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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Fasting in the Bible and How it differs from Muslim Fast - 6/8/2017
Fasting is one of the most important and prestigious deeds and devotions, which signifies a servants complete submission to the Will of his Creator and Lord...
Islam Message The Rights of Allah between Islam and Christianity - 6/1/2017
The most essential right that man must fulfill, first: is the right of his creator, cherisher and care taker, Allah, the Almighty, who has the most important rights of all...
Islam Message Juxtaposition of the Qur’anic and Biblical Accounts of Resurrection - 2/8/2017
The concept of the Day of Resurrection is a phenomenon of great importance in the belief systems of all divine religions-Islamic, christianity and Judaism...
Islam Message Facts about the Birth of Christianity in Palestine - 1/12/2017
Yeshua (Jesus’ real Aramaic name) was born in Bethlehem, a Palestinian city in the West Bank and home to one of the largest Palestinian Christian communities. The Church of the Nativity, one of the oldest churches in the world...
Islam Message Genesis of Christmas From Christian Sources and Logical Islamic Criticism) - 12/28/2016
The word Christmas comes from the Old English term Cristes maesse, meaning "Christ's mass." This was the name for the festival service of worship held on December 25th...
Islam Message The Hoax of Trinity - 8/28/2016
The Qur'an repeatedly and firmly asserts God's absolute oneness, thus ruling out the possibility of another being sharing his sovereignty or nature.
Islam Message The Valentine's Day: Origin and Criticism  - 2/14/2016
Valentine's Day goes back to Roman times, not Islamic times, this means that it is something which belongs exclusively to the Christians, not to Islam, read more...
Islam Message VALENTINE'S DAY - History and Islamic Perspective - 2/14/2016
In recent times, celebration of the Valentine Day has spread, particularly among female students. It is a Christian celebration, and it is (manifested) with fully red costumes, clothing and shoes, and exchange of red roses. read more and know its origin and Islamic perspectives about it...
Islam Message Will Christ Hold People Accountable on the Day of Resurrection? - 2/7/2016
the Quran has made it unequivocally clear that Allah will be the only one to hold people to account ...
Islam Message The Institution of Marriage Between Islam and Christianity - 11/25/2015
Marriage plays a central role in forming the culture of any socio-religious group...
Islam Message Religious Sects in Islam and Christianity - 12/23/2014
The Christians were divided into seventy-two sects, seventy-one of which are in the Fire and one is in Paradise. By the One in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, my Ummah will be divided into seventy-three sects...
Islam Message JESUS (PEACE BE UPON HIM) WAS A MUSLIM - 12/16/2014
Islam Message Central Religious Holidays between Islam and Christianity - 12/16/2014
Despite the many shared beliefs between Christians and Muslims, the two faiths do not commemorate any of the same holidays. However, a few similarities are...
Islam Message Why Some Christian Sects Reject the Doctrine of Trinity - 12/15/2014
here are some crystal clear reasons and facts that led and still make some people doubt or even disbelieve in the Doctrine of Trinity...
Islam Message The Original Sin: Three Facts Militating Against It. - 12/12/2014
The doctrine of original or Adamic sin is widely believed in by the general populace of the Christendom...
Islam Message Muslim-Christian Relationship in Ghana - 12/8/2014
Ghana's independence in 1957 AD , coupled with migration has brought Muslims and Christians to live together in a very peaceful environment...
this article presents the miraculous birth of jesus christ(peace be upon him) from both Qur'anic and Biblical view...
Islam Message Facts about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ - 12/1/2014
Islam Message A Summarized chart of the major beliefs in Christianity and Islam - 4/10/2014
Below is a collected chart on the major beliefs in both Christianity and Islam...
Islam Message Colour, Race and Language in Our Religions - 3/19/2014
This splendid variety of colour, race and language is a Grace from God Almighty to humanity and not any form of punishment. This is how Islam sees it and how it should be...
Islam Message Who is more Christian; The Muslim or the Christian? - 11/28/2013
When one is in the quest to know who a Christian is, one comes across a lot of definitions. But most, if not all of ...
Islam Message Is Jesus God or sent by God? (part 1 of 2) - 9/18/2013
The first of a two-part article discussing the true role of Jesus. Part 1: Discusses whether Jesus called himself God, Jesus
Islam Message Mary, the Mother of Jesus - 8/16/2013
It may surprise many people to learn that Mary is one of the most esteemed and respected women in Islam
Islam Message Perceptions of Jesus: The Church Versus History - 3/16/2013
Christians believe Jesus to be the son of God, who came down from heaven to earth, taking a human form through the Virgin Mary in order to atone for the sins of mankind by suffering and dying upon the cross.
Islam Message Perceptions of Jesus: The Church Versus History - 3/5/2013
Christians believe Jesus to be the son of God, who came down from heaven to earth, taking a human form through the Virgin Mary in order to atone for the sins of mankind by suffering and dying upon the cross.
Islam Message Where is the "Christ" in "Christianity?" - 1/8/2013
Religious scholars have long attributed the tenets of Christian faith more to Paul's teachings than to those of Jesus. But as much as I would like to jump into that subject, I think it best to back up and take a quick, speculative look at the Old Testament.
Islam Message Concept of God in Christianity - 12/17/2012
1. Jesus Christ (pbuh) never claimed Divinity One may ask, if both Muslims and Christians love and respect Jesus (pbuh), where exactly is the parting of ways?
