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Choosing Islam

  South Asia
Islam Message 21 killed in Turkmen district by Massive car bomb - 11/22/2017
At least 21 people were killed Tuesday when the Turkmen-majority Tuz Khurmatu district in Iraq’s Saladin province north of Baghdad was rocked by a massive car bomb, according to a provincial security commission head...
Islam Message Mindanao Muslims celebrate autonomous region anniversary - 11/22/2017
A representative of the Philippines’ one-time largest Muslim rebel group on Monday joined the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) in commemorating its 28th founding anniversary...
Islam Message 14 Palestinian children killed by Israeli in 2017 - 11/22/2017
Israeli forces have killed 14 Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since the start of this year, according to a Palestinian statistics agency...
Islam Message Russia, Turkey, Iran back Syria’s territorial integrity - 11/22/2017
Leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran reiterated their support for Syria’s territorial integrity during a summit in the Russian city of Sochi on Wednesday...
Islam Message 2 killed by Bomb, gun attack on Afghan TV station. - 11/8/2017
KABUL, Afghanistan (AA): A small group of attackers killed at least two security guards in an attack on a TV station in capital Kabul on Tuesday, police said...
Islam Message 3 killed by Indian troops in Kashmir as Kashmiris observed the “Jammu Martyrs’ Day” - 11/8/2017
Three militants and one Indian soldier were killed in a gun battle in a southern district of disputed Jammu and Kashmir on Monday as Kashmiris observed the “Jammu Martyrs’ Day”
Islam Message Malaysia: Flash flood in North Malaysia leaves 9,000 homeless, 7 killed - 11/8/2017
): More than 9,000 people were evacuated from their homes Sunday as the weekend’s flash flood worsens in the northern states of Malaysia, claiming seven lives to-date...
Islam Message 14 civilian casualties in Kunduz in US airstrike were confirmed by UN - 11/8/2017
The UN mission in Afghanistan on Wednesday said it has credible evidence that civilians were killed in a U.S. air raid in northern Kunduz province last week...
Islam Message Myanmar: No respite for Rohingya Muslims as attacks continue - 10/7/2017
news article on the plight of the Rohingya Muslims...fleeing attroties from the inhumane Budhists Mobs...
Islam Message Sharia-law banking services for all, says Muslim Association of Malawi - 10/5/2017
The Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has hailed the interest-free participation banking new guidelines drafted by Reserve Bank of Malawi embracing an Islamic banking system that charges no interest...
The Myanmar military executed dozens of Rohingya Muslims in many villages across the troubled Rakhine state on August 27, ...
Islam Message Myanmar’s Suu Kyi stripped of Oxford honor due to atrocities against Rohingya Muslims - 10/4/2017
this news artcle is on about Myanmar’s leader who has been withdrawn of her title amid atrocities targeting the Muslim minority in her country....
Islam Message Greece: Lack of Muslim cemetery in Athens compounds grieving - 10/4/2017
Migrant families fleeing war-torn countries in the Middle East to find shelter in Greece are suffering new wounds due to a problem in Athens: the lack of a cemetery for Muslims.
Islam Message Myanmar: Aid shipment for Rohingya Muslims prevented by Buddhist mob - 9/21/2017
A mob of around 300 Rakhine Buddhists have attempted to destroy a ship carrying aid for displaced people in western Rakhine state,...
The government has sealed the maritime boundary after receiving intelligence that Rohingya Muslims would try to enter India using sea routes, according to Indian media reports Wednesday...
Rohingya Muslim plight through the eyes of children...current news..
Islam Message UK to suspend its military ties with Myanmar - 9/20/2017
The U.K. is suspending all its engagement with Myanmar’s military until the action against the country’s Muslim Rohingya minority is halted...
Islam Message Iraq: 3 killed in suicide attack on restaurant in Saladin province - 9/20/2017
Three diners were killed Tuesday when a suicide bomber targeted a restaurant in the northern province of Saladin, the army said...
Caught in the crossfire between Myanmar's military and Rohingya insurgents...
Islam Message India: 23 dead, 150 injured as train derails in Uttar Pradesh - 8/21/2017
14 coaches of the Puri Haridwar Kalinga Utkal Express train derailed.
