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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Palestinians demand release of loved ones jailed by Israel - 10/23/2017
Dozens of Palestinians staged a rally outside the Gaza City office of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Monday to demand the release of loved ones imprisoned by the Israeli authorities
Islam Message US embassy apologizes for refusing Indonesian army chief entry despite invitation - 10/23/2017
Indonesia (AA): The U.S. embassy in Jakarta on Monday apologized to the Indonesian government after its army chief was denied entry to the United States.
Islam Message Indonesian Military Stirs Communist Fears for Political Advantage - 10/23/2017
JAKARTA, Indonesia — It's difficult to overstate the role that anti-communism plays in today's Indonesia...
Islam Message Quebec softens face-covering ban amid criticism it targets Muslims - 10/23/2017
Amid criticism from across canada over a new law that bans face coverings for those giving or receiving public services Quebec's government has toned down its interpretation of the legislation...
Islam Message Indian fire killed two women in Kashmir - 10/23/2017
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AA) – Pakistan on Tuesday accused India of killing at least two women and injuring six other people in unprovoked firing along the Line of Control...
Islam Message UN verifies mass killings in northern Afghanistan - 8/21/2017
On Aug. 3, militants stormed the Mirza Olang valley, which is located in Sar-i-Pul province and mostly inhabited by ethnic Shia Hazara minority.
Islam Message Court in Pakistan sentences man to death for ‘blasphemous’ Facebook post - 6/12/2017
Pakistan has strict anti-blasphemy laws, and anyone accused of insulting God, Islam or a religious leader can be sentenced to die
Islam Message Jammu & Kashmir: Indian army chief dares Kashmiri protesters to shoot - 5/31/2017
The two countries have fought three wars – in 1948, 1965 and 1971 – since they were partitioned in 1947, two of which were fought over Kashmir.
Islam Message Afghanistan divided on US mega-bomb drop on Daesh hideouts - 4/17/2017
Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai also condemned the use of the MOAB bomb.
Islam Message Triple talaq, polygamy are 'patriarchal values', such practices impact dignity of Muslim women: Cent - 4/11/2017
The Centre had on October 7 last year opposed in the apex court the practice of 'triple talaq', 'nikah halala' and polygamy among Muslims and favoured a relook on grounds like gender equality and secularism.
Islam Message Is This How the Devil Misleads People? An Australian Woman's Path to ‎Islam - 2/7/2014
At 18 years of age, I saw my first documentary on Islam. I was amazed by ‎the fact that Muslims put so much importance on God, and placed Him ...‎
Islam Message All welcome at new mosque - 1/17/2014
THE COMMUNITY response to plans for a Bendigo mosque has been ‎overwhelmingly positive, Muslim community spokesman Heri Febriyanto says.‎
Islam Message Exhibition aims to deepen public's understanding of Islamic life (update)‎ - 1/13/2014
‎13 (CNA) An exhibition showcasing cultural and religious objects from the ‎Islamic world will kick off Tuesday in Taipei …‎
Islam Message Fourteen killed in China mosque stampede - 1/6/2014
Fourteen people have been killed and 10 injured in a stampede during a ‎gathering at a mosque in northwest China's Ningxia region, state ...‎
Islam Message Islam the only solution to man’s woes - 12/6/2013
Ali Muhammad Mori of Japan, a social worker and preacher, was deeply ‎impressed with the pious way that some of the Muslims …‎
Islam Message Photographic exhibition “Islam in Brazil” on Nov 21‎ - 11/20/2013
A photographic exhibition titled “Islam in Brazil”‎ would be kicked‎ on November 21 (Thursday).
Islam Message Australian Muslims celebrate a year of high achievement - 1/1/2013
A gathering of the finest of Australia’s Muslims community witnessed a celebration of remarkable accomplishments and success at the Australian
Islam Message Equipping the Rohingya with knowledge - 12/27/2012
In a move to equip the Rohinya community with the necessary knowledge and self-belief, non-governmental organization (NGO), Future Global Network Foundation (FGN) recently recently
Islam Message Homeless and helpless: The Rohingya Muslims of Rakhine state - 12/9/2012
What difference does a simple name make? For Mohammad Ali, a resident of this town’s last Muslim neighbourhood, a ghetto cut-off by barbed wire and military check-points, it matters to his very core.
Islam Message Victorian Muslims mark White Ribbon day - 12/5/2012
Host Waleed Aly called it a historical moment – Muslim men and women in Melbourne marking White Ribbon Day with a multicultural brunch,
Islam Message Islam for the environment in Malaysia - 12/5/2012
It’s Friday evening, the air is dry after an afternoon of rain and a group of young students sit around discussing the role of Islam and how they can create a better environmental policy for Malaysia.
Islam Message A village that symbolizes religious harmony - 12/4/2012
In Trehgam village of frontier district Kupwara the Grand Mosque of this hamlet shares a common yard with a Hindu temple and nearby there’s a shrine of a
Islam Message Australian Muslims celebrate a year of high achievement - 12/1/2012
A gathering of the finest of Australia’s Muslims community witnessed a celebration of remarkable accomplishments and success at the Australian ...
