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Choosing Islam

Islam Message The Creation of Prophet Adam - 8/11/2015
Islam provides us with the astonishing details of the creation of Adam this is illustrated in this article...
Islam Message Do we have Good Reasons to Believe? - 1/9/2014
One of the most important questions that almost all thinkers, philosophers and people like you and I have asked is “Why does the universe exist at all?
Islam Message God, His Signs are Everywhere (part 2 of 2) - 8/19/2013
God can be recognized by pondering over His creation
Islam Message Living the Dash - 4/25/2012
When you look at a gravestone or a biographical note, you will see the birth and death dates separated by a dash
Islam Message The Origin of Life - an Islamic Perspective - 3/13/2010
For a Muslim the evidence of dinosaurs and fossils is not a threat to our beliefs. Rather, it is a confirmation of...
Islam Message Evolution and the Origins of Man - 1/2/2010
Human beings are not mere products of random chance or selfish genes. Instead, our existence is intended.
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