Islam Message Hindu mob brutally assaults Muslim family on the train - 7/18/2017
In the video, a group of around 30 men with rods and sticks could be seen beating the family
Islam Message Bangladesh economy sees ‘record high’ growth - 5/16/2017
“The economy is likely to grow between 6.4 percent and 6.8 percent in 2017 and 2018,” the world bank statement said.
Islam Message Buddhist monks forces closure of 2 Muslim schools - 4/30/2017
Protests by Buddhist monks and other nationalists demanding Government ban word Rohingya in Myanmar on 22 May 2016.
Islam Message Pence to tour Indonesia's largest mosque in outreach to Muslims - 4/20/2017
US Vice President Mike Pence will visit the largest mosque in the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, Indonesia, a symbolic gesture for the deputy in an administration accused of stoking Islamophobia
Islam Message Jakarta Election Exposes Deep Political, Religious Divide - 4/17/2017
A worker carries a box with ballots during preparations for the second round of an election for Jakarta's governor in Jakarta, Indonesia April 15, 2017
Islam Message Philippines: Quake damages 30 houses, 2 mosques in Mindanao - 4/17/2017
Some residents sought shelter at evacuation centers while several people reported minor injuries from falling debris, Garcia said.
Islam Message Rohingya group urges EU support for Myanmar probe - 3/14/2017
The Rohingya are not recognized by as one of Myanmar’s 135 ethnic groups. The government instead claims Rohingya are Bengalis, originally from Bangladesh.
Islam Message Recent News about Muslims in Western Newspapers - 5/13/2015
Muslims from Myanmar and Bangladesh Flee to Malaysia and Indonesia by the Hundreds...
Islam Message Valley of the dead: Village buried by Landslide - 5/4/2014
On Friday, the waterlogged mountainside above the remote village of Ab Barak could take no more, sending a torrent of mud crashing through hundreds of homes, burying more than 2,000 people.
Islam Message Reports on Indian Singer Reversion to Islam - 2/23/2014
Hans, one of the famous Indian singers, a popular name in Sufi Music and Punjabi folk songs, has been in a peace mission to Pakistan.
Islam Message Famous Indian Composer Reverts to Islam - 2/12/2014
Yes, I follow Islam and I'm proud about it. Alhamdhulillah
Islam Message ‘Jihadists’ Film Outrages Indian Muslims - 2/2/2014
The film makers insist that it aims at clearing misconceptions surrounding Islam and Muslims.
Islam Message Filipino Muslims Dare to Cover - 1/30/2014
Marking the day, a special event was planned next February 1 in Quezon City Circle from 6am to 9am in which non-Muslims will be welcome to attend.
Islam Message Japanese Univs Offer Halal Food - 1/27/2014
Muslim students eat at the student cafeteria at the University of Yamanashi, where new items labeled with Halal stickers were added to the menu
Islam Message Islam Blooms in Panama - 1/25/2014
The establishment of Al Haqq mosque by two native women has drew criticism from some members of the Panamanian Muslim community.
Islam Message Chinese Muslims Donate Clothes to Syria - 12/28/2013
Chinese Muslims lately donated clothes and money to Syrian refugees
Islam Message Madrassas in India attract Hindu students - 12/2/2013
Islamic seminaries with modern curriculum in eastern Indian state of West ‎Bengal are helping to bridge religious divide.‎
Islam Message The Holy Qur’an Contest in Sri Lanka - 11/13/2013
Saudi Government is praised in the Holy Qur’an Contest. ‎
Islam Message No Muslims For Mumbai Flat - 11/9/2013
Muslims have long complained of being discriminated against in all walks of life in Hindu-majority India.
Islam Message Kashmiris Hope For Peace in New Hijri Year - 11/5/2013
For some Kashmiri Muslims, the new hijri year was a chance to fulfill their dreams.
