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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Hadith Science of Transmission - 3/7/2017
a short but educative lecture on the chain of transmission of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Hadith)..Dr.Rajab Senturk addresses the issue of Hadith criticism and provides a framework for us in understanding the social science within Hadith literature...
Islam Message Hadith Books - 3/7/2017
different methods of writting hadith books ..
Islam Message When Was the Qur'an Revealed - 2/21/2017
When Was Quran revealed, an interesting video lecture on the stages of the Qur'anic revelation...
Islam Message how was the Qur'an Revealed - 2/21/2017
the revelation of the Qur'an , the process of its documentation and preservation...lecture by DR. Zaakir Naik...during Q&A section....
Islam Message Sects and Doctrines  - 2/21/2017
How can there be 73 sects if being in a sect in the first place is impermissible?...
Islam Message Developing an Islamic Personality - 2/21/2017
Developing an Islamic Personality ( Mufti Menk ) Nice Lecture...
Islam Message Developing an Islamic Personality - 2/21/2017
Developing an Islamic Personality ( Mufti Menk ) Nice Lecture...
Islam Message sects and Doctrines-Sufism - 2/20/2017
Is it allowed to be a Sufi - Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Salah....
Islam Message The concept of Prophethood in Islam - 1/24/2017
The concept of Prophethood in Islam - by Dr Abdullah Al-Bader in a friday sermon-must watch this educative lecture...
Islam Message Prophethood in Islam - 1/24/2017
what is prophethood? this short video lecture seeks to address this phenomena...plsss watch
Islam Message Preservation of the Qur'an - 1/24/2017
Over the centuries God sent down numerous revelations to various prophets. He then put a stop to the tradition of revelations with the final book to the final prophet. Quran being the last book sent to mankind as a source guidance must have divine intervention in its preservation...
Islam Message Preservation of the Qur'an Episode - 1/24/2017
Qur'an 15:9 "Verily, It is We (Allah) Who have sent down the Qur'an and surely, We (Allah) will guard it (from corruption). "
Islam Message How to Build Strong Relation with Allah (swt) - 12/15/2016
this lecture outlines the ways of building a strong relationship with Allah the most Graet...lecture by Sheikh Hasan Abunar...
Islam Message Strengthening our Relationship with Allah (SWT)-2 - 12/15/2016
one of the ways to strengthen our relation with Allha is the glorious Qur'an.. shaikh Ahsan Hanif explains this in this lecture...
Islam Message Health Care in Islam - 12/15/2016
Introduction to Prophetic Medicine & Islamic Healthy Lifestyle...
Islam Message Wages of Sins - 12/15/2016
this lecture is on Minor Sins that Lead To Hell-Fire Must Watch Sheikh Bilal Assad-the wages of sins series...beware...
Islam Message the Abbasid Dynasty - 10/20/2016
The Abbasid Rule, Golden Age of Islam, Abbasid Economy, Islam in Europe...
Islam Message the Minor portents of the day of Resurrection - 2/21/2016
this is a very educative and spiritually inclining lecture on the minor signs of the Last Day...
Islam Message Why One Shouldn't Celebrate Mawlid-un-Nabi (Prophet's Birthday) - 12/22/2015
A video brief lecture on Why One Shouldn't Celebrate Mawlid-un-Nabi (Prophet's Birthday) - Mufti Menk...
Islam Message Milad un Nabi or Prophet Birthday: To Celebrate or Not? - 12/22/2015
A video lecture on Milad un Nabi or Prophet Birthday: To Celebrate or Not? By Bilal Philips...
Islam Message Celebrating the "Prophet's ﷺ Birthday" - 12/22/2015
A very touching brief video on Celebrating the "Prophet's ﷺ Birthday" ᴴᴰ ┇ Emotional ┇ Sh. Murtaza Khan ┇ TDR...
Islam Message What is the status of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) in Islam? - 12/22/2015
Video clip on the status of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) in Islam...
Islam Message The Status of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - 12/22/2015
A nice video lecture on the status of THE SEAL OF ALL THE PROPHETS MUHAMMAD PBUH - Muhammad Abdul Jabbar
Islam Message The Realities of Bid'ah (Innovations in Islam) - 12/22/2015
Video lecture on The Realities of Bid'ah (Innovations in Islam) - Abu Suhaib...
Islam Message why Interest is an unlawful Business in Islam - 10/27/2015
this video is a brief lecture on why interest is unlawful business in islam by Dr.Zakir Naik...
Islam Message Virtues of Muharram - 10/14/2015
A very powerful lecture on the virtues of Muharram by Sheikh Muhammad Salah...
Islam Message Islamic solidarity - 9/8/2015
this is a powerful lecture on solidarity and brotherhood in islam by sheikh Abu Usaama Ad-Dzahabi...
