mass exodus Friday from the capital of Central African Republic
Islam Message A priest's journey toward Islam - 1/10/2014
He studied Islam to find gaps to attack it; instead he embraced Islam with his ‎four children, one of whom is now a brilliant professor in Sorbonne ...‎
Islam Message Akure Christians Revert to Islam - 1/2/2014
Seven sisters who reverted to Islam during Akure reception.
Islam Message Muslim Zakah Supports Malawi Students - 12/22/2013
Stories of families who have benefited from Zakah are quite common in the country.
Islam Message Islam Flourishes in Cameroon - 12/17/2013
‎"The expansion of existing mosques and building of new mosques clearly ‎shows that Islam is growing very fast in Douala and Cameroon in ...‎
Islam Message Religious Tensions Threaten Zanzibar - 12/16/2013
The influential Uamsho group denied any link with extremist groups in east Africa, dismissing charges of planning recent attacks.
Islam Message Humanitarian crisis looms as Muslims and Christians clash - 12/14/2013
A humanitarian crisis is looming in the Central African Republic, as tens of thousands of people have sought refuge in makeshift camps around the capital of Bangui
Islam Message Zambia's growing Islam - 12/3/2013
The increasing number of prayer areas being converted into mosques for ‎congregational Muslim Friday prayers to confirm that many Zambians are ‎embracing Islam.‎
Islam Message Islam Thrives in Igbo Land - 12/1/2013
A growing number of Christians are embracing Islam, saying they found it ‎‎“real, ‎genuine and uncompromising regarding oneness of God.”‎
Islam Message Angola Denies Reports About Islam Ban - 11/26/2013
Officials at the Southwest African nation’s Washington embassy have denied ‎the reports as erroneous, asserting their country’s respect for all faiths...‎
Islam Message Nigerian Movie Star Reverts to Islam - 11/3/2013
Jolting millions of her fans, Nigerian screen diva Lizzy Anjorin has officially embraced Islam
Islam Message Nigeria Media Wars Spark Religious Tensions - 10/23/2013
Nigerian Muslims and Christian representative bodies have been trade accusations over media ‘monopoly’.
Islam Message No Adha Vacation For Malawi Muslims - 10/17/2013
`Eid Al-Adha, or "Feast of Sacrifice”, is one of the two most important Islamic celebrations, together with `Eid Al-Fitr
Islam Message Qur’an Fights AIDS In Malawi - 9/30/2013
Resorting to their faith to fight the deadly pandemic, Malawi Muslim women have been using the Noble Qur’an to preach love and compassion
Islam Message Malawi Muslims Champion Girls' Educations - 9/22/2013
The worrying phenomenon was first revealed in media reports indicating the high rate of Muslim girls drop out from schools.
Islam Message Islam Program Sows Malawi Coexistence - 9/8/2013
Islam in Malawi has been subjected to various forms of stereotyping and misconceptions by Malawians of other faith groups
Islam Message Boko Haram Attacks Enrage Nigeria Muslims - 8/18/2013
A weekend’s massacre of Muslim worshippers at a mosque in Konduga village in Borno state by Boko Haram group has been widely condemned by Nigerian Muslim groups
Islam Message Nigerian Pastor’s Daughter Finds Islam - 8/10/2013
I joined Islam purely on my own terms. I love the character of Muslims that I have related with, particularly the way they behave,” Charity said.
Islam Message Ramadan Connects Nigeria’s Faiths - 7/25/2013
Seeking better communication with the government, Nigeria Muslims have launched an enlightenment program during the holy fasting month of Ramadan to enhance healthy interfaith relations in their community.
Islam Message Ramadan Brings Joy to Poor Malawi Muslims - 6/27/2013
A Muslim charity has launched a project to provide free high-quality medical services for poor Malawians, both Muslims and non-Muslims
Islam Message Malawi Muslims Urged to Live Qur’an - 6/26/2013
Celebrating the best memorizers of the Noble Qur’an, Muslim leaders in Malawi have urged their community to preserve and instill the Qur’anic teachings in the soul of their children to help boost the development of their country.
Islam Message MEND Threatens Retaliatory Attacks On Mosques, Muslims - 4/15/2013
operating from Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta, says it will attack Muslims to protect Christians in Nigeria.
Islam Message Training on small businesses for women in Niger - 4/13/2013
The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), in cooperation with the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA),
Islam Message Islam shouldn’t be linked to extremism: Niger State Governor - 4/8/2013
Abuja: Islam happens to be a peaceful religion and it is very moderate and tolerant towards people of other religions.
Islam Message Moroccan minister says media targets her because of hijab - 1/20/2013
Morocco’s only female minister claimed that the media has targeted her because she dons the Islamic dress (hijab). Minister of Solidarity, Women,
Islam Message Ethiopia Drops One Charge in Muslim Case - 12/19/2012
ADDIS ABABA — The Ethiopian High Federal Court has dropped one charge in the terror case against 29 Muslims. Terrorism charges were not dropped, although defense lawyers had argued those charges are unconstitutional.