Islam Message The Truth About Jesus Part 2  - 12/15/2012
After reading this presentation a believing Christian might say "This is what the Muslims, whom we always considered as heathens or infidels, say about Jesus." But the point of view which the Qur'an presents deserves serious
Islam Message Prophet Jesus The Last Messenger To The Children Of Israel - 9/10/2012
Almighty Allah had sent many prophets to the children of Israel from the tribe of Prophet Jacob (pbuh), Sura 45:16. The reason why Allah kept on sending prophets was to keep these people on the right path.
Islam Message Who was Jesus? - 9/6/2012
There are many questions that come to mind when the name Jesus is mentioned. Some people say he was a prophet, others call him a god, while others say he was a very wise man.
Islam Message Jesus: The Prophet we all love - 6/20/2012
Some may ask why Muslims have such great reverence for the Qur'an. The answer is obvious to everyone who may have dedicated some time to reading through its chapters. For example
Islam Message Mary  - 6/4/2012
Maryam, or Mary, is the only woman mentioned by name in the Holy Qur’an. She is mentioned in twelve chapters of the Qur’an, a total of thirty-four times.
Islam Message Where is the “Christ” in “Christianity?” - 5/16/2012
Religious scholars have long attributed the tenets of Christian faith more to Paul’s teachings than to those of Jesus.
Islam Message We Believe In JESUS  - 5/5/2012
We are presenting this not to placate you out of policy or diplomacy. We are only articulating what our Creator had commanded us in the Noble Qur’an
Islam Message Bridging gap between Islam and Christianity - 4/10/2012
AS Christians marked the Christian calendar's holiest day, Muslims were reinforcing their faith at a Twins of Faith conference.
Islam Message Jesus: The Son of Mary  - 3/6/2012
Contemplating the verses in the Qur’an on God’s Prophet, Jesus son of Mary, one finds the story of his birth truly amazing.
Islam Message The Muslim Jesus - 1/18/2012
Growing up, Jesus was the third person in my life, along with my mother and grandmother.
Islam Message A Concise Reply to Christianity - A Muslim View: Part III - 11/19/2011
The concept of the Messiah was gradually formed by the Jews and opinions differed.
Islam Message A Concise Reply to Christianity - A Muslim View: Part II - 11/14/2011
There are many missionary tactics directed by Christians toward Muslims. Missionary strategies have included enticement with money, women, alcohol and social status.
Islam Message A Concise Reply to Christianity - A Muslim View: Part I - 11/8/2011
Christians and Muslims who learn something of one another's religion find that a crucial issue is the nature of Jesus. The majority of Christians deify Jesus while Muslims say that he was no more than a prophet of God...
Islam Message Jesus and The Virgin Mary in Islam - 9/10/2011
Many people may be surprised that Muslims love Mary, the mother of Jesus. In the Quran, no woman is given more attention than Mary.
Islam Message The Gospel of Barnabas - 8/20/2011
Many of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity which have been for many centuries taken on blind faith (those which differ from the beliefs of Muslims) are now beginning to be challenged by some of the foremost scholars and religious leaders of Christianity today.
Islam Message Women in Christianity and Islam - 5/2/2011
Whenever the topic of Islam is brought up among Christians, the first objection that immediately springs into their minds is: “But women are so extremely oppressed in Islam.”
Islam Message The Christian Belief Dissected - 4/24/2011
Humanity is guilty of tampering with the religion of Jesus after his departure, which has been related by the Qur'an.
Islam Message Historical Notes On The Trinitarian Controversy - 4/5/2011
The Trinitarian view of Christianity came into being many years after the disappearance of Jesus.
Islam Message The Ultimate Solution To The Trinitarian Controversy - 3/29/2011
This work will traces the historical background of the Trinitarian doctrine and how controversial this fundamental doctrine of Christianity has been.
Islam Message Christianity Today  - 5/1/2010
In order to ascertain the nature of Christianity today, it is necessary to bear in mind the distinction between...
Islam Message Church Tradition & The Textual Integrity Of The Bible - 2/6/2010
It must be made clear that there is nothing like one Bible with a set of books. The number of books in the Bible...
Islam Message Islam and Unitarians – The Quest for Truth and Justice - 1/11/2010
Those Muslims who are aware of Unitarianism see it primarily in theological terms i.e. followers of Jesus (peace be upon him) who insist upon the unity of God.
Islam Message An Islamic Reply to the Christian Saying “We Have No Deeds”  - 9/8/2009
The Christian dictum “We have no deeds” is held up nowadays by many preachers as a main difference between Christianity and Islam.
Islam Message Immaculate Conception and The Omnipotence of God - 6/2/2009
The miracle of the virgin concept of Mary, as depicted in the Qur'an, is a clear example of God’s absolute power and His domination over the happenings of the universe.
Islam Message How to Discover the Real Jesus - 5/25/2009
Many scholars and students of the Bible have observed how similar the gospels are to each other in the episodes they narrate and in the sayings of Jesus they report.
Islam Message The Life and Mission of Jesus (peace be upon him) - 4/22/2009
All Muslims believe in and respect Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), references to him in the Qur’an and in the traditions (hadith) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) describe him as one of the greatest messengers of God
Islam Message The Trinity - 4/22/2009
The Christian doctrine of the trinity is adhered to by many Christians throughout the world. The doctrine refers to the existence of three divine, distinct and separate persons in God:
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