Islam Message Malaysia hotels cater to Muslim tourists - 11/26/2012
On the sixth floor of an upscale hotel in the Kuala Lumpur suburb of Ampang, Quranic verses are piped through loudspeakers in the hallway 24 hours a day.
Islam Message Muslims help in construction of Hindu temple in Bihar - 11/19/2012
Other Muslims had helped widen the street so that the vehicle could reach the temple without difficulty
Islam Message 800,000 Rohingya Muslims remain deprived of citizenship - 11/13/2012
The Myanmar government has so far refused to lift the stateless Rohingyas in the western state of Rakhine from the citizenship limbo
Islam Message Aung San Suu Kyi not pro-Rohingya - 11/7/2012
The Nobel laureate, who has caused disappointment among international supporters for her muted response to violence that has swept Rakhine State..
Islam Message Forum Debates Australian Media's Treatment of Muslims - 11/5/2012
Muslim groups in Australia have complained that some news coverage of the disturbances was inflammatory.
Islam Message Filipino preacher helps over 1,000 Asians embrace Islam - 10/31/2012
Ronaldo, who works at a broast restaurant in Riyadh, said he accepted Islam as his religion several years ago after understanding the meaning of a Qur'anic verse.
Islam Message UN says over 26,000 displaced by Myanmar unrest - 10/30/2012
Most of those made homeless have remained near their villages, according to the UN, raising concerns about getting aid to remote areas.
Islam Message Rohingya Cleansing Continues in Arakan Under State Programme - 10/25/2012
These genocidal actions have been carried out with the backing of the police, army and security forces with intent to destroy the whole Muslim population of Arakan.
Islam Message Generalizing Islam as negative is unfair, says Dalai Lama - 10/16/2012
Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, warned not to generalize Islam as a negative force and called on believers of different
Islam Message On Eid Assam prays for peace; mourns the dead - 8/21/2012
Praying for a new chapter of peace in their community, Muslims in India’s northeastern state of Assam celebrated `Eid Al-Fitr with special prayers at mosques
Islam Message Ramadan food tours shed light on Islam  - 8/16/2012
"All the restaurants are open late and often until just before the break of dawn to cater to the early morning meal after
Islam Message Non-Muslims join in the fasting - 8/4/2012
I'VE never fasted before, but have always been fascinated by the practice of fasting for Ramadan by Muslims.
Islam Message New Zealand Businesses Urged to Go Halal - 7/7/2012
As more goods and services are being certified as halal, calls are growing for businesses in New Zealand to take a bigger share of the Muslims-friendly industry beyond food.
Islam Message Islam prohibits all forms of violence and aggression - 6/9/2012
Islam is in indeed a religion that promotes peace and understanding among people of all faiths,...
Islam Message Islamic Economic System aims at Social Justice: Dr. Nejatullah Siddiqi - 4/11/2012
Shantapuram: ‘Islamic Economic System aims at Social Justice and dignified life’, opined Eminent Economist
Islam Message India Muslims...Unfulfiled Promise - 3/26/2012
Suffering decades of social and economic neglect, India's Muslims are complaining of unfulfilled promises by politicians, leaving them in abject poverty far behind the once low-caste Hindus.
Islam Message Interest-free microfinance hope for poor Muslims - 3/19/2012
HYDERABAD: Making headlines in the recent past for crushing interest rates claiming lives of debtors,
Islam Message World Day of Muslim Culture - 3/14/2012
To contribute to a better understanding of the diversity of Muslim culture and in initiating dialogue with people of other faiths that may result in a more just, peaceful world,
Islam Message Police across India communalized, frame Muslims in terror cases: Bhushan - 3/4/2012
New Delhi: Team Anna member and Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan Monday claimed that police across the country were "communalized".
Islam Message Brazil Halal Meat Feeds World Muslims - 2/27/2012
Eyeing a share of the $400-billion global halal food market, Brazilian meat producers are vying to ensure compliance with Islamic religious and hygiene
Islam Message Indonesia/OIC: Ihsanoglu Holds Bilateral Meetings with the President and Foreign Minister of Indones - 2/22/2012
The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu had an exclusive bilateral meeting with H.E.
Islam Message “Muslims must become nation’s necessity”- Moulana Yusuf Islahi - 2/19/2012
Every time when Muslims had trust in Allah, despite their limitedness in quantity and resources, Allah has supported them
Islam Message Queenie’s Change of Heart - 1/21/2012
By all accounts, a young Filipino singer-actress dubbed "the future leading lady" was on her way to stardom before she had a spiritual rebirth.
Islam Message World's Largest Hand-Written and Illuminated Qur'an Completed in Afghanistan's Capital  - 1/15/2012
The initiative for the project was proposed and sponsored by His Highness Alhaj Syed Mansoor Naderi.
Islam Message Muslims do not want Rushdie in India  - 1/11/2012
Muslim leaders have demanded India ban Salman Rushdie from entering the country to attend a literary festival.
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