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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Danish right-wing party says doctors with ‘Muslim beard’ don't belong in country’s hospitals - 11/16/2017
Europe News-Danish right-wing party says doctors with ‘Muslim beard’ don't belong in country’s hospitals...
Islam Message Muslim charity to give out more than 20,000 coats to homeless people over winter - 11/16/2017
recent news article on Muslim charity to give out more than 20,000 coats to homeless people over winter...
Islam Message Greek PM Tsipras Limits Sharia Law in Western Thrace - 11/16/2017
recent news on Greek PM Tsipras Limits Sharia Law in Western Thrace
Islam Message Russian Embassy Refutes UK Sun's Allegations of Spreading Anti-Muslim Sentiment - 11/15/2017
recent news on Muslims in Europe-Russian Embassy Refutes UK Sun's Allegations of Spreading Anti-Muslim Sentiment
recent news-A group of Parisian Muslims announced Wednesday it is taking local politicians to court after a group of 100 lawmakers physically prevented 200 Muslims from praying on the streets of a Paris suburb.
Islam Message Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque complex for ‘Sukkot’ - 10/11/2017
JERUSALEM (AA): Hundreds of Jewish settlers on Tuesday forced their way into Jerusalem’s flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque compound to mark the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, a Palestinian official said...
Islam Message Jammu & Kashmir: In fierce gun battle Four were killed - 10/11/2017
SRINAGAR, Jammu and Kashmir, India, (AA): Two militants and two Indian Airforce personnel were killed early Wednesday in a fierce gun battle in Hajin village in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district...
Islam Message Islamophobic crime on UK mosques double - 10/11/2017
LONDON (AA): Hate crimes targeting mosques in the U.K. have doubled in the past year, results of an investigation indicated on Monday...
The United Nations has described the exodus as ethnic cleansing. Approximately 519,000 Rohingyas have entered Bangladesh since August 25...
Islam Message 12 Rohingya Muslim refugees, mostly children, drowned as boat capsized near Bangladesh - 10/11/2017
12 Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing Myanmar army violence in Rakhine State, died as their boat capsized off coast of Bangladesh Monday...
Islam Message Duke of Marlborough converted to Islam in prison to be given ‘more food’ - 8/21/2017
“I changed religion when I went to jail. I became a Muslim because you got more food. It wasn’t the time of Ramadan. I luckily hit it just right – just afterwards!”
Islam Message Canada: Small number of residents vote against Muslim cemetery - 7/18/2017
Opponents said Muslims could be buried in sections of existing cemeteries or in a new one that allowed multi-faith burials, with a section for those of the Islamic faith
Islam Message 'Liberal' mosque where burqas are banned opens in Germany - 7/5/2017
'You can only achieve change through setting an example, opening doors, in a space where every question can be asked', says founder Seyran Ates
Islam Message Exclusive: UK: Muslim MPs prominent in Labour resurgence - 6/12/2017
The high turnout included 12 Muslim Labour MPs being elected, up from nine in 2015. All three Muslim Conservatives retained their seats also with increased majorities as well.
Islam Message Iceland: Muslims fast for 22 hours during Ramadan - 6/12/2017
“The first three days are most difficult. Then everything turns back to normal.”
Islam Message Photo of Muslim woman comforting collapsed pensioner in London goes viral - 6/12/2017
'Real Muslims are actually such a lovely community of people', one user writes
Islam Message London attack: 500 imams condemn terrorists and refuse to perform funeral prayer for 'vile murderers - 6/12/2017
A joint statement endorsed by 500 imams across the UK will “reiterate the commitment to not accepting terrorists in life or death by refusing to perform funeral prayers for terrorists”.
Islam Message Austria's parliament bans full-face veil in public - 5/18/2017
The provision, part of a larger integration package, means those wearing the veil in public will be fined $166.
Islam Message How Germany used Islam during World War I - 5/4/2017
A refugee camp in a small German town stands on the spot of a mosque built to entice Muslims to fight for the kaiser
Islam Message Man with knives arrested near Parliament - 4/30/2017
Counter terrorism police taking terror suspect found with large number of knives. He was arrested corner of Parliament St and Parliament Square opposite Parliament in London on 27 April 2017
Islam Message Women dominate all fields of achievement at The Muslim News Awards for Excellence - 4/30/2017
60% of the winners were women and 53% were from outside London.
Islam Message How an 'Islamic' bar became a French election scandal - 4/20/2017
French bar owner Amar Amar Salhi's bar north of Paris sparked an election scandal after it featured on national television in December during a report about Islam and women
Islam Message Islam taught in schools - 3/27/2017
Let us keep in mind that the Islamic education issue has parallels in other fields
Islam Message Alienated Muslims in Europe establish their own parties - 3/14/2017
Parties in France, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, and Greece were founded to counter the rising tide of Islamophobia and discrimination against Muslims in Europe.
Islam Message British Muslim teacher denied entry to US on school trip - 2/21/2017
Juhel Miah from south Wales was removed from plane in Reykjavik despite suspension of president’s travel ban
Islam Message One converted to Islam, the other went to far-right rallies: a modern tale of two brothers  - 2/21/2017
They were party animals from the Midlands. Now a TV series explores the lives of Abdul and Lee
Islam Message Muslim converts 'slash Broadmoor staff in row – leaving them with horrific injuries' - 8/6/2015
A PAIR of Muslim converts at Britain's most notorious high-security psychiatric hospital allegedly left two members of staff with facial injuries after attacking them with broken DVDs in a "row over prayers".
Islam Message Finland’s Pro-Hijab Ruling Praised - 3/27/2014
These women want to work but society discriminates against them,” Roda Hassan said
Islam Message Adoption Needs Trouble British Muslims - 3/24/2014
British imams were urged to take action and spread awareness about the merits of foster caring children in Islam.
Islam Message Charity Spreads Islam Awareness in UK - 3/20/2014
Siddiqi said she expected ISW would help bring Britain’s many communities closer by focusing on values of respect, tolerance and togetherness
Islam Message UK Football Fan Fined For Ripping Qur’an - 3/3/2014
Mark Stephenson was seen ripping up pages torn from a copy of Qur’an by another supporter.
Islam Message Aussie Muslims Fight Domestic Violence - 2/26/2014
A leading international Islamic humanitarian group has joined hands with the Australian National Imams Council
Islam Message Daily Mail Hateful Article Angers UK Muslims - 2/24/2014
We write to express our condemnation of a recent article published by Richard Littlejohn in your newspaper
Islam Message Andalus Muslims Demand Spanish Citizenship - 2/20/2014
Muslims ruled much of Spain for centuries starting from 711 to 1492.
Islam Message Islam 2nd Largest Religion in Italy - 2/15/2014
Members of the Italian Muslim community have come together to discuss problems facing the religious minority
Islam Message Olympics yes…but no to mosques in Sochi - 2/11/2014
Russian President Vladimir Putin calls Sochi, site of February’s Winter Olympics, “the biggest construction site on the planet,” and for good reason
Islam Message ‘Christian’ Patrols Threaten UK Muslims - 2/6/2014
Efforts to intimidate and marginalize our community have been relentless,” Dilowar Khan, executive director of East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre, told Huffington Post UK
Islam Message Islamic Studies Flourish in Australia - 2/5/2014
At the University of Western Sydney enrolments have leaped from 60 in 2008 to about 200 in 2013.
