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Choosing Islam

  Art & Agriculture
Islam Message Contributions of Islam to Agriculture - 5/4/2014
Farming manuals were produced in every corner of the Muslim world detailing where, when and how to plant and grow various crops. Advanced scientific techniques allowed Muslim scientists...
Islam Message Environmental Health-An Islamic View - 3/3/2013
Whereas three litres of water a day per person were sufficient to cover all the needs of a person in the desert, those settled in a city today need 2000 litres a day,
Islam Message A glimpse of regional styles of Islamic architecture - 2/15/2012
An exhibition titled ‘Islamic Monuments of India’, exemplifying the vast Islamic architectural structures spread across India was inaugurated
Islam Message Significance of the Environment in Islam - 7/25/2011
Over the years, our environment has been facing a severe threat. The rivers are polluted with undesirable chemicals and toxicants; underground water is being depleted and getting polluted.
Islam Message Muslims' Contribution to Agriculture  - 7/4/2011
History books in schools usually convey the notion that the agricultural revolution took place in recent times in the form of rotation of crops, advanced irrigation techniques, plant improvements, etc...
Islam Message Muslims Contribution to the Sciences and Arts - 7/3/2011
The Directors of Posts prepared route-guides, whose publication was always accompanied by more or less detailed historico-economic description of each place, place-names being often
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