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Choosing Islam

  Introduction to Islamic Law
Islam Message The Islamic Law on Homosexuality - 3/2/2014
It is crystal clear that Islam abhors and prohibits homosexuality...
Islam Message Do you really know what Shariah is? - 6/11/2012
Last weekend’s interview with Dallas Muslim scholar, Dr. Yusef Kavakci, on radio Azad, an internet-based South Asian community radio in Irving, raised several points worthy of reflection and deeper elaboration.
Islam Message Gender discrimination in Muslim world - 8/18/2011
Gender discrimination is probably one of the most popular issues that western society applies to the Muslim countries.
Islam Message Islamic Law - 7/23/2011
The mantra that Islamic law has no place in modern societies is repeated by modern pundits in subtle, and sometimes, not-so-subtle ways. It is a recurrent theme in the media, frequently interpolated with certain shocking images for maximal effect.
Islam Message The ABCs of Islamic Law  - 1/30/2010
Shari`ah embraces worship, morals, individual attitude and conduct, as well as the political, social, economic, criminal, and civil spheres.
Islam Message Islam is the Middle Path - 11/9/2009
Islam teaches balance in thought and action. Although some practitioners may go to extremes , the religion itself does not condone any form of extremism or fanaticism.
Islam Message The Basis of Society - 2/19/2009
Islam sees life as an organic whole and the same principles should guide and govern it in all its ramifications. It stands for life-affirmation and life-fulfillment and refuses to divide life into...
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