Islam Message Boat carrying 70 Muslim Rohingya sinks off Myanmar - 11/4/2013
A boat carrying almost 70 Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing sectarian tensions capsized Sunday off Myanmar's coast
Islam Message No 'Graveyards' for India Muslims - 10/29/2013
Muslims were forced to bury their beloved ones inside their homes, bedrooms courtyards, and even in
Islam Message Korean Muslims Want Mosques, Halal Food - 10/26/2013
Picking multicultural Seoul for their studies, many Muslim students referred to lack of cultural understating as a main challenge.
Islam Message Indian Muslims’ Deferred Hajj Dream - 10/12/2013
Many Indian Muslims were forced to postpone their plans as the cost has gone up considerably due to the plummeting rupee
Islam Message Fear grips western Myanmar after five Muslims killed - 10/3/2013
Terrified women and children hid in forests and security forces patrolled tense villages in western Myanmar on Wednesday
Islam Message Modern Madrassahs Empower India Muslims - 9/29/2013
Recognizing him as a renowned pediatrician, a few people believe that Dr Humayun Kabir is a graduate of the long-stigmatized Islamic schools or madrassahs in West Bengal
Islam Message Pak Ulemas Slam Un-Islamic Church Attacks - 9/26/2013
According to the statement no one is allowed to attack the religious or worship places of any religion.
Islam Message Mollah Death Sentence Inflames Bangladesh - 9/26/2013
Looking an appeal to acquit Mollah from all charges, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal, issuing a death sentence for the opposition leader
Islam Message Indian Muslims ‘Cleansed’ in Muzaffarnagar - 9/21/2013
The team recommended that a Supreme Court judge be appointed to lead investigations into the violence.
Islam Message Dalai Lama Urges Burma Muslims Protection - 9/19/2013
I am sure ... that would protect those Muslim brothers and sisters who are becoming victims,” the Dalai Lama said.
Islam Message Politics Inflames Hindu-Muslim Tension - 9/11/2013
Clashes erupted in Uttar Pradesh state over the weekend in which 28 were killed and hundreds forced to evacuate.
Islam Message Rohingya Muslims Risk Death At Camps, Seas - 9/10/2013
Seeing no hope of change, more and more desperate residents were forced to consider dangerous boat journeys to Thailand or Malaysia
Islam Message Pakistanis Finalize Hajj Training - 9/3/2013
Receiving a simulating Hajj experience, thousands of Pakistani would-be pilgrims are finalizing a special training for the ceremonies of the life-time journey
Islam Message Malaysia’s Chinese Mosque Attracts Tourists - 8/29/2013
The Muhammadiah mosque was first inaugurated earlier this month before `Eid Al-Fitr celebrations.
Islam Message Hundreds homeless after latest communal unrest in Myanmar - 8/28/2013
Muslims displaced by Myanmar’s latest eruption of religious violence picked through the charred remains of their shattered homes as police patrolled the streets Monday, amid concern over spreading unrest.
Islam Message Facebook Divides India Muslim Scholars - 8/15/2013
While some scholars banned Muslims from making social network accounts, others said it was permitted under certain conditions.
Islam Message Sri Lanka Buddhist Mob Storms Mosque - 8/13/2013
Hundreds of police, including anti-riot squads and elite Special Task Force commandos,
Islam Message Dogs Ablution Angers Malaysia Muslims - 8/1/2013
Seeking to calm rising uproar, Malaysian police arrested on Wednesday, July 31, a woman who angered Muslims by posting a controversial video featuring her dogs making ablution (wudu’)
Islam Message Mosque Unites Indonesia Cultures - 7/30/2013
Interfaith harmony in East Java reaches its peak during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.
Islam Message India Accommodates Muslims’ Ramadan - 7/27/2013
Marking the fasting month of Ramadan, Indian Muslims have praised the government moves to accommodate the religious practices of the world's largest Muslim minority during the holy month.
Islam Message Burma Muslims Lose Trust - 7/4/2013
After decades of peaceful co-existence with the Buddhist majority, fears and mistrust are prevailing among the Muslim community in Burma in the wake of deadly bouts of sectarian attacks.
Islam Message Police Hijab Ban Saddens Indonesia Muslims - 6/19/2013
Muslim policewomen in Indonesian have been banned from wearing hijab since 2005
Islam Message India Muslims: ‘Virtual Widows’ - 6/13/2013
These prolonged separations between the couple were becoming a major concern for the Muslim community in India
Islam Message Malaysian Want Kids Reconvert From Islam - 6/9/2013
Shari`ah courts handle family law cases involving Muslims, while secular courts handle those involving non-Muslims.
