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Choosing Islam

  Divine Revelations
Islam Message The Necessity Of Divine Revelation  - 3/23/2013
Life means activity and all activity brings with it certain problems. Those problems have to be solved successfully in order to make the human life a success.
Islam Message Concept of Justice in the Bible and the Quran - 3/25/2012
Islam may be defined as a proactive, dedicated, and single-minded pursuit of guidance from Allah (2:38) to Allah (76:29) with Allah (8:19)
Islam Message Objections raised against Divine Revelation - 9/25/2011
To deny the existence of Divine revelation solely because we do not see Divine revelation coming down and we do not hear its sound, and we have not personally observed or experienced it...
Islam Message The Necessity of Revelation - 9/5/2011
There are only two things which are the true source and the true standard of high morals - God's attributes and His Words. Anyone who abandons this source and looks elsewhere for attaining a high moral condition is running after a mirage; and the source of both is the Divine revelation.
Islam Message Revelation - The Ultimate Source of Guidance and Knowledge - 8/30/2011
The All-Mighty has endowed human being with two types of powers or faculties. One is the rational faculty, whose source is the human intellect and the other is the spiritual faculty whose source is the human heart.
Islam Message Salvation lies between fear and hope - 7/12/2011
[False] security and despair are ways leading out of the folds of the community of Muslims. The right attitude for the people of the Qiblah lie between the two [i.e., hope and fear].
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