Islam Message German Archbishop Apologizes To Muslims - 2/1/2014
The Archbishop issued a statement on Wednesday in which he regretted that his comments had caused such "irritation".
Islam Message Turkey publishes Islamic Encyclopedia on the internet - 1/26/2014
The Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation's Islamic Encyclopedia, arguably one ‎of the most important collections of Islamic knowledge ...‎
Islam Message British Muslims Walk For Gaza - 1/26/2014
The Winter Walk for Gaza, held for the sixth year, has been organized by Muslim Hands in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leicester.
Islam Message World Hijab Day: Cover Up Before You Judge - 1/22/2014
The event was designed as part of a bid to foster better understanding and counteract controversies surrounding hijab as a Muslim choice.
Islam Message Bosnia opens library housing ancient Islamic manuscripts - 1/16/2014
Bosnia opened Wednesday a new library to house its ancient Islamic ‎manuscripts, which were saved from destruction during the...‎
Islam Message UK Drunk Driver Reverts to Islam - 1/14/2014
A British young woman, who was caught driving while drinking, has told ‎the court that she plans to stop drinking alcohol altogether ...‎
Islam Message Australia: Traditional Islamic studies at university gaining in popularity - 1/12/2014
STUDYING Islam at a university level means many things
Islam Message Russian Muslims Help Volgograd Victims - 12/31/2013
The twin suicide attacks in the city of Volgograd have posed a great challenge to Putin on the eve of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.
Islam Message Danish Far-right Withdraws Muslims Insult - 12/23/2013
A far-right Danish party has withdrawn its anti-Muslim comments after coming under fire from politicians and the Muslim community in the Nordic country.
Islam Message Moscow Overturns Qur’an Ban - 12/19/2013
The ruling was appealed by the lawyer of Azeri theologian Elmir Kuliyev, who wrote the translation.
Islam Message No More Danish Muslims: Far-right Party - 12/18/2013
According to bi-annual citizenship law, about 1,600 individual were expected to be granted the Danish citizenship this week.
Islam Message Islam to be Recognized as an Official Religion in Germany - 12/15/2013
A preliminary contract has been signed for Islam to be recognized as an official religion in Lower Saxony after a similar position was adopted in Germany's Bremen and Hamburg provinces
Islam Message Mosques Urged For Moscow Muslims - 11/24/2013
The lack of mosques is “one of the most important problems that the Russian ‎capital’s Muslim community has to face,” he added.‎
Islam Message I found my theories in accord with Islam - 11/22/2013
Educated in Cambridge, Lord Headley Al-Farooq‎ became a peer in 1877, served ‎in the army as a captain and later on as Lieut. Col. in 4th Battalion of North ‎Minister Fusiliers.‎
Islam Message Greek government funding for first mosque in Athens - 11/17/2013
Work is finally set to begin on construction of the first mosque in Athens, 13 ‎years after plans were first announced, the Greek government announced.‎
Islam Message ‎“I’ll tell you why I chose Islam” by Anna Assumma - 11/15/2013
An Italian girl like many others. But she converts to Islam and decides to veil ‎herself from head to foot. Hers is a choice that disturbs everyone: except her.‎
Islam Message The Islamic Bond: Dawn Of A New Era - 11/14/2013
In A Blaze Of Publicity PM David Cameron Announced The Launch Of The ‎Islamic Bond (Sukuk) At The World Islamic Economic Forum In London This ‎Week.‎
Islam Message Recent Attack Frets Bulgaria Muslims - 11/12/2013
Police have announced that two men, aged 28 and 29, have been arrested in connection with the assault
Islam Message Aussie Rugby Star Seeks New Life in Islam - 11/11/2013
The State of Origin star of made the commitment to his new faith, hoping it can help to save his ailing career.
Islam Message Russia's Nationalists March Against Muslims - 11/6/2013
Russian nationalists claim that their moves are inspired by their will to preserve the Russian identity.
Islam Message Women may now be forced to remove their niqab under West Australian law - 11/2/2013
A new law requiring Muslim women to remove a burqa or niqab to prove their identity to West Australian police has been passed by the state’s parliament
Islam Message Slovak Muslims: Dreams & Challenges - 10/31/2013
Despite integrating well in the community, Slovak Muslims have complained from the state’s failure to recognize Islam as an official religion.
Islam Message Franck Ribery: Islam has strengthened me - 10/27/2013
French football player Ribery says that religion was his privacy and he felt stronger since he preferred Islam.
Islam Message Headscarves in parliament, Turkey’s long debate - 10/24/2013
the present Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed Turkey’s new ‘democratization packet’ two weeks ago, the ban was officially lifted.
Islam Message Gloucester Engages Muslims - 10/22/2013
People of all faiths have come together at Gloucester interfaith event to help the British people get a better understanding of Islam and Muslims.
Islam Message Crescent Wealth’s Australian Islamic Equity Fund rated world’s best - 10/21/2013
Islamic fund manager Crescent Wealth’s Crescent Australian Equity Fund has recorded returns more than double the Australian Stock Exchange’s ASX 300 benchmark in the September quarter
Islam Message Moscow Muslims Complain of Suppression - 10/20/2013
While the Russian Orthodox Church was building 200 new churches around Moscow, new mosque projects never win building permits.
Islam Message Muslim Gym Faces French Ire - 10/7/2013
Opening its doors last month, the pink and orange all-women gym has become the center of controversy in the up-market Paris suburb of Le Raincy.
Islam Message Norway Mosques Under Threat of Attacks - 9/29/2013
The Muslim community was concerned about the latest threats to burn all mosques across Norway.
Islam Message Christian Louboutin turns heel on anti-Islamic ad - 9/28/2013
Luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin is asking a Belgian court to kill a far-right campaign using his iconic stilettos for a poster denouncing Islam, the Belga news agency reported yesterday
Islam Message French Mosques Showcase Islamic Heritage - 9/17/2013
French mosques have opened their doors on European Heritage Days on Saturday and Sunday to welcome visitors interested in the Islamic culture and architecture
Islam Message Foundation stone laid for first mosque in Slovenia - 9/15/2013
The foundation stone of Slovenia’s first mosque was laid at a former industrial site in the capital Ljubljana yesterday
Islam Message UK College Reverses Niqab Ban - 9/14/2013
The ban sparked angry reactions from Muslim students, considering the decision as discriminatory against their personal freedoms.
Islam Message Islam Rising Among UK Youth - 9/12/2013
Titled, “Small island: Public opinion and the politics of Immigration,” the poll was mainly about attitudes to immigration.
Islam Message Scotland Mosque Promotes Understanding - 9/5/2013
The mosque, the first in the city with a minaret, included prayer rooms which would be open to all faiths
Islam Message New Mosque Attack Saddens UK Muslims - 8/28/2013
A mosque in Harlow, Essex, has been hit by a suspected anti-Muslim arson attack that took place overnight
Islam Message UK Muslim Soldiers Counter Islamophobia - 8/27/2013
During these visits, Muslim soldiers will be giving speeches to school assemblies to counter Islamaphobia in the wake of the killing of Lee Rigby.
Islam Message Irish Muslim Harassed For Praying in Park - 8/25/2013
An Irish Muslim woman has been harassed for praying in a park in Dublin with a friend after a security worker asked them to end their prayers "in case they break their backs".