Islam Message 12 Myanmar migrants die after boat sank - 6/4/2013
The bodies of at least 12 migrant workers from Myanmar have been found in the sea off Thailand's west coast after their boat sank during bad weather
Islam Message Mobs burn mosque, shops in Myanmar - 5/29/2013
Myanmar's government has called for calm after mobs burned down a Muslim orphanage, a mosque and shops during a new eruption of religious violence in the northeastern Shan state.
Islam Message Halal business: ethics, consumption, and passions - 5/25/2013
That is only the tiniest sliver of the sales to the world’s 1.8 billion Muslim shoppers, a market likely to grow by 35% by 2030
Islam Message Myanmar minority resist storm evacuation - 5/18/2013
massive evacuation to clear low-lying camps ahead of a cyclone has run into a potentially deadly snag
Islam Message Bangladesh: Islamists Vs Secularists - 5/16/2013
Unrest has engulfed Bangladesh for weeks over trials of Islamist leaders on alleged war crimes during the 1971 war to secede from Pakistan and postings seen as defaming Islam.
Islam Message Nearly 200 Rohingya Muslims killed in boat accident - 5/15/2013
A boat carrying about 200 Rohingya Muslims who were evacuating ahead of a storm has capsized off western Myanmar, killing all but one person, UN officials have said.
Islam Message Myanmar Muslims face uncertain future after attack - 5/2/2013
Muslims hide with some of their belongings in a field outside Kyaw Boi Lay village a day after their homes were attacked by Buddhist mobs on Wednesday. (Reuters)
Islam Message Army Chief’s statement ends Islam-secularism debate in Pakistan - 4/30/2013
Islamabad: There has been a hot debate in Islamic Republic of Pakistan during last days about country’s Islamic constitution and prospects of secularism
Islam Message No jeans, T-shirts for AMU girls Sherwani for Boys - 4/29/2013
Citing varsity tradition, administrator suggests boys should wear sherwani and girls salwar suit or burqa.
Islam Message Scholar urges Indian Muslims to empower through education - 4/24/2013
A prominent Indian Muslim scholar said empowerment through education is the key to success for some 190 million Muslims of India in all walks of life.
Islam Message Indian Muslim women tackle social responsibilities through education - 4/23/2013
Bhopal, India: The Tehreek Islah-e-Moashra Committee of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) organised a day-long social reform convention
Islam Message HRW accuses Myanmar of ‘ethnic cleansing’ - 4/22/2013
Myanmar has waged “a campaign of ethnic cleansing” against Rohingya Muslims, a top rights watchdog said Monday, citing evidence of mass graves and forced displacement affecting tens of thousands.
Islam Message ISNA Hosts Muslim Leader of Myanmar - 4/21/2013
Dr. William F. Vendley, RfP General Secretary, praised the Lwin for his work to "reach out to those who can ennoble our common humanity,"
Islam Message Burqa industry faces decline in Afghanistan - 4/17/2013
Afghanistan’s homegrown burqa industry is facing a decline in demand, with fewer young women choosing to cover their faces.
Islam Message OIC chief urges to stop violence against Rohingya Muslims - 4/15/2013
Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu Sunday warned against widening of the circle of violence against Muslims in Myanmar to neighboring areas,
Islam Message Muslim League meeting in Bangalore today - 4/14/2013
According to a press note issued by Mr. Rizwan Asad, Coordinator of All India Muslim League,
Islam Message US alarmed over anti-Muslim events in Sri Lanka - 4/11/2013
The U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka expressed alarm at rising hate speech and attacks against Muslims in the island nation and warned that such sentiments should not be allowed to fester.
Islam Message Burma Retracts ‘Signal’ for Mosque Arsons  - 4/10/2013
Following attacks on Muslim worship places, Burmese officials have backtracked on statements seen as giving the green light for Buddhist attacks on mosques in the southeast Asian country.
