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Choosing Islam

  Introduction to the Qur'an
Islam Message Factors affecting the personality of an interpreter of the Holy Qur'an - 11/26/2015
Quran interpretation is one of the most important knowledges and one of the best of it,since it deals with the word of Allah(God)...
Islam Message Characteristics of the Madinite Surahs - 1/22/2015
It is very important to begin by stipulating the fundamental timing demarcating factor...
Islam Message Documentation and Compilation of the Quran - 1/15/2015
The Documentation and Compilation of the Quran went through three stages...
Islam Message Al-Isaeeliyyaat -Narratives Originating from Jewish and Christian Traditions in Tafsir Books  - 1/10/2015
That which collaborates the statements of Allah and His messenger is correct and to be accepted even if the collaboration is just in an aspect of possible aspects. There is no harm in transmitting such...
Islam Message Commentary on the Surah Al-Adiyat (The Charging Steeds)  - 3/11/2014
Surah al-Adiyat is an early Makkan chapter in which Allah sears by the warhorses He has subjected to man's use that man is ungrateful. In the Chapter, Allah the Almighty describes...
Islam Message The Style of the Quran - 2/3/2014
What topics does the Quran discuss? It covers various subjects. Most importantly, it talks about the unity of God...
Islam Message The Prophecies of the Qur'an - 1/16/2014
The Quran contains many prophecies that have been fulfilled, but in this discussion, we will limit ourselves to only five.
Islam Message The Origin of the Quran - 10/2/2012
The Quran is the holy book which Muslims recite and turn to for guidance in all aspects of their life.
Islam Message Ants Speak ! Another New Quranic Scientific Miracle - 8/13/2012
Till, when they came to the valley of the ants, one of the ants said: 'O ants! enter Your dwellings, lest Sulaiman (prophet Solomon) and his hosts crush you, while they perceive not.' So He [Sulaiman (Solomon)]
Islam Message The Message of the Qur'an  - 7/1/2012
Books generally follow a standard pattern. Every book bears a title that reflects its subject, and is divided into sections and subsections.
Islam Message Who Is The Author [s] Of The Quran? Part 2/2 - 3/25/2012
Like the first supposed explanation, this second explanation is also common and is expressed explicitly or implicitly
Islam Message Who is the Author [S] of the Quran? Part 1/2 - 3/24/2012
From the practically universal perspective of the nearly 1.6 billion Muslim people, the Qur’an is regarded a
Islam Message The People of the Book in the Quran  - 3/12/2012
There are many nations in the world with different colors, creeds, and languages.
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 19. Maryam - 2/16/2012
It was revealed before the Migration to Habash. We learn from authentic Traditions that Hadrat Ja'afar recited vv.
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 18. Al-Kahf - 2/9/2012
This is the first of those Surahs which were sent down in the third stage of Prophethood at Makkah
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 17. Bani Isra'il - 2/2/2012
The very first verse indicates that this Surah was revealed on the occasion of Mi`raj (Ascension).
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 16. An-Nahl - 1/26/2012
The name, An-Nahl, of this Surah has been taken from v. 68. This is merely to distinguish it from other Surahs.
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 15. Al-Hijr - 1/19/2012
It is clear from its topics and style that the period of its revelation is about the same as that of Surah Ibrahim
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 14. Ibrahim - 1/12/2012
The Surah takes its name from v. 35 in which mention has been made of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham).
Islam Message Introduction to Surah ( Chapter) 13. Ar-Ra`ad - 1/5/2012
The manner of speech indicates that a long time had passed since the Holy Prophet had been conveying the Message.
Islam Message The Holy Qur’an: Unique among Scriptures  - 12/20/2011
We invite you to take a few minutes to learn something about a book that is the foundation of the worldview and culture of almost a quarter of the people on this planet.
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 12. Yusuf - 12/15/2011
The subject matter of this Surah indicates that it was revealed during the last stage of the Holy Prophet's residence at Makkah, when the Quraish were considering the question of killing or exiling or imprisoning him.
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 11. Hud - 12/8/2011
The Surah deals with the same subject as Surah Yunus, that is, invitation to the Message, admonition and warning, with this difference that the warning is sterner.
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 10. Yunus - 12/1/2011
We learn from traditions, and this is supported by the contents of the Surah itself, that the whole of this Surah was revealed at Makkah
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 9. At-Taubah - 11/24/2011
This is the only Surah of the Quran to which Bismillah is not prefixed. Though the commentators have given different reasons for this, the correct one that which has been given by Imam Razi: namely, this is because the Holy Prophet himself did not dictate it at the beginning of the Surah.
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 7. Al-A'Araf - 11/10/2011
The principal subject of this surah is "invitation to the Divine Message sent down to Muhammad" (Allah's peace be upon him), which is couched in a warning.
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 6. Al-An'am - 11/3/2011
Its subject-matter clearly shows that it must have been revealed during the last year of the Holy Prophet's life at Makkah. The tradition of Asma, daughter of Yazid, also confirms this.
Islam Message The Arrangement of Verses and Chapters in the Qur'an - 11/1/2011
The word Jama‘ in the Arabic text of the verse above implies both collection and arrangement, which is a process quite different from the revelation.
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 3. Al-I-Imran - 10/15/2011
This Surah takes its name from v. 33. Al-i-Imran, like the names of many other surahs, is merely a name to distinguish it from other surahs and does not imply that the family of Imran has been discussed in it.
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 2. Al-Baqarah - 10/6/2011
AL-BAQARAH (the Cow) has been so named from the story of the Cow occurring in this Surah (vv. 67-73).
Islam Message Introduction to Surah (Chapter) 1. Al Fatihah  - 10/1/2011
This Surah is named AL-FATIHAH because of its subject-matter. Fatihah is that which opens a subject or a book or any other thing. In other words, Al-Fatihah is a sort of preface.
Islam Message The Amazing Quran - 9/25/2011
The Qur’an is the last revealed Word of God. It is a record of the exact words revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel.
Islam Message What the Qur'an Teaches: The message of mercy - 8/29/2011
This is the opening of a surah that is characterized by short and rhyming verses, violent images, and inspirational shades of meaning. The surah strikes like a hammer, its beat directed at making every human heart tremble.
Islam Message Do You Know This Book?  - 8/16/2011
Humanity has received divine guidance through two channels: the word of Allah and the prophets who were chosen by Him to communicate His will to humanity. These channels have always functioned together
Islam Message Introduction to the Qur'an - 3/6/2009
The Qur'an, the Torah, and the Gospel are Scriptures of God that He sent down to His Messengers (peace be upon them). Gabriel brought down the Qur'an to Muhammad (peace be upon him)...
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