Islam Message ABSA ‘to lead Islamic banking along its African path - 12/12/2012
Islamic banking is operated under the principles of Sharia law which, among other practices, prohibits the charging of interest on loans.
Islam Message US condemns Ethiopia over Muslim treatment - 11/24/2012
According to the report, the US said that the Ethiopian government is attempting to control the Muslim population, its leadership
Islam Message USCIRF Deeply Concerned by Emerging Religious Freedom Violations in Ethiopia - 11/22/2012
The Ethiopian government should cease interfering in the internal affairs of its Muslim community
Islam Message Ethiopian Government continues to target peaceful Muslim protest movement - 11/12/2012
Key figures within the movement have been charged with terrorism offences
Islam Message ICD to open two new Islamic banks in Africa - 11/11/2012
This is a development we see as providing a tremendous boost for African Islamic infrastructure finance..
Islam Message Nigeria: Security forces out of control in fight against terror of Boko Haram - 11/4/2012
“People are living in a climate of fear and insecurity, vulnerable to attack from Boko Haram and facing human rights violations
Islam Message Group condemns anti-Islam film - 10/10/2012
The controversial anti-Islam film which has been widely condemned across the globe has been flayed in Ibadan by an Islamic group, Muslim Awareness International
Islam Message Impact positively on Nigerians, NIREC urges govt. - 10/3/2012
The Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC) has called on governments at all levels to do everything within their powers to impact positively on the lives of the people.
Islam Message Sambo, Sultan of Sokoto, Tambuwal call for peace  - 9/30/2012
Nigeria’s Vice President, Arc. Nnamadi Sambo, and the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammed Sa'ad Abubakar III, have renewed calls for Nigerians to embrace peace and unity inspite of their religious beliefs.
Islam Message Uganda: What Ugandans Need Is Islamic Banking - 9/30/2012
During the twelfth Bank of Uganda annual Eid party, held at the central bank on September 7, a group of Muslims under their umbrella Contact Group on Islamic Banking, managed to get a word on Islamic Banking in, with bank governor Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile.
Islam Message JNI Condemns Film On Prophet Muhammad - 9/22/2012
As Muslims in some parts of the world continued their protest over the film which blasphemed Prophet Muhammed, the apex Muslim organisation, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) under the leadership of the Sultan of Sokoto,
Islam Message Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen advocates religious tolerance - 9/20/2012
AN Islamic group, Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen Society of Nigeria has advocated the entrenchment of religious tolerance among religious and ethnic groups in the country, saying that peaceful environment is the bedrock of development of any society.
Islam Message Burundi: Pregnant Muslim Women Have It Tougher in Burundi - 9/17/2012
Bujumbara — "I cannot go to a gynecologist. If I do I'll have problems with my husband," says a pregnant Aisha. Like her, many Muslim women in Burundi are not allowed to be treated by a male doctor
Islam Message Mali army kills 16 at Segou checkpoint in Diabali - 9/11/2012
The army in Mali says it has shot dead 16 people after their vehicle failed to stop at a checkpoint in the town of Diabali in the central Segou region.
Islam Message Kenyan Muslims, Christians Vow To Prevent Violence - 9/8/2012
Kenyan clerics across the religious divide vowed Tuesday to not allow sectarian violence to erupt following attacks on churches over the weekend that killed at least 15 people.
Islam Message Bush, Blair must stand trial for war crimes: Tutu - 9/4/2012
South African Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu has called for the trial of former US President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for their role in the Iraq war.
Islam Message Muslims riot in Mombasa over shooting of radical cleric - 9/2/2012
Muslim youths in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa have gone on the rampage after unknown gunmen shot dead a radical Islamist cleric.
Islam Message Boko Haram: Sultan advocates right Islamic teaching - 8/28/2012
Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa'adAbubakar II has called for an entrenched and right Islamic teaching frame work by Muslims with a view to solving the growing social upheaval in the country.
Islam Message Research Fellow urges Muslims to be ambassadors of peace - 8/28/2012
MrIssahBoateng, a Research Fellow of Ghana Muslim Academy (GMA), has called on Muslims to see their involvement in social issues as an obligation and not a matter of choice.
Islam Message Muslims protest opening of bar next to mosque in South Africa - 8/27/2012
Cape Town Muslims have protested against a liquor license granted to a bar right next to one of first mosques in the country as ignoring Muslim worshippers’ rights.
Islam Message UNIFEMGA condemns violence, insurrection - 7/25/2012
The ObafemiAwolowo University Muslim Graduates Association (UNIFEMGA) has condemned all forms of violence and insurrection masquerading under the guise of politics, ethnic or religion beliefs in the country.
Islam Message Muslims applaud Malawi President Joyce Banda - 7/9/2012
Muslims in Malawi have commended the country’s leadership for officially allowing the Muslim women to be putting on an Islamic dress, Hijaab,
Islam Message Kenyan Muslims, Christians Vow To Prevent Violence - 7/7/2012
Kenyan clerics across the religious divide vowed Tuesday to not allow sectarian violence to erupt following attacks on churches over the weekend that killed at least 15 people.