Islam Message The Amazing Benefits of Hajj  - 9/7/2015
a video lecture on the Amazing benefits of Hajj by Imam Shafi Khan...
Islam Message 5 benefits of Hajj - 9/7/2015
this is a short lecture on very important benefits of hajj...
Islam Message How to set up a successful lawful Business in Islam - 9/7/2015
this lecture detailedly presents how to successfully establish an Islamic business. it is delivered by Sheikh Anjem Choudary...
Islam Message Benefits of Hajj - 9/6/2015
this video is a sermon by sheikh Mansoor translated into English language. it talks about the benefits of hajj...
Islam Message Islam Between Culture ,Ritual And Material Life - 5/20/2015
Islamic lecture on islam between Culture, Ritual and Material Life...
Islam Message Misconceptions and Muslims back home culture and Islam - 5/20/2015
lecture on Misconceptions and Muslims back home culture and Islam by Abdur Raheem Green...
Islam Message Culture confusion part 2  - 5/20/2015
Islamic Lecture in English on culture confusion part 2 ...
Islam Message ARABIC LANGUAGE LESSON - 5/12/2015
A visual presentation on how to pronounce certain arabic verbs...
Islam Message A video lecture on transgression by sheikh Umar suleiman - 5/11/2015
this is a brief lecture on transgression...
Islam Message Islam's view on nepotism - 5/11/2015
an islamic lecture on a display of justice free of nepotism by an islamic scholar...
Islam Message Video on Arabic Language lessons - 5/11/2015
this a video lecture on how to pronounce arabic words by bigginers by Ustaadh wissam shareef...
a lecture on the importance of seeking islamic knowledge...
Islam Message Shariah versus Common Law - 3/29/2015
a concise lecture by Dr. Bilal philips on the comparison between the Sharia Law and common law...
Islam Message SUSTENANCE FROM THE QUR'AN - 3/9/2015
Islam Message THE DAY OF JUDEGMENT - 3/9/2015
Islam Message LESSONS IN ARABIC LANGUAGE - 3/9/2015
Islam Message Criminal Justice - Contemporary Issues - Bilal Philips - 1/29/2015
The Video talks generally about the contrast between the Islamic and the western criminal justice system. Dr. Bilal, then briefly sums up the Islamic Criminal Justice System...
Islam Message Theft, Murder, Adultery - Contemporary Issues - Bilal Philip - 1/29/2015
Bilal Philips speaks of some of the greatest social ills and their deterrents in the Islamic System...!
Islam Message Polygamy in Islam with Dr. Bilal Philips on TheDeenShow - 1/29/2015
http://thedeenshow.com/index.php A great Show about Polygamy in Islam getting to know that this was a practice that was practiced by many of the great prophets of God Almighty and is a protection for...
Islam Message Qur'an and Modern Science Compatible or Incompatible - 12/24/2014
Zakir Naik's take on the compatibility of modern science with the Qur'an...
Islam Message The Purpose Of Creation Islamic view compare to Buddhism - 8/27/2014
The Purpose Of Creation Islamic view compare to Buddhism by Dr. Zakir Naik
Islam Message Women's Rights in Islam Protected or Subjugated? Part 1 - 8/27/2014
Women's Rights in Islam Protected or Subjugated? by Dr Zakir Naik ...
Islam Message Women's Rights in Islam Protected or Subjugated? Part 2 - 8/27/2014
The part two of "Women's Rights in Islam Protected or Subjugated?" by Dr Zakir Naik
Islam Message Women's Rights in Islam Protected or Subjugated? Part 3  - 8/27/2014
The part three of "Women's Rights in Islam Protected or Subjugated?" by Dr Zakir Naik including Q & A
Islam Message Women's Rights in Islam Protected or Subjugated? by Dr Zakir Naik | Part 4 | Q & A - 8/27/2014
The part four of "Women's Rights in Islam Protected or Subjugated?" by Dr Zakir Naik with Q & A
Islam Message Should Christian women wear bikinis? - 11/16/2011
Jason Evert answers the question, "Is it immodest to wear a bikini?" before an audience of high school girls, something that Islam has already answered.
Islam Message Lessons from the Story of Moses - 11/13/2011
Nouman Ali Khan beautifully explains the lessons that can be found in the story of Moses.
Islam Message False Attacks on Islam and Muslims - 11/7/2011
Khalid Yasin speaks on the Deen Show about the false attacks being made on Islam and the Muslims.
Islam Message Social Justice in Islam - 11/5/2011
Yassir Fazaga speaks about the social justice found in Islam
Islam Message Brilliance of the Book - 10/31/2011
Nouman Ali Khan speaks about the brilliance found in the Holy Qur'an.
