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Choosing Islam

  Divine Will & Decree
Islam Message Disbelief in the Names and Attributes of Allah - 5/1/2016
Disbelief in the Names and Attributes of Allah is of two types...
Islam Message Delusion of Qadariyah and Defeatists Regarding Predestination  - 3/20/2016
As you should have expected, there were people who usually engaged in religious pursuits and discussions as early as the time of the Prophet Muhammad... read more in this article
Islam Message Ranks of Destiny and their Evidence from the Qur'an and Sunnah - 3/13/2016
Destiny is one of the articles of faith in Islam and cannot be discarded, read to know it ranks and evidence...
Islam Message Fate and Destiny: An Islamic Perspective - 2/5/2015
The sixth and final article of Islamic belief, as detailed by a famous prophetic Tradition, is belief in destiny...
Islam Message Belief in Divine Decree - 10/23/2013
Belief in divine decree strengthens one’s belief in God.
Islam Message Shahadah (Testimony of Faith) - 4/9/2013
The first pillar of Islam is to believe and declare the faith by saying the Shahadah (lit. 'witness'), known as the Kalimah.
Islam Message Faith, Worship, and Social Responsibility: The Ideal Person in the Qur'an - 2/16/2013
As with other sacred texts, one of the most important subjects regarding the Qur'an concerns its interpretation or tafsir. As a matter of fact, its language and communicative style require interpretation even for legalistic verses.
Islam Message Faith in Diversity - 6/17/2012
It was 1988, and I had recently become a Muslim. I was on the lookout for someone else “like me”,
Islam Message Comprehensiveness In Islam  - 3/6/2012
Islam is the message for all times, the message is from it was revealed up to today and the next.
Islam Message Predestination in Islam - 3/21/2009
The original meaning of the word Qadar is specified measure or amount, whether of quantities or qualities. It has many other usages which branch out from this core.
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