Islam Message Call for introducing Islamic economy in Nigeria - 7/1/2012
Nigeria’s Islamic religious leaders and scholars have called for the adoption of the Islamic economic system as a way of addressing the global economic recession.
Islam Message ‘Boko Haram’s plan to divide country unfortunate’  - 7/1/2012
The Chief Imam of Sheriff Jundulahi Fill Islam International, Shiek l’haq Musibau Adebayo, has described as unfortunate the Boko Haram’s hidden intention to divide the country.
Islam Message Bombings: JNI calls on Nigerians to be steadfast, prayerful  - 6/25/2012
The National Headquarters of the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) has called on Nigerians to be steadfast, prayerful and law abiding in the current insecurity the country is facing.
Islam Message Missioner tasks NASFAT members on investments - 6/19/2012
The National Missioner of the Nastrul-il-Fatih Society of Nigeria (NASFAT), Alhaji Abdullahi Akinbode, has tasked members of the society on the need to invest on cottage industries
Islam Message Ghana: Chief Imam Demands Quick Passage of RTI Bill - 6/18/2012
The National Chief Imam, His Eminence Sheikh Dr Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, has added his voice to calls on Parliament to hasten the passage of the Right to Information Bill (RTI)
Islam Message Hohoe Muslims on rampage over exhumation of Imam - 6/12/2012
There are reports of fierce clashes leading to the burning of cars and other property in the Hohoe municipality where Muslim youth
Islam Message Shafaudeen tasks FG on physically challenged - 6/9/2012
The founder and spiritual leader of Shafaudeen Islam worldwide, Alhaji Sabit Olagoke, has disclosed that most people living with disability want to work, but the barriers they face must be considered and acted upon by the government.
Islam Message Peace: Group canvasses for reorientation of Nigerians - 6/2/2012
The Movement for Islamic Culture and Awareness (MICA) has called for urgent re-orientation of the citizenry as a way of promoting peace and stability in the country.
Islam Message Nigeria / Religions: Christian and Muslim Leaders visit Nigeria - 5/27/2012
An inter-religious delegation of senior Muslim and Christian leaders has begun a fact-finding visit to Nigeria on 22 May,
Islam Message Nigeria Muslims Promote Social Responsibility - 5/12/2012
Following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), a group of young Nigerian Muslims have launched a campaign
Islam Message MURIC condemns attack at BUK - 5/5/2012
THE Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has condemned the attack on the Catholic Church worshippers in a lecture hall in Bayero University, Kano (BUK),
Islam Message Religious Crisis: FG urged to amend constitution - 4/21/2012
AN Islamic scholar,Dr Abdulrahman Olayiwola, has charged the Federal Government to amend the Nigerian constitution to make religious and ethnic harassments a criminal offence.
Islam Message NSCIA felicitates with Christians - 4/10/2012
The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has urged both Christians and Muslims in the country to collaborate with each other in tackling the menace of corruption.
Islam Message Boko Haram, a social menace -NACOMYO - 3/25/2012
The National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations (NACOMYO) has described the activities of the Boko Haram sect as social menace.
Islam Message Muslims tasked on interest-free investments - 3/24/2012
Muslims have been implored to pool their resources and know-how to establish interest-free investment schemes and co-operatives in order to improve their financial situation and fulfil the will of Allah.
Islam Message Imam tasks leaders on open door policy - 3/10/2012
The Chief Imam of Offa. Kwara State, Sheikh Muideen Salmon, has called on leaders, particularly the religious leaders to run an open door
Islam Message MURIC warns against Boko Haram’s incursion in S/West - 3/4/2012
The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has warned against the spread of Boko Haram’s activities to the South West.
Islam Message NBA Canvasses Tolerance Among Nigerians - 2/11/2012
Mr Sulyman Abaya, the General Secretary, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ilorin branch, has canvassed for peaceful co-existence among various ethnic groups in the country.
Islam Message Kano Yoruba Christians, Muslims hold prayer - 2/7/2012
Irked by the recent attack of Boko Haram which claimed hundreds of lives of people in Kano,
Islam Message IIFA Jeddah condemns the vicious crimes between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria - 1/25/2012
It is known that righteousness is the highest degree of good treatment, and being equitable is the highest degree of justice.
Islam Message Ugandan Muslim youth trained in human rights - 1/18/2012
Muslims students from about 20 schools in Uganda have attained training in human rights observance,
Islam Message Kano Muslims pays solidarity visit to Churches - 1/17/2012
Sequel to conscious effort to bridge the gap between followers of Nigerian two top religions, Islam and Christianity
Islam Message Media urged on positive reporting on Islam - 1/11/2012
Journalists in Malawi have been urged to write the truth about Islam religion to avoid misleading the masses.
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