Islam Message Aussie Far-rightist Attacks Burqa, Mosques - 8/22/2013
Running on an agenda of anti-Muslim propaganda, a Queensland candidate of a newly established far-right party in Australia has called for eradicating mosques and banning face-veil
Islam Message Spy Agencies Stigmatize Aussie Muslims - 8/20/2013
Australian Muslim community leaders have voiced concerns about pressures they are facing from spy agencies.
Islam Message Colorado Mosque Showcases Muslim Identity - 8/14/2013
Taking a Turkish style, the mosque includes 70-foot minaret and 50-foot dome both topped with crescent moons.
Islam Message Far-Right Attack Scared French Muslims - 8/13/2013
A recent foiled anti-Muslim shooting attack has send shockwaves among French Muslims, fearing a surge on attacks on their mosques and lives.
Islam Message Aussie Politicians Woo Sydney’s Muslims - 8/7/2013
Abbott’s speech was praised by Australia Muslims as symbolically important.
Islam Message Muslim Charity Feeds Paris Homeless - 8/5/2013
Serving iftar to attendants, the center’s atmosphere turns to be one of celebration and lively conversation
Islam Message Russia’s Supreme Court upholds school Hijab ban - 7/24/2013
Ramadan for Muslims in Russia’s Stavropol region coincided with a Supreme Court decision upholding a ban on hijabs in the region’s schools
Islam Message Bulgaria’s Interfaith Ramadan Iftars - 7/21/2013
In the holy fasting month of Ramadan, Muslims and Christians come together to enjoy breaking fast together in interfaith events that unites followers of both faiths.
Islam Message UK Adds Islamic History to National School Curriculum - 7/14/2013
Education Secretary Michael Gove (pictured) announced his revised national curriculum earlier this week which includes a module on early Islam.
Islam Message Australian Muslims to Air Prime-Time Animated TV Ads about Prophet Muhammad - 7/8/2013
Muslim activists will launch the first TV commercial in Australia about the Prophet Mohammed in a bid to improve the religion's image
Islam Message British TV Airs Muslim Adhan on Ramadan - 7/3/2013
Appealing to the religious minority, the British channel 4 will broadcast the Muslim call to prayer on a daily basis during the holy month of Ramadan, to present a true image for moderate Muslims and challenge those who associate the religion with terrorism.
Islam Message Prophet Ads show Islam Image in Australia - 6/29/2013
The commercials aim to highlight the virtues of Prophet Muhammad to the Australian public
Islam Message UK Government fails to protect Muslim Mosques  - 6/29/2013
A new research has warned that around half of mosques and Islamic centers in Britain have been subjected to Islamophobic attacks since 9/11, as political analysts blamed the government for a lack of political will to tackle the aggravated phenomenon.
Islam Message Muslim Woman 'Cremated' in Germany - 6/24/2013
A Muslim woman has been cremated in south-western Germany after her death, in a move that sparked uproar and calls for investigation.
Islam Message If your name is Ahmed or Fatima, you live in fear of NSA surveillance - 6/23/2013
One of the most common responses from the 66% of American citizens in favor of the NSA‘s data-collection programs is, “I have nothing to hide, so why should I have anything to fear?”
Islam Message UK Muslims give blood - 6/18/2013
Seeking to help those in need, British Muslim youths are championing a campaign across London mosques on Friday, June 14, to encourage Muslims to sign up as blood donors on World Blood Donor Day.
Islam Message Raids on Russian Mosques: Reasons and Repercussion - 6/17/2013
Special operations against Muslims houses of worship have increased in Russia in the last months, where the police surrounds the mosque on Fridays during the largest concentrations of believers.
Islam Message Muslim School Fire Raises UK Concerns - 6/10/2013
A new fire that gutted a leading Muslim school in south-east London is raising concerns in Britain, which comes days after the blaze of an Islamic center in the British capital
Islam Message Mosque Fire Shocks British Muslims - 6/6/2013
An Islamic center in north London was destroyed in a suspicious fire on Wednesday
Islam Message Muslim Prayers Get Le Pen in Trouble - 6/2/2013
PARIS - Comparing Muslim street prayers to Nazi occupation, far-right French leader Marine Le Pen could face criminal charges after her immunity was revoked.
Islam Message London murder sparks anti-Muslim backlash - 5/28/2013
There has been a large increase in anti-Muslim incidents since the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, an interfaith charity has said.
Islam Message UK Archbishop Hails Muslim Response - 5/26/2013
The Archbishop of Canterbury has hailed the Muslim condemnations of the machete killing of an army soldier in Britain
Islam Message Bradford Muslim Community Raises Money to Help Restore Neighborhood Synagogue - 5/23/2013
The Bradford Synagogue in northern England was facing a dwindling population and serious financial woes when the local Muslim community reached into its pockets to save the day.
Islam Message London Firm Develops Innovative Platform for Islamic Insurance on a Unprecedented Large Scale - 5/20/2013
London-based firm Cobalt has developed a sharia-compliant insurance platform that uses
Islam Message Islamophobia on the rise in France - 5/19/2013
According to the Observatory of Islamophobia in France, the total number of registered cases has gone up by 28 percent in just one year.
Islam Message Wimbledon Exhibition Shows True Islam - 5/12/2013
In an effort to dispel myths about Islam, an international Islamic organization is holding an exhibition at Wimbledon Library to spread the word about the peaceful nature of the Islamic religion.
Islam Message UK Muslim matchmakers introduce new agency - 5/9/2013
The pair say many British? Muslim women in their late 20s and 30s are struggling to find a partner – with many Muslim men travelling to Pakistan to find a wife there instead
Islam Message Muslim parents appeal againts hijab ban in Russian court - 5/7/2013
Moscow: Muslim parents whose children have not been allowed to wear headscarves or hijab to school in a southern Russian region have appealed to the Supreme Court.
Islam Message Australian Muslim, Christian groups unite on gay marriage referendum - 5/5/2013
In a moment of religious unity, Australia’s Islamic community has joined forces with Christian groups calling for a deciding referendum on same-sex marriage.
Islam Message Warsi convinces UK Govt. to practically tackle Islamophobia - 5/1/2013
London: A good news for the Muslims residing in Britain rises as the Chairman Conservative Party, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, has successfully convinced the British government after the efforts of a year that Islamophobia has prevailed in the British
Islam Message Scholars to meet in Turkey to discuss consensus, Muslim unity - 4/27/2013
Muslim scholars from around the world will come together at an international meeting in Turkey this weekend to discuss Ijma (scholarly consensus) and unity among Muslims.
Islam Message Jail for Turkish pianist for insulting Islam - 4/16/2013
World-renowned Turkish pianist Fazil Say has been given a suspended 10-month prison sentence for insulting Muslim values.
Islam Message Pork found in halal-marked salami in Sweden - 4/13/2013
Pork meat from Slovenia has been found in halal-marked salami sold in Sweden, the Swedish National Food Agency said yesterday.
Islam Message French court rejects dismissal of Muslim nurse for wearing hijab - 4/11/2013
The controversy surrounding the Islamic headscarf, or hijab, has been rekindled in France this week after the French Court of Cassation annulled the 2008 dismissal of a Muslim nurse
Islam Message Germany urged to grant Muslims days off for religious festivals - 3/31/2013
BERLIN // Muslims living in Germany should be granted two days of official holiday a year to mark important religious festivals, a leading member of the country's Muslim community said, drawing criticism from within Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling conservatives.