Islam Message Early Muslims in Makkah - 10/29/2011
Abdul Bary Yahya speaks about the early Muslims in Makkah.
Islam Message The Universal Message of Islam - 10/25/2011
Yusuf Estes discusses the universal message that Islam came with.
Islam Message Your Mother, Your Mother, Your Mother…  - 10/23/2011
Abu Eesa discusses the importance of a mother in Islam
Islam Message Covenant with Allah - 10/19/2011
Nouman Ali Khan discusses the covenant that Allah's servants have with Him.
Islam Message How to Pray in Islam - 9/14/2011
Come see how prayer is performed in Islam
Islam Message Beauty of Islam : Preservation of texts in Islam - 9/11/2011
Listen and learn how the Qur'an and Hadith are preserved.
Islam Message Ask a Muslim Woman - 9/7/2011
In Islam, a woman's beauty is honored and precious- it's not cheap to be displayed for the world to see. It's our modesty, and our choice to obey and please our Creator. We are modest and love to cover our beauty. Our beauty is precious.
Islam Message My Life before Islam - 9/4/2011
A muslim sister speaks about her life before Islam and how she came to the religion.
Islam Message Islam: A mercy to humanity - 8/31/2011
Jamal Badawi discusses the mercy contained within Islam regarding humanity.
Islam Message Islam's Contribution to Civilization - 8/28/2011
Jamal Badawi discusses Islam's contribution to civilization.
Islam Message Suspicions About Islam  - 8/21/2011
Abdur Raheem Green speaks about some of the suspicions that people have about Islam.
Islam Message Religious Extremism - 8/9/2011
Bilal Philips discuss the topic of religious extremism.
Islam Message Who is your Lord - 8/3/2011
Dr. Bilal Philips raises a few questions which we can use to judge to what degree do we know who our Lord is.
Islam Message Mankind in Crisis - 7/31/2011
Bilal Philips speaks about the crisis that humanity has fallen into and the ways to exit from them.
Islam Message The Birth of the Prophet and the End of Tyranny - 7/27/2011
Suhaib Webb speaks about the environment that existed in pre-Islamic Arabia and the impact that was made on it by the birth of the Prophet.
Islam Message The Prophet's Beautiful Character - 7/25/2011
Yaser Birjas speaks about the beautiful character that the Prophet of Allah had.
Islam Message Top Ten Reasons why Jesus is not God - 7/20/2011
Joshua Evans, a former Yourth Minister, shares 10 reasons why Jesus can not be God.
Islam Message Common Questions by non-Muslims - 7/19/2011
Dr. Bilal Phillips discusses some common questions that non-Muslims have about Islam
Islam Message Meet the Prophet - 7/13/2011
Suhaib Webb speaks about the Prophet Muhammad.
Islam Message The Mercy of Prophet Muhammad - 6/28/2011
Bilal Assaad speaks about the compassion and mercy of Prophet Muhammad towards the world. He shares stories and examples from the life of the Prophet regarding his compassion towards others.
Islam Message What is the Purpose of Life? - 6/16/2010
What is the purpose of life? Who created us? What will happen to us after we die? What do you really know about Islam? A lecture on...
Islam Message The true Religion of God - 4/21/2010
In a world consisting of so many religions and ideologies how do we determine the true religion of God?
Islam Message Purpose of Life - 4/14/2010
Everything that surrounds human beings has a purpose. So what is the purpose of our existence? What is going to happen...
Islam Message Amazing Quran by Garry Miller  - 4/7/2010
Dr. Gary Miller shows how we can establish true faith by setting standards of truth. He illustrates a simple but effective method..
Islam Message The Dawkins Delusion - 3/17/2010
Adam Deen delivers a talk titled "The Dawkins Delusion." A response to the International bestseller “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins.
Islam Message What is Islamic Monotheism? - 3/10/2010
In this lecture a brief explanation is given of the concept of "Tawheed" (Islamic Monotheism).
Islam Message Is there a True Religion?  - 2/24/2010
A compelling argument for religion and particularly for the final Message sent by God - Islam.
Islam Message Islam, Slavery and the African - 2/10/2010
Dr. Abdul Hakim Quick, an African-American convert to Islam, sheds light on the fascinating topic of Islam and the African people.
Islam Message Does God Exist? - 1/27/2010
In this lecture Abdurraheem Green addresses the age-old question, "Does God Exist ?"
Islam Message Women in Islam - 5/26/2009
Speech given by Imam Abdul Malik to a student organization at the City College...
Islam Message Quran - Miracle of Miracles - 5/9/2009
Video lectures by western scientists commenting on the scientific miracles in the Quran.
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