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Choosing Islam

Islam Message Monotheism and human responsibility - 1/23/2014
So everything is held in existence by Him, and would not exist save through His knowledge, His will, His power
Islam Message Al-Taoheed or the Islamic Monotheism - 1/1/2014
What do you know about the Islamic monotheism? It is the crux of the message of Islam. It simply the belief in the oneness of God. This entails the total submission, and obedience to Allah through His ...
Islam Message Islamic Monotheism - 9/4/2013
An explanation of the Islamic concept monotheism, which entails belief in the uniqueness of God in His Lordship, right to be worshipped and in His Names and Attributes
Islam Message Allah In Islam - 6/9/2012
Muslims believe that Allah is the One Who has no partner, the Creator and the Originator. Allah Almighty established the basics of monotheism [Tawheed] in the noble Qur'an. He says:
Islam Message Monotheism is a characteristic of Islamic civilization - 4/9/2012
One of the most prominent characteristics of the Islamic civilization is that it was founded on the absolute oneness of Allah,
Islam Message The Love Of Our Common God Calls Believers Into Action  - 3/4/2012
Muslims are told in the Quran "Let a party of believers rise which enjoins what is good and forbids what is wrong".
Almost all the major religious scriptures of the world contain the word "Allah" as one of the names of God.
Islam Message Belief in God - 7/30/2011
Muhammad, peace be upon him, was sent to invite people to God and to teach them how to perform the task for which they were created, namely to worship Him. Many of the people whom he addressed had a hazy idea of God.
Islam Message The Purpose - 7/5/2011
We know that the One God exists and we know that we are a product of His creation. But we often forget to remember that we were created for a specific purpose.
Islam Message The meaning and implications of God’s Unity (Tawhid) - 3/1/2010
Today in the world, where more than five billion people are living, Islam is the only religion which is based solely on Absolute Divine Unity.
Islam Message Why does God use the word "We" to refer to Himself? - 4/7/2009
Question: We already know God our lord is One. As in chapter 112:1-4. But why does God the Lord use the word “We” to refer to Himself in many
Islam Message Monotheism in Islam - 2/24/2009
Islamic doctrine emphasizes the oneness, uniqueness, and transcendence of God. As such, God is different from anything that the human senses can perceive or that the human mind can imagine. Islam teaches that God encompasses all creation, but no mind can fully encompass or grasp Him.
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