Islam Message Anti-Islam Rightists Target German Youth - 3/28/2013
Seeking a bigger support among German youth, a rightist group is using Facebook, YouTube and other social media websites to spread its racist, anti-Islam message.
Islam Message German spies accused of racism, Islamophobia - 3/26/2013
Germany's security service the Verfassungsschutz is a hornet's nest of conflict, envy, jealousy and inappropriate insults, wrote the Süddeutsche Zeitung, citing inside sources.
Islam Message Swedes Counter Anti-Muslim Rally - 3/26/2013
Rejecting of their hate message against Muslims, many Swedes have showed up in the southern city of Malmo to protest against a far-right group, leading to abort the anti-Muslim rally.
Islam Message Bad times for Muslims in Europe  - 3/25/2013
Brussels – Islamophobia, or discrimination against Muslims, is widespread in many European countries. Prejudice towards Muslims is often more visible than that affecting other religious or ethnic minority groups.
Islam Message Pope urges dialogue with Islam, more help for the poor - 3/24/2013
Pope Francis urged the West on Friday to intensify dialogue with Islam and appealed to the world to do more to combat poverty and protect the environment.
Islam Message Call to quell rising tensions over Islam - 3/23/2013
A TWO-YEAR parliamentary inquiry into multiculturalism has been overwhelmed by concern about Islamic integration, with the bipartisan committee declaring it "does not support legal pluralism".
Islam Message Newcastle: community unites against EDL - 3/20/2013
Peace campaigners are to unite against the English Defence League when they hold their biggest march of the year through Tyneside.
Islam Message Christians express outrage over threats to mosque - 3/19/2013
A planned mosque in the town fell through last month after landlord Georg Wissinter received a threat that it would be burnt to the ground. Applicant Tahirul Hasan, a town councillor,
Islam Message Melbourne mosque get go ahead from local council - 3/19/2013
Supporters of a mosque in Doveton's industrial area have urged anti-Islamic cleric Pastor Danny Nalliah and his followers in the Catch the Fire Ministries to learn to live with it.
Islam Message Pope Francis has a model for Muslim engagement in St. Francis of Assisi - 3/18/2013
Just as many Catholics have connected Pope Francis' humility and austere lifestyle with that of St. Francis of Assisi, those seeking clues on the new pontiff's approach to Christian-Muslim relations see another example in the iconic namesake.
Islam Message Muslim woman spat on, verbally abused at service station - 3/18/2013
A WOMAN said she was terrified after she was spat on and called a terrorist at a Murwillumbah service station this week.
Islam Message Muslim women in United Kingdom most at risk of Islamophobia - 3/17/2013
London: Britain's first official helpline for victims of anti-Islamic hate crimes has found that Muslim women are most at risk of attacks from extremist groups in the country
Islam Message Spain: Seminar on “Halal, a global concept - 3/16/2013
The Halal training school, belonging to Educaislam, a training center sponsored by the Islamic Council, dedicated to the teaching of Islam in its different dimensions,
Islam Message 632 anti-Muslim hate incidents recorded by Tell Mama - 3/13/2013
A government-backed project set up to monitor anti-Muslim hate has recorded 632 incidents in its first year.
Islam Message Dorset: Tory councillor who told equalities officer 'all Muslims are terrorists' breached code of co - 3/12/2013
A Sherborne councillor, who was accused of describing "all Muslims as terrorists" during an equality and diversity training session, has been found guilty of breaching the code of conduct.
Islam Message French Mix with Muslim Neighbors at a Strasbourg Mosque (Strasbourg, France) - 3/10/2013
STRASBOURG, France — One woman asked why Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, changes dates every year. Then came a question about how Muslims calculate that the world is entering the year 1434.
Islam Message Community groups rally together to save Bradford's historic synagogue - 3/9/2013
Community groups in Bradford are rallying together in a bid to save the city’s last remaining synagogue.
Islam Message Book on Islam ruffles feathers in Germany - 3/4/2013
Some of Germany's Muslim leaders are criticizing a book which says that belief in God is not mandatory in Islam. The author is on the defense - particularly since he heads the organization that trains Islam teachers.
Islam Message Sweden allows call to prayer from Stockholm minaret - 3/4/2013
STOCKHOLM – A mayor’s council in Sweden has approved for the first time the reciting the “azan,” the Muslims call to prayer, from the minaret of a mosque.
Islam Message Spanish court overturns veil ban - 3/3/2013
A Spanish court has overturned a city's ban on wearing face-covering Islamic veils in municipal buildings, saying it infringes religious liberties.
Islam Message 13 charged over Sunderland mosque protest - 3/3/2013
Police have charged 13 people after a demonstration at the site of a new mosque in Sunderland turned violent, as far-right groups including the EDL clashed with local Muslims and anti-fascists
Islam Message Manchester Muslim and Jewish schools in 'historic' twinning - 3/2/2013
It has taken more than two years to get off the ground but the plan to set up the first Islamic-Jewish school twinning project in Manchester has finally reached fruition.
Islam Message Canadian Muslim Lobby Rejects New Terror Laws - 2/27/2013
The Canadian Muslim lobby, CAIR-CAN, has launched a campaign against new legislation designed to help intelligence and law enforcement officials in their struggle against terrorism at home, Shalom Toronto reports.
Islam Message Derisory turnout for EDL protest in Cambridge, heavily outnumbered by counter-demonstrators - 2/26/2013
Hundreds of protesters marched through Cambridge to oppose a rally by the far-right English Defence League (EDL) which saw a major police operation launched in the city.
Islam Message Wilders rails against 'Islamisation' of Sydney - 2/23/2013
Firebrand Dutch MP Geert Wilders has told supporters in Sydney's west that the ideology of Islam is dangerous, while claiming Australia is seeing an "Islamisation" of its cities.
Islam Message Gavin Boby loses fight against Islamic centre plan - 2/23/2013
Police watched over a council planning meeting where emotions ran high over a proposal to create a Muslim-run community and welfare centre.
Islam Message Anti-Muslim Crusade on agenda of New Australian party - 2/17/2013
Canberra – Running on the agenda of fighting Muslim immigration into the country, a new party was launched in Australia with an anti-multicultural,
Islam Message Muslim family moves home after spate of racist attacks - 2/11/2013
BBC Asian Network covers the anti-Muslim bigotry experienced by a family in Bingham, Nottinghamshire in a programme broadcast today.
Islam Message BNP campaign fails: Oswestry's first Muslim centre gets go-ahead - 2/11/2013
Controversial plans for Oswestry's first Muslim centre have been given the go-ahead. It will be sited in a 19th century former Presbyterian church.
Islam Message Islam takes another step to German recognition - 2/4/2013
Bremen is the third German state to recognize Islamic organizations as official religious bodies. Holidays, funerals and pastoral care will be regulated by state contracts. Other states will likely follow suit.
Islam Message Hundreds of thousands march through the French capital over planned legislation permitting same-sex  - 1/19/2013
Hundreds of thousands of people have been demonstrating in Paris against the French government's plans to legalise marriage and adoption for same-sex couples.