Islam Message Huge rallies in Bangladesh seeking anti-blasphemy law - 4/7/2013
The protest on Saturday was allegedly sparked after a group of bloggers began criticizing conservative religious parties that are widely popular despite Bangladesh's secular constitution
Islam Message Thailand, Muslim rebels begin peace talks - 4/2/2013
Bangkok – Thailand and a Muslim rebel group have started peace negotiations aimed at ending nearly a decade of conflict in the country's three southern most provinces
Islam Message Sri Lanka steps up security after anti-Muslim attack - 4/1/2013
Sri Lanka boosted security for Muslim-owned businesses across the country on Friday after a clothing store was torched by hundreds of Buddhist hardliners, escalating religious tensions.
Islam Message India conference highlights role of dialogue in promoting global peace - 2/25/2013
New Delhi– A two-day International Conference on “India and the Muslim World in the 21st Century,” which concluded in New Delhi recently,
Islam Message Tamil Nadu bans screening of 'Vishwaroopam' for 2 weeks - 2/13/2013
In an apparent bid to pacify Muslim organizations, which have been protesting against Kamal Haasan's 'Vishwaroopam' saying it showed their community in poor light, the Tamil
Islam Message Indian Jamaat-e-Islami’s media thrust to present true image of Islam - 1/9/2013
India’s leading Islamic movement, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, spares no effort in presenting the true picture of Islam and removing misgivings about the divine religion and its followers among the one billion non-Muslims in the country, says one of its prominent leaders.
Islam Message Japanese Tourism Now Catering To Muslims - 1/7/2013
“Japan should promote itself more aggressively by making its cuisine available for people opting for halal food,”
Islam Message 500 Rohingya Muslims ‘swim’ into Malaysia - 1/6/2013
Kuala Lumpur – About 500 Myanmar nationals swam the last 500 meters to enter Malaysia illegally at the end of a 15-day boat journey at the weekend, leaving one dead, police said yesterday.
Islam Message China uses Halal meat to boost exports to Muslim countries - 12/31/2012
Yinchuan, China, 16 Safar 1434/ 30 December 2012 (IINA) – The praying and slaughtering begin every morning at sunrise. “Allahu Akbar” intones the imam over each cow before it is strung up by its hooves and quartered.
Islam Message Japanese Muslim blazes own trail - 12/18/2012
Masashi Nagano is an unlikely believer in Islam. He is a 28-year-old Japanese, born and brought up in a society with predominantly Shinto and Buddhist undertones, who hated religion as a child.
Islam Message Pink veil-clad Muslim women to gather in EDSA on Sunday in support of Bangsamoro - 10/17/2012
“We are very happy to learn about the progress of the peace negotiations between the Aquino government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).”
Islam Message Muslim women creating new artscape - 10/7/2012
Using icons of Islam, a small group of Muslim women is creating a genre of art that seeks to address contemporary socio-political issues and concerns related to empowerment of women.
Islam Message School relents on use of veils by Muslim female students - 9/26/2012
Philippines—Pilar College, which is run by an order of Roman Catholic nuns, has agreed to allow Muslim female students to wear veils to school, after reaping widespread criticism for banning the wearing of veils on campus in July.
Islam Message One sixth of the Holy Quran talks about science: Wasi A. Nomani - 9/26/2012
Bangalore. September 14, 2012. One sixth of the Holy Quran talks about science, says Dr Wasi Ahmed Nomani, senior advocate, Supreme Court. He was delivering an enlightening and thought provoking lecture on ‘The Holy Quran, Science and Cosmos’ at Samad House here on September 12.
Islam Message Anti-Islam film protests hit US mission in TN - 9/19/2012
Angry Muslims protesting against a film disparaging Islam and its Prophet threw stones and footwear at the US consulate in Chennai on Friday.
Islam Message Police clearance for passports tops minority problems list - 9/16/2012
Bangalore - In an interactive session between elected representatives, NGOs, representatives of various forums and National Commission for Minorities Vice-Chairman H.T.
