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Choosing Islam

  Relationship with God
Islam Message Assessing Your Relationship with Allah - 12/8/2016
It is from the mercy of Allah, the exalted that He has legislated many deeds through which believer can assess his relationship with Allah...
Islam Message Between Allah and His Servant - 3/11/2014
Allah the Almighty is a Merciful and Compassionate God. Man runs far away from Him and His mercies and yet He gives him a long rope to repent and compensates ...
Islam Message Allah; the God of Mercy! - 2/11/2014
Allah the God Almighty is full of love and kindness to His creation. All blessings and goodness in this world and the next are clear proofs of His Mercy. Indeed, Islam teaches that God...
Islam Message I’ll Remember, Insha’Allah - 1/19/2014
“Never say of anything, ‘I shall certainly do this tomorrow,’ without adding, ‘if God so wills.
Islam Message Who is this Allah Muslims worship? - 1/2/2014
As Muslims, we are taught to believe in Allah the Almighty and worship Him alone without associating partners with Him. The very first question some non Muslim will ask about Islam is, "Who do you worship?", and as he asks he
Islam Message Between Man and His Creator‎ in Islam - 11/4/2013
God created man and established him as His vicegerent on earth‎ ...
Islam Message Keeping God in the Heart - 7/8/2013
Remembrance of God leads to peace and happiness in this life.
Islam Message Forgiveness for All Previous Sins - 6/5/2013
A person need not despair from the mercy of God in regards to the sins one may have committed in their life, for indeed God, The Most Forgiving and Merciful, is able to forgive all sins.
Islam Message The unbeatable power of faith in God - 4/29/2012
When Shivashan-karan, a young Hindu farmer from the south Indian state of Kerala embraced Islam, he had to face a lot of troubles and tribulations
Islam Message God and Jesus - According to the Quran, New and Old Testament - 3/31/2012
God (Allah, in the Arabic language) is only One, not three in One, nor One in three!
Islam Message Loving God and Mankind: Key to Paradise - 3/18/2012
To worship God means to obey Him and to do all that He has ordained, and to fear Him by abstaining from all that He has forbidden
Islam Message Proofs for God’s Right of Worship - 6/20/2011
Only God should be worshipped because He is the Creator and Sustainer of all that exists. This Great Universe and everything that is in it cannot be the product of chance, and could not have created itself.
Islam Message Why did God create us? - 12/26/2009
The purpose of creation is a topic that puzzles every human being at some point of his or her lifetime.
Islam Message People’s Relationship with God - 4/7/2009
Of all the ties that people have, their relationship with God is obviously the first and foremost. It determines their other relationships with their fellow human beings, family, community, and state.
Islam Message Is Allah an impersonal God? - 4/7/2009
Some people assert that the Islamic God is a very impersonal God with whom a believer never gets to develop a close relationship. There is no truth whatever in this assertion.
Islam Message The Grace of God - 4/7/2009
According to the Qur'an, bounties are not bestowed on men as a result of any good they do. They are given to them as a grace from God.
Islam Message The Path to God - 2/25/2009
When one finally acknowledges God as one's Lord and Master, one is entering, as it were, into a contract with God, a covenant which excludes all other beings and makes Him all in all.
Islam Message Whom Does God Love? - 2/17/2009
Both Christianity and Islam portray God as Loving. “The Loving One” is a name of God in Islam. However, unlike Christian missionaries, Muslims do not guarantee humanity unconditional or...
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