Islam Message Muslim Inmate Wins Right to Prayers - 1/16/2013
SAN FRANCISCO — John Walker Lindh, the Marin County man imprisoned for fighting with the Taliban, has won the right to have daily communal Muslim prayer in the U.S. prison unit where he is incarcerated.
Islam Message Woman jailed after pulling hijab from victim in racist attack - 1/12/2013
A woman who launched a racist attack against a Muslim and pulled her hijab from her head as she robbed her of her phone has been jailed for more than two years.
Islam Message Muslim family taking school to High Court over hijab ban - 12/23/2012
A Greek Orthodox school is being taken to the High Court for banning a Muslim pupil from wearing a headscarf.
Islam Message Support for Muslim centre in Oswestry - 12/16/2012
Residents have written in support of plans for a new Muslim centre in Oswestry – defying calls from the British National Party.
Islam Message Germany Has The Poll On Islam - 12/15/2012
Germany will implement an online survey to attack Islam must be recognized officially.
Islam Message Blackburn Muslim organisations work to feed the 'hidden hungry' - 12/11/2012
MUSLIM organisations and community members are working in partnership with Blackburn Foodbank to feed the ‘hidden hungry’.
Islam Message Southend: fascist group holds anti-mosque protest - 12/11/2012
Britain First, the far-right group led by former BNP members Jim Dowson and Paul Golding, held a protest today outside a residential property in Southend
Islam Message British minority ethnic women being discriminated in job market  - 12/10/2012
The unemployment of British minority ethnic women has more than doubled as compared to their white counterparts, with some removing their hijabs
Islam Message French Muslims face job discrimination: Stanford study - 12/2/2012
Muslim French citizens face job discrimination compared to their Christian peers who receive two-and-a-half times more opportunities with
Islam Message Nottinghamshire: burning cross wrapped in ham is left on Muslim family's doorstep - 11/28/2012
A Muslim family who had just moved into a new home are "disgusted" after a cross wrapped in ham was set alight and left on their doorstep.
Islam Message Anti-Islamic film up for discussion at Muslim conference in Southampton - 11/27/2012
A film that provoked a storm of violent protests among Muslims across the world will be discussed in Southampton next week.
Islam Message Vicious attack on Muslim woman in Plaistow - 11/25/2012
The 16-year-old victim of a brutal street attack said last night that she hoped to be the last victim of the stranger who knocked her unconscious.
Islam Message Murfreesboro mosque celebrates opening - 11/21/2012
Each guest was greeted and offered a tour of the facility before being ushered to the main assembly hall for a program with several speakers
Islam Message Dutch Muslims are becoming more religious - 11/19/2012
The new survey among Dutch Muslims is an update on one carried out in 2004 which concluded Muslims were becoming less religious
Islam Message Praise for Norwich following marches: 'It was great that so many people turned out to show the EDL - 11/17/2012
Norwich City Council leader Brenda Arthur praised the reaction from the people of the city, and the police for ensuring a peaceful day
Islam Message Hamburg reaches out to its Muslim communities - 11/15/2012
Hamburg's Muslims and Alevis will be granted unpaid leave by their employers for three religious holidays per year
Islam Message Dundee man who threw a sword at Muslims and threatened to kill them faces jail - 11/14/2012
The court heard that when he was arrested Robertson told police: "I threw my sword out the window at them,
Islam Message Why can't the BNP be prosecuted for distributing hate literature against Muslims? - 11/13/2012
The Nottingham-based Building For The Future blog has drawn its readers' attention to this leaflet, which has been.
Islam Message Muslim community incredibly important for UK: Nick Clegg - 11/11/2012
There’s absolutely no place for hate crime in modern society. Its an abhorrent thing
Islam Message French bishop warns of rising Islamophobia - 11/10/2012
The Vatican subsequently distanced itself from a film which included a claim that France could have a majority of Muslims within four decades, but Dagens acknowledged that the episode reflected a worrying shift in attitudes.
Islam Message French Muslims call on Hollande to speak out on Islamophobia - 11/10/2012
They called on Hollande to condemn it in a "solemn declaration", similar to his call for the fight against anti-Semitism to become a "national cause".
Islam Message Bradford Imams to undergo alcohol awareness training - 11/8/2012
The Islamic clerics, all members of the Bradford Imam Forum, have been invited to the Lifeline Project in Bradford on Saturday for the training.
Islam Message Father fails in court bid to bring children up as Muslims - 11/6/2012
The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is originally from Egypt but moved to Scotland in 2002 after marrying a Scots woman.
Islam Message Georgian President calls for end to inter-religious hatred - 11/3/2012
Local residents will not allow Georgian Muslims displaced from Adjara to pray.
Islam Message London celebrates far-right no-show - 10/31/2012
The rag-tag mob shouted for the release of their leader Tommy Robinson - currently in prison facing charges of entering the US
Islam Message Most French see Islam too influential in society: poll - 10/29/2012
An increasing majority of people in France believe Islam plays too influential a role in their society and almost half see Muslims as a threat to their national identity,
Islam Message French Muslims Demand Group Ban after Mosque Attack - 10/28/2012
The public prosecutor’s office in Poitiers has placed four of the protesters under judicial investigation for spreading racial hate and discrimination.
Islam Message Muslim group shocked at U.K. decision on Modi govt - 10/27/2012
The Council of Indian Muslims (U.K.) has urged Foreign Secretary William Hague to review Britain’s decision...
Islam Message German President Visits Mosque in Berlin - 10/25/2012
Later on the German president admitted that it was the first time he had ever visited a mosque.
Islam Message Islam comes to the classroom in Russia's Chechnya - 10/23/2012
..students and teachers say all pupils are obliged to take the course on Islam, which focuses on the history of Islam..
Islam Message Far-right extremists storm mosque in France - 10/22/2012
The occupation started before dawn when demonstrators entered the site on the outskirts of the city where a large
Islam Message Refusing job over Muslim headscarf wrong: German court  - 10/22/2012
The Islamic headscarf has been the subject in recent years of heated political debate in Germany, home to around four million Muslims
Islam Message Anti-halal campaign comes to Bournemouth - 10/20/2012
He spoke out after trying eight different cafes on a night out and finding all served Halal meat.
Islam Message France racism row over pain au chocolat remark about Muslims - 10/17/2012
A right-wing politician vying to head France's opposition conservative party has raised a storm by suggesting Muslim youths tear pain au chocolat
Islam Message Cardinal causes uproar with 'Muslim scare' video at Vatican - 10/17/2012
The clip has brought Islam to the top of the agenda at the synod, attended by 262 bishops.
Islam Message Anti-Islam film protest outside Google's London HQ - 10/15/2012
Up to 3,500 people have protested outside the headquarters of Google in central London over an anti-Islam film.
Islam Message French women demonstrate against discrimination - 10/13/2012
Around 50 women gathered Saturday afternoon outside the city hall at Rennes to denounce the Islamophobic discrimination faced by veiled women
Islam Message Tutu Awarded $1 million for speaking out truth - 10/7/2012
London – Veteran peace campaigner Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been awarded $1 million (£620,000) by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation for "speaking truth to power".
Islam Message French rapper stuns fans, makes first TV appearance wearing hijab  - 10/3/2012
a French rapper has surprised fans by announcing her conversion to Islam and choosing to wear a headscarf.