Islam Message Community upset over 'Muslim' ultras in mock drill - 9/15/2012
NAGPUR: A section of Muslim activists has expressed discontent over the portrayal of members of their community as terrorists during the anti-hijacking mock drill conducted at the
Islam Message Hindi Daily Publishes Disrespectful Content Against The Prophet - 9/10/2012
Another act of hurting the sentiments of Muslims came to surface in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. On August 18, a Hindi daily published some disrespectful content regarding the Prophet of Islam
Islam Message Muslim clerics join Hindu seers to save Ganga - 9/4/2012
Muslim religious leaders have come forward to join hands with the seers campaigning for conservation of Ganga river.
Islam Message Ulfa warns non-Assamese in Assam - 9/1/2012
The ULFA Sunday warned of attacks on “Indians” in Assam if “atrocities” on Assamese people did not halt in other parts of the country.
Islam Message Global travel industry gears up for Muslim tourist boom - 8/11/2012
Singapore – From halal spas to prayer rooms at airport terminals, the global tourism industry is gearing up for a projected boom in Muslim travel over the next decade, experts say.
Islam Message We want to live not like animals: Assam relief camp inmate - 7/31/2012
"We want to live in our homes and not like animals in relief camps," said a traumatized inmate put up at one of the temporary shelters in the aftermath of Assam violence.
Islam Message ‘Let Us Fast A Day’ Programme by JIH - 7/29/2012
Bangalore, July 24. Jamat-e-Islami Hind, (JIH) Karnataka Zone has planned a unique Dawah programme ‘Let Us Fast a Day’ this Ramazan.
Islam Message Muslims in India observe Ramadan fast - 7/24/2012
Thiruvananthapuram, Muslims in Kerala began theirRamadan fast after prayers early Saturday morning.
Islam Message Kannada Tafheem-ul-Quran is a unique gift for Humanity: Dr Kumar - 7/15/2012
The publication of the first volume of translation of Tafheem-ul-Quran in Kannada language by ‘Shanti Prakashana’ has enriched the language with an invaluable contribution.
Islam Message In Mumbai, a ‘no rent, no sale’ policy For Muslims - 7/12/2012
What’s in a name? Ask a Muslim buying or renting property in the city that never sleeps. Mumbai, which prides itself on its cosmopolitan character, is divided on religion, food habits and language.
Islam Message Muslims should be given adequate representation in police and security forces to shun communalism an - 7/11/2012
In a press meet held at its HQRS, in the capital Mr. Ejaz Aslam, media secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind demanded adequate Muslim representation in police and security forces.
Islam Message Muslim youths urged to attain higher education for progress - 7/10/2012
A group of Muslim religious leaders came together to chalk out strategies to empower Muslim youths through education and leadership programmes here on Sunday.
Islam Message JD(S) to hold ‘Musalmaan Samavesha’ - 7/4/2012
Bangalore, Janta Dal (S) is planning to hold a conference ‘Musalmaan Samavesha’ of Karnataka Muslims on July 15. In this relation H.D. Kumaraswamy, Karnataka state JD(S) President and former Chief Minister and B.Z.
Islam Message Indian Muslims angered over Prophet portrayal - 6/27/2012
portrayal of Prophet Mohamed in a primary school book. Muslims are demanding the text be barred from schools and have called on the government to intervene.
Islam Message Pakistan: Exclusion of Quranic Verses from Syllabus Invokes Protests - 6/23/2012
Left-wing ruling Awami National Party (ANP) in northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KP) province, which borders neighboring Afghanistan, is under fire for exclusion of Quranic
Islam Message Sri Lanka Muslims Want Gov’t Protection - 6/18/2012
Sri Lanka’s main Muslim political party urged the government to protect the rights of religious minorities, saying its decision to tear down a 60-year-old mosque would only salt the wounds of ethnic violence which wasted thousands of lives over decades.
Islam Message Australia's Counter-Terrorism Initiative Wins Indonesians' Hearts  - 6/16/2012
Australia has gone from the second most hated country among Indonesians to the second most loved, according to annual surveys by the State Islamic University in Jakarta.
Islam Message Milli Council to emphasize Islamic family system - 6/16/2012
The Karnataka Chapter of All India Milli Council has planned to observe a state wide campaign to educate people about Islamic family system.
