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Choosing Islam

  Proof of His Existence
Islam Message And of all things We created two mates; perhaps you will remember - 5/27/2014
This parasite which causes malaria sickness that is transmitted from one person to the other through female mosquitoes is...
Islam Message The Greatness of Allah the Almighty - 2/24/2014
All praise and thanks belong to Allah the Most High, Great and Exalted. He is the Sustainer of the Universe, and the Provider for whatever exists in it...
Islam Message Is there A God? - 9/30/2013
O mankind, your rebellion against God is only against your own selves - a brief enjoyment of this worldly life, then in the end unto Us is your return We shall inform you of that which you used to do
Islam Message The Logic Proof of the Existence of Allah - 9/11/2013
The word (Allah) connotes God’s existence in minds; any word denotes a Known that is divided as follows:
Islam Message The Existence and Unity of the Creator - 8/26/2013
The huge window consisting of twelve openings in twelve places shows through a light of truth of twelve colors the Oneness and Singleness of God.
Islam Message Where is God? - 4/30/2013
Some other religions teach "God is everywhere." This is actually called "pantheism" and it is the opposite of our belief system in Islam
Islam Message A Mercy for All the Nations - 5/15/2012
The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was not sent to a particular tribe, race or set of people, but rather to all mankind, as the Qur’an says:
Islam Message Existence of God: Between Faith & Atheism  - 2/6/2012
Mankind, in general, has maintained a belief in the existence of the Creator of the universe since time immemorial.
Islam Message What is His Name? - 8/14/2011
It was not the time, at that meeting; nor is it expedient here to discuss the subject fully - "IS JESUS GOD?" It is enough, for the moment, to say that in the language of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (Peace be upon them all) the name of God Almighty is ALLAH!
Islam Message Greatness of Allah - 7/9/2011
Allah governs the affairs of the various kingdoms and He commands and forbids, creates, sustains, gives death, gives life, gives power, strips power (to and from whom He wills) and alternates the night and day.
Islam Message Nature and Science Speak About God - 5/3/2011
The greatest evidence of God before us is His creation. Nature itself and our study of nature, both proclaim the fact that there is one God...
Islam Message The End of God? - 9/6/2010
Stephen Hawking, Britain 's most famous physicist has reignited the perennial debate between science and religion in his forthcoming...
Islam Message Does God Exist? - 11/4/2009
The concept of God is in the minds of people by nature. It is however covered with a lot of confusion. One of the major obstacles to people accepting the concept of a Universal God is that people cannot see Him...
Islam Message Belief in God is supported by Reason - 3/18/2009
It is mistakenly imagined by some that belief in a Supreme Being as the Creator and Controller of the universe is a mere emotional aspiration, a superstition of ancient times, irrational and illogical, and exploded by modern science.
Islam Message Belief in God versus Atheism - 3/17/2009
The vast majority of human beings have always believed in God. From the most ancient civilizations to the most primitive of modern societies, religions with God at their center have formed the foundation of human culture.
Islam Message God, the Contemporary Discussion - 2/27/2009
Prior to the modern age very few people disputed the fact that the world has a creator. This fact was for them as obvious as a logical truth or an observed phenomenon.
Islam Message Chance or Intelligence? - 2/24/2009
This Universe indeed displays a remarkable vista of order and consistency. We can observe, for example, the great regularity with which the celestial bodies follow precise orbits...
Islam Message God, His Signs are Everywhere - 2/24/2009
This world has one God. He is its Creator and Master. The greatest proof of God's existence is the existence of the world itself. Spread around us in all its vastness and com¬plexity it bears witness...
Islam Message Who is the Creator? - 2/11/2009
A very popular question among atheists is, ‘Granted that the existence of temporal things necessitates the existence of an eternal cause, why should that cause be the God of religion? Why can’t matter be eternal and be therefore in no need of an eternal creator?’
Islam Message Proof of the Existence of the Lord - 2/10/2009
The believer finds proof of the existence of the Lord in all places. From the simple efficiency of a one-celled organism to the great complexity of his own body; he sees in all, the work of the Lord.
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