Islam Message Burka ban proposal thrown out by parliament - 10/2/2012
Following a March Senate vote with the same result, the house decided by 93 votes to 87 that the initiative would not go through.
Islam Message Merkel: Islam is part of Germany - 10/2/2012
Angela Merkel has said Islam has become a part of Germany and is urging her fellow citizens to show tolerance for Muslims.
Islam Message New charity British Haj Delegation launched  - 10/2/2012
The new organization is headed by Lord Adam Patel, the former leader of the official British Haj Delegation from 2001-2009. Since 2010 the British government had been sending a British consular delegation responsible for the pilgrims.
Islam Message Dutch Muslim Response to Innocence of Islam - 10/1/2012
Response to the movie Innocence of Islam among Dutch Muslim communities has not had a strong public presence. Two peaceful demonstrations occurred on the city.
Islam Message UK Muslims distribute Koran in response to anti-Islam film - 9/26/2012
With violent protests escalating around the world over the video “Innocence of Muslims”, a Muslim organization in the United Kingdom decided to react in a very different way: by distributing copies of the Koran in English to non-Muslims, with the aim of countering prejudice against Islam.
Islam Message Three arrested during Moscow rally against project to build a mosque - 9/24/2012
Moscow, September 20, Interfax - Police made three arrests during a protest rally in one of Moscow's districts on Wednesday against the planned construction of an Islamic center with a mosque.
Islam Message France’s Le Pen calls for ban on Muslim headscarf, Jewish kippah - 9/23/2012
PARIS - French far-right leader Marine Le Pen called Friday for a ban on the wearing of Muslim veils and Jewish skullcaps in public, adding to religious tensions sparked by cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.
Islam Message British Muslims adopt new initiative to educate non-Muslims about Islam - 9/22/2012
A new initiative has been launched in Britain aimed at encountering bias against Islam, following outrage among Muslims around the world triggered by the screening of a blasphemous video in the US.
Islam Message Germany’s first Islamic bank to start in October - 9/19/2012
Berlin: Turkey’s Kuveyt Turk investment fund plans to open the first Islamic bank in Germany in October, the Financial Times Deutschland reported.
Islam Message Erdoğan: Insulting religion can't be justified as free speech - 9/18/2012
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan denounced a video mocking Islam and the Prophet Muhammad as “clear and serious provocation” and a “hostile act,” and said insulting the sacred values of Islam and its prophet cannot be justified as exercising freedom of speech.
Islam Message German Muslims react over anti-Semitism - 9/15/2012
The head of an umbrella organization for Muslims in Germany rebuffed yesterday a call by a Jewish leader to do more to combat anti-Semitism after a rabbi was brutally attacked in Berlin.
Islam Message British Museum’s exhibition highlights Shakespeare’s fascination with Islamic world - 9/13/2012
LONDON-2012-09-08, Shakespeare: staging the world, a major exhibition at the British Museum provides
Islam Message Change in the air as Libs take over Labor strongholds - 9/12/2012
The 30-year-old Lebanon-born Muslim who was once an ALP member is poised to become mayor of Liverpool, the Labor fiefdom where Gough Whitlam ruled supreme and the council that gave Mark Latham to the world.
Islam Message German Muslims angered over Berlin’s anti-Islam poster - 9/8/2012
German Muslims have been infuriated over Berlin’s recent propaganda campaign which depicts Islamic tendencies among the youth as insinuation of their involvement in ‘terrorist activities.’
Islam Message Bringing Islamic lending to Germany - 9/3/2012
A Turkish financial institute wants to open an Islam-compliant bank in Germany. Experts say it's a conventional model of banking that could appeal to Muslims and non-Muslims.
Islam Message Georgia city defends opposition to mosque plan - 9/2/2012
Lawyers representing a metro Atlanta city say they're fighting a local mosque's expansion plan because of its size and scale, and they deny any discrimination.
Islam Message Waltham Forest: community mobilises against EDL - 9/1/2012
Thousands of people were set to take the streets to stop the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Waltham Forest, east London, this Saturday.
Islam Message British singer Bobby Gillespie says Israeli crimes are the most hideous crimes against humanity  - 8/29/2012
LONDON, (PIC)– The famous British singer Bobby Gillespie condemned the Israeli occupation’s crimes and massacres against the Palestinian people since the creation of Israel
Islam Message Anti-Islam group targets mosques and leftists - 8/22/2012
Berlin police are preparing for possible violence at the weekend after an anti-Islam group was granted leave to display provocative
Islam Message French Muslims in political grey area - 8/22/2012
The charge is at first glance surprising given the lengths to which Mr Sarkozy went, in vain, to lure voters
Islam Message Are Muslims and 'mass migration' a threat to secularism in Denmark?  - 8/21/2012
Ramadan dinners in the Danish Parliament, staff parties without either pork or alcohol and prayer rooms at the airport are all examples
Islam Message Hamburg becomes First German City to Officially Recognize a Muslim Holiday  - 8/16/2012
Authorities in Hamburg have become the first in Germany to officially recognize Islamic holidays so Muslim employees and students can celebrate them at home.
Islam Message French mayor revokes suspension of fasting Muslims - 8/13/2012
A French mayor has revoked the suspension of four Muslim camp counselors following an uproar after he said they could not work properly because they might be weakened by their all-day fasting for Ramadan.
Islam Message French Minister of the Interior seeks to put an end to the “instrumentalization” of Islam - 8/12/2012
French Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, has said he wants to reinforce Islam in France “in the interests of French Muslims and of France.”
Islam Message Multiple discrimination against Muslim women in Europe: for equal opportunities - 8/7/2012
In Council of Europe member States where Islam is not the religion of the majority of the population, Muslimwomen face multipl discrimination
Islam Message RAMADAN in UK - 7/28/2012
Ramadan atmosphere for Arab and Muslims living throughout Europe is different, compared with the annual spiritual experience at home,
Islam Message French FM invites OIC states for Iftar, excludes Syria  - 7/25/2012
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius hosted an Iftar party yesterday for ambassadors from the member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC),
Islam Message Germany tells Jews and Muslims they will be free to circumcise - 7/16/2012
Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman promised Germany's Jewish and Muslim communities on Friday they would be free to carry out circumcision on young boys despite a court ban which has provoked
Islam Message France’s soccer federation said it would not allow women to wear Muslim headscarves. - 7/8/2012
The decision, announced on Friday night, was despite a ruling on Thursday that they could, by the FIFA umbrella organization which sets the rules of the game.
Islam Message A new, modern-style, green-domed mosque opened today in the paris suburb of Cergy. - 7/7/2012
At 2,000 square metres, it has capacity for 1,500 people and cost 3.75 million euros to build.
Islam Message Olympics 2012 fails Muslims - 7/3/2012
The Muslim News wishes that the London Olympics is a huge success. It should be a welcome boost with Britain back on the world map....
Islam Message French Airports Targets Veiled Women - 7/3/2012
New measures taken at French airports forcing Muslim women to take off their hijab has triggered outrage in France's Muslim community for ignoring the religious minority’s personal freedoms.