Islam Message Muslim NGO gives scholarships to Hindu students - 6/13/2012
The Jamiat Ulama-i Hind Islamic trust Sunday handed out scholarships to nine Hindu school students in Mumbai on Sunday
Islam Message SIO workshop on Islamic Banking held at Jamiatul Falah, Azamgarh - 6/11/2012
Azamgarh: A three-day workshop (2-4 June) on Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance was held in Jamiatul Falah, Bilariyaganj, Azamgarh. The workshop was organized by SIO (Students Islamic Organization:
Islam Message Muslim quota: Govt to move SC next week - 6/10/2012
The government will move the Supreme Court on the issue of 4.5% quota for socially and educationally backward classes belonging to minorities early next week keeping
Islam Message Nine Muslims killed in a new terrorist attack by Extremist Buddhists in Myanmar  - 6/6/2012
In one of the recent terrorist attacks against Muslims minority in Myanmar, Buddhist vigilantes attacked a bus and killed nine Muslims,
Islam Message Madrasas throwing open doors to non-muslim students - 6/5/2012
Madrasas in West Bengal are increasingly opening their doors to non-Muslim students, with one of them making it to the merit list
Islam Message Muslims need a Gujjar movement, not conferences and seminars - 5/26/2012
It seems conventions, conferences, symposium, seminar, debate and discussions have become a trademark of Muslim organizations
Islam Message Myanmar Muslims Risk Live for Better Future - 5/23/2012
Earning their title as the world's most persecuted minority, Myanmar’s ethnic Rohingya Muslims are risking troublesome seas and lands to flee oppression at their homela
Islam Message Hospitals eye 'halal' certification to attract patients from Middle East - 5/21/2012
There are two things that worry almost every patient from Islamic countries who come to Indian hospitals:
Islam Message Indian Muslim Organisation scolds US over desecration of Holy Quran - 5/9/2012
Strongly condemning the desecration of Holy Quran by an American Pastor, Terry Jones, the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH)
Islam Message Mosque a source of hope for heroin addicts - 5/5/2012
For 30 years, Feisal Fakharudin lived a heroin addict's life, sleeping on streets, getting into trouble with police and rotating in and out of drug treatment centres.
Islam Message Holy Quran translated into Punjabi for first time - 5/1/2012
The holy Quran has been translated in many languages across the world. More than 40 million people across the globe understand
Islam Message Indian Activists Decry Burqa Ban - 4/30/2012
Indian activists have warned that a recent decision by a Mangalore college to ban full face-veil in classes would force Muslim students to quit education
Islam Message Sri Lankan Muslims strike over Dambulla mosque - 4/28/2012
Muslims of areas around eastern Sri Lanka are taking part in mass protests following threats to demolish and relocate a mosque
Islam Message Market for Shariah grows surely and steadily - 4/22/2012
Globally, the $1.5 trillion market for Shariah-adherent products is expected to grow by around 20% annually.
Islam Message India Muslim Youths Protest Dowry Threats - 4/18/2012
A group of Indian Muslim youths have started a new movement to warn the community against taking dowry,
Islam Message Korea Muslims Struggle for Place - 4/14/2012
Showing the true nature of their faith, a diverse Muslim community in South Korea is struggling to overcome challenges posed by a stereotyped media.
Islam Message Hong Kong Halal Reaches Out to Muslims - 4/8/2012
Hoping to attract Muslim money and businessmen, Hong Kong is replacing its legendary cuisine with halal (permissible) food
Islam Message Role of Muslims in freedom struggle not portrayed well: Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad - 1/9/2012
The role of Muslims in India’s freedom struggle has not been portrayed properly in history books, feels Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad.
Islam Message Hyderabad's Slarjung Museum to Open India's First Exclusive Islamic Art Gallery  - 1/4/2012
The historic national museum of India is constructing an exclusive Islamic art gallery to showcase its impressive collection of Islamic art.
Islam Message Hollywood Screens Movie About Hajj as India's 2012 Oscar Nominee - 12/31/2011
A motion picture about a poor man trying to fulfill his dream of making the holy journey of Hajj will attempt to do what other Indian blockbuster films
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