Islam Message Success Story of Dutch Muslim Immigrants - 7/2/2012
Challenging tougher immigration rules, Muslim newcomers to Netherlands are thriving in the European country, managing to integrate and lead a successful professional and educational life
Islam Message Vigilance urged to prevent wrongful arrests of Muslims during Olympics - 7/1/2012
The Government’s Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation is seeking to ensure that Muslims are not wrongfully arrested during the Olympic Games in London amid fears that the police may abuse their emergency powers.
Islam Message Dutch Muslim Party (NMP) is Dissolved by Its Founders - 6/30/2012
The Dutch Muslim Party (NMP) has folded because "the time is not ripe for a Muslim party in parliament."
Islam Message UK School Bars Muslim Mother Over Niqab - 6/27/2012
A British Muslim mother has been denied attendance at parents evening twice for wearing a face-veil (niqab), an incident that adds to restrictions on religious freedoms of Muslims.
Islam Message LONDON: 47 European Embraced Islam - 6/25/2012
As many as 47 European nationals embraced Islam at a ceremony held at the office of the Makkah-based Muslim World League (MWL) in London Saturday evening.
Islam Message Imam Training Good For Germany, Muslims - 6/24/2012
The introduction of new Muslim imams trained in Germany has promoted co-operation between the West European state and Muslims,
Islam Message UK Schools Ban Pork - 6/20/2012
A group of British schools have decided to ban pork from meals served to students, citing “cultural” and “religious” reasons to drop traditional sausages and ham from children’s lunches.
Islam Message London Mosques Host Olympics Iftar - 6/17/2012
LONDON – As preparations are in full swing for next month’s Olympic Games in London, mosques in the British capital are getting ready to host iftar for thousands of athletes
Islam Message Famous French Philosopher Roger Garaudy Dies at 99 - 6/16/2012
French anti-Zionist Philosopher and ex-member of the Communist Party Roger Garaudy has passed away at the age of 99,..
Islam Message Prayers Center Closure Shocks UK Muslims - 6/9/2012
A sudden decision by a British university to shut down an Islamic center used for performing daily prayers is shocking Muslim students.
Islam Message Belgian Political Party Offers 250 Euro Reward for Reporting Face-Veil Ban Violators  - 6/7/2012
One of the leading figures of the Flemish populist Vlaams Belang party, Filip Dewinter (pictured), announced that his anti-immigrants party will be offering a €250 reward to anyone who informs the police of women wearing burqas in public.
Islam Message Germany’s Road to Islamophobia - 6/5/2012
Seeking to benefit from political gains of Europe's rightists, an anti-Islam German party has found Islamophobic cartoons
Islam Message Turkish Court prosecutes Pianist mocked Islam and Paradise  - 6/4/2012
Certainly, Turkey today is not as it was in the era of secularism, especially in the new followed attitude in defending Islam and Islamic values
Islam Message German President Sparks Islam Debate - 6/3/2012
Germany’s new President Joachim Gauck has sparked a storm of criticism by contradicting his predecessor’s view that Islam
Islam Message Ireland and Islam  - 5/28/2012
Ireland is fertile ground for Islam, few would disagree. We have witnessed the demise of Catholicism, the abject failures of capitalism and secularism
Islam Message New Study on Muslims and Integration in Germany - 5/27/2012
A significant minority of Muslims in Germany i.e., 48 % are skeptical about integration. 52% of non-German Muslims favoured integration.
Islam Message London Islamic bank eyes Middle East expansion  - 5/21/2012
Sharia-compliant Bank of London and the Middle East (BLME) is targeting the thousands of rich Gulf residents who have ties to the UK to boost its corporate and private banking business.
Islam Message Czech prisoners convert to Islam for varied diet - 5/16/2012
The Czech Interior Ministry’s latest quarterly report on the state of extremism and security situation in the country reveals
Islam Message Three converts at Dar Al-Hijrah in Ecuador - 5/15/2012
Sheikh Ismail bin Abdullah Al-Basri organized Da'wah activities at Dar Al-Hijrah center "Centro Islamico Al Hijra"
Islam Message British Muslims rejected call to ban HALAL slaughter - 5/8/2012
UK Muslims have rejected calls to ban animals’ halal slaughter after a leading British vet called for curbing or even banning the practice popular among the country’s Muslim and Jewish minorities.
Islam Message Labour condemns Tories' anti-mosque leaflet - 5/7/2012
A contentious leaflet, distributed by the Conservative Party, has been slammed by Labour councillors.
Islam Message European Catholics, Muslims, Jews Consider Anti-Gay marriage alliance - 5/5/2012
European Catholic leaders are reaching out to other spiritual leaders, including those of the Muslim and Jewish faiths,
Islam Message German Muslims Disavow Gender Inequity - 5/2/2012
Clearing misconceptions about their faith, Muslim participants at an annual German conference on Muslim integration have reiterated that Islam exhorts followers to promote racial and gender equality.
Islam Message Muslim Voices reports on London mayoral hustings - 5/2/2012
Mayoral candidates Boris Johnson and Ken Livingston participated in a hustings in front of the Muslim community on Friday ahead of next Thursday's election.
Islam Message Paris seeks to become Islamic finance hub in Europe - 5/1/2012
A report prepared by KFH-Research stated that new global markets are seeking to join the main players in the Islamic financing
Islam Message Dutch burqa ban may go after govt falls - 4/29/2012
AMSTERDAM: With the collapse of the Dutch center-right government, the Netherlands may now drop some of its most eye-popping proposals
Islam Message UK Sisters Face the Challenges of Conversion - 4/28/2012
When I asked at our weekly circle for new Muslim sisters, “What was the biggest challenge you faced after taking your shahadah?” I was surprised by their answer
Islam Message Islam not part of Germany: German MP - 4/21/2012
A leading member of the German parliament’s conservative bloc and an ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel says Islam is not part of the German society.
Islam Message Scrapping of Hijab Ban Delights UN Sports Adviser - 4/18/2012
UN special adviser on sport Wilfried Lemke tells the World Olympic Sport Convention of his delight at the International Football
Islam Message French Muslims feel like second class as vote debate heats up - 4/16/2012
When police kicked in Mohamed Asbol’s door at dawn and hauled away his son on suspicion of being a radical, he saw it as further proof that he was not considered fully French.
Islam Message London Metropolitan University mulls alcohol ban for 'conservative Muslim students' - 4/15/2012
London Metropolitan University is considering banning the sale of alcohol from some parts of the campus because
Islam Message French Muslims hold annual gathering in tense times - 4/11/2012
Thousands of people from across the country flocked to Paris's northern suburb Le Bourget for the 29th Annual Meeting of France's Muslims this
Islam Message Islam and Sarkozy: The French election connection  - 4/10/2012
Ahead of an upcoming presidential election in France, policymakers are riding a wave of Islam-dominated issues that have unwittingly taken center stage in the country’s public domain
Islam Message Australia Eases Muslim Burial Dilemma - 4/7/2012
Easing their years-long dilemma, the government of Australia’s eastern state of New South Wales has allocated thousands of new burial plots for Muslim and Jewish communities.
Islam Message 80 arrested after anti-Islam protest in Denmark - 4/4/2012
Denmark: More than 80 people were arrested on Saturday as protesters hurling rocks and bottles tried to interrupt
Islam Message UK Muslim man sacked from job over beard - 4/1/2012
A Muslim man from Croydon has fallen victim to Britain’s rising Islamophobia, as he has been sacked on the first
Islam Message EU Christian Immigrants Outnumber Muslims - 3/28/2012
PARIS – Contradicting rhetoric about Muslim influx into Europe usually played by far-right parties,
Islam Message Muslim Volunteers Raise Youth Awareness - 3/27/2012
Extending a helping hand to Muslim youth, a UK-based Muslim charity is organizing new volunteer teams across British cities to raise awareness
Islam Message Muslims in France worry about rising bias - 3/27/2012
PARIS - Although the Toulouse scooter-riding shootings ended with the al-Qaeda-inspired gunman being killed, to Muslims in France, the episode of serial shootings is not ending
Islam Message Stigmatization Threatens French Muslims - 3/25/2012
Battling already against France’s presidential campaigns’ anti-Islam rhetoric, Muslims in France are worried that they will face renewed scrutiny
Islam Message Niqab costs UK Muslim juror her job  - 3/25/2012
London – In an unprecedented ruling in Britain, a Muslim woman was barred from serving on a jury for refusing to take off her face-veil
Islam Message Italy Holds Groundbreaking Conference Comparing Roman Law & Islamic Law - 3/20/2012
A unique academic conference was held at the University of Rome with the purpose of comparing Roman Law with Islamic Law.
Islam Message Louvre Showcases Islamic Art - 3/17/2012
PARIS, Celebrating the flourishing era of Islamic culture, the Louvre museum prepares to unveil a new wing for Arts of Islam, The National newspaper reported on Sunday, March 11.
Islam Message Cambodia Muslims Dream of Islamic Finance - 3/14/2012
Aspiring to a better standard of living, Cambodia's Muslims are dreaming of introducing the Islamic finance to
Islam Message Switzerland Decides Not to Ban Face Veils -- For the Sake of Tourists  - 3/12/2012
Switzerland has just put an end to months of debate and administrative wrangling over the matter of face veils.
Islam Message Muslims must remove face veils to have signatures witnessed under new Australian laws - 3/7/2012
Muslim women in Australia’s most populous state will have to remove veils to have their signatures officially witnessed under the latest laws
Islam Message French Muslims demand protection - 3/3/2012
French Muslim groups have urged the government to take a stronger position against rising anti-Islam sentiments,
Islam Message FIOE calls Islamic centres to care for those affected by the cold spell  - 2/29/2012
FIOE invited Europe's Muslims, and their social and charitable organizations to extend the hand of help and support to those groups
Islam Message Fascist graffiti and 'Stop Islamisation' sticker on French mosque  - 2/27/2012
A swastika, Nazi symbols and an Islamophobic sticker were found on Sunday morning on the wall of the mosque in Escaudain, in northern France,
Islam Message Russian-Led Development Bank Plans to Expand Islamic Financing - 2/26/2012
Eurasian Development Bank, a Russian-led lender backed by six former Soviet republics, wants to expand Sharia-compliant financing, Chief
Islam Message Dutch government wants good ties with Muslims: envoy - 2/22/2012
The Dutch ambassador to Pakistan, Uffe Wolffhechel has said that the Dutch government wanted very good relations with the Islam and Muslim world, including Pakistan.
Islam Message Swiss Muslims Eye Umbrella Body  - 2/21/2012
BERN – Swiss Muslim activists are joining hands to create an umbrella body for the Muslim minority,
Islam Message Islamic Society of Victoria to sue Australian security service for harassment  - 2/20/2012
The Islamic Society of Victoria is preparing to take legal action against ASIO [Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
Islam Message Well Another Year over Short-Sword Fighting In Defense of Political Islam - 2/19/2012
Sadly, the fashion for being Islamophobic is stronger than ever in the media
Islam Message World's biggest Qur'an enters Guinness Book of Records  - 2/19/2012
The Qur'an at Kazan’s Qolsharif Mosque has been awarded a Guinness World Records certificate as the world’s largest, Tatarstan’s state councilor Mintimer Shaimiyev said on Friday
Islam Message Swiss Muslims Seek to Organize "Parliament" of Islamic Organizations  - 2/13/2012
The two main Muslim organizations in Switzerland are seeking to develop a comprehensive umbrella organization for all Swiss Muslims.
Islam Message Muslims open Astoria center - 2/12/2012
Astoria has long been defined by its ethnic groups — first it was the Italians, then the Greeks
Islam Message Islam in Sicily event opened in Palermo - 2/11/2012
Sicily has a unique heritage: the Islamic civilisation which was present on the island for a century.
Islam Message France inaugurates first official Muslim cemetery - 2/8/2012
France inaugurated its first municipal Muslim cemetery in the city of Strasbourg on Monday...
Islam Message Islamic Index launched on Australian market - 2/6/2012
Following last year’s launch of Australia’s first Islamic Australian equity fund,
Islam Message Sicily Muslims Finally Get Grand Mosque - 2/4/2012
Fulfilling the religious needs of its Muslim minority, the southern Italian island of Sicily will build a grand mosque to help Muslims perform their prayers
Islam Message Major Interfaith Initiative to be Held at London Central Mosque  - 1/31/2012
Faith organisations will come together in London this week in a bid to end anger and hate among different religious groups.
Islam Message German Muslim Taxi Launched - 1/31/2012
A German Muslim has introduced the country’s first Muslim taxi website through which Germans can arrange shared car rides
Islam Message Dutch to ban on Muslim face veils next year  - 1/30/2012
The coalition has agreed to submit a new law to parliament next week stipulating that offenders would be fined up to 390 euros
Islam Message Muslims Welcome Australian Intelligence Organization's Pledge for Outreach  - 1/28/2012
David Irvine, chief of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), said during a rare public address at the Sydney Institute
Islam Message Sweden says no to veil ban - 1/25/2012
Sweden’s education agency on Monday 16 Jan rejected a blanket ban on veils but said that teachers had in some situations the right to ban students from wearing them.
Islam Message A Major Hajj Exhibition in London - 1/24/2012
In collaboration and partnership with King Abdulaziz Public Library, the British Museum here has meticulously finished all preparations
Islam Message Interfaith rally at long island mosque condemns hate crimes - 1/23/2012
When one group is harmed, we all are. That was the message on Friday in Huntington as a diverse cross section of public
Islam Message Norway police chief sees Islamists "main threat", not the far right  - 1/22/2012
Radical Islam" remains the most serious threat faced by Norway despite the attacks by an islamophobe extremist
Islam Message Germany Teaches Islamic Theology - 1/21/2012
TUEBINGEN (Germany), One of Germany’s oldest universities has opened the country’s first department of Islamic theology
Islam Message Norway may allow police and judges with headscarves  - 1/17/2012
A government-appointed committee is set to make recommendations that will allow police and judges in Norway to wear clothing
Islam Message Islam in Argentina - 1/16/2012
Slowly, Argentina now more accepted Islam. The number of Muslims has reached three million people.
Islam Message Rare copy of Qur’an on display - 1/16/2012
The British Museum here witnessed recently the installation of one of the oldest known copies of the Holy Qur’an from the 8th century as an exhibit for a major Islamic exhibition.
Islam Message New Hungarian Constitution Revokes Nation's Recognition of Islam & Other Religions  - 1/9/2012
The new Hungarian constitution withdraws official recognition and tax exempt status from over 300 religious denominations.
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