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Choosing Islam

  Family Law
Islam Message Aims and Objectives of One Year Banishment of a Fornicator in Islamic Law - 3/9/2016
Islam has enacted capital punishments for certain crimes, but in order to establish and prove them, it has also laid down difficult conditions,...
Islam Message How to Choose a Life-Partner in the Light of Qur'an and Sunnah-2 - 5/27/2015
This is exactly what we need in Muslim homes and families to have back the our leading and exemplary rule in the international world...
Islam Message Attributes and Characteristics of the Official Authorized to Perform Marriage Ceremonies - 5/21/2015
in much Islamically organized settings, the authorities do grant leave and authority to only recognized and qualified scholars to officiate marriages...
Islam Message How to Choose a Life-Partner in the Light of Qur'an and Sunnah - 5/21/2015
Sharia pays so much attention on the family, being the yardstick and very first laid down brick of the solid foundation behind a successful and well-bred Islamic society...
Islam Message The Conditions of A Guardian in Marriage – 2 - 5/14/2015
The explicitly disputed conditions to this regard are two...
There are certain legal terms and conditions that must be present in the guardian responsible for holding a marriage contract.this article presents some of these...
Islam Message Evil Consequences of Live-in Relationships in Light of the Shari'ah - 2/22/2015
Islam prohibits explicitly any kind of such immoral relationship or intercourse outside marriage. It is called 'zina' in Arabic...
Islam Message THE DOWER ACCORDING TO ISLAM. - 11/24/2014
Dower in Arabic means Mahr which symbolizes a sum of money , property, or anything agreed upon by the partners involve which is given to a proposed wife in consideration of marriage...
Islam Message Family planning in the context of the Contemporary Fiqh issues- A comparative Study  - 10/14/2014
Birth control means: to wish to have the children in a systematic and planed way
Islam Message The essential pillars of marital life - 9/15/2013
Marital happiness is a dream that all husbands and wives have had since the beginning of time and many spouses are still trying to fulfill this dream through all possible means
Islam Message Parents: Precious Blessings in our Life - 8/15/2013
Allah The Almighty has made our parents the means of giving us life and made them the source of providing us with unparalleled love and a sound upbringing.
Islam Message Kids listen to our every deed - 8/8/2013
How many times have you told your kids to change their clothes/brush their teeth/do their homework/or anything else for that matter? There is really no right answer because there is really no limit to the number of times we have to ask our kids to do something
Islam Message The Fitrah of Children: Signs and Proofs - 7/31/2013
The prophet (SAS) said that every child is born on the Fitra (Bukhari and Muslim). Interesting questions are if we can see signs of the Fitrah in Children and what these signs are. This article aims to answer these questions.
Islam Message Why Men Cheat ‘What’s Up With Those Men?’ - 5/19/2013
It started off as a feeling that something was amiss. Jamila couldn’t put her finger on it, but she knew something was wrong.
Islam Message Marriage in Islam - 4/3/2013
We turn now to the procedures of marriage in Islam. When a girl reaches the age of marriage it is customary for the Muslim parents to (Clay a major role in the choice of the husband, but she must be consulted.
Islam Message Management Of The Elderly - 10/10/2012
Many of our well-to-do people do not realize how cruel and inhuman it is to settle our retired or aged people, single or wife and husband, in separate colonies or homes meant exclusively for them away from their members of the family.
Islam Message Our Children after Ramadan - 8/23/2012
Taamir and Afnaan sat with their parents in the living room having their lunch after Ramadan and ‘Eed had passed. Afnaan said to her father, "My father, why does Ramadan come only once?"
Islam Message Parents and the Path to Paradise - 6/26/2012
March is the month of International Women’s Day, and in many countries the month of Mother’s Day too. They have got me thinking about how we deal with both motherhood and parenthood within Muslim communities.
Islam Message Being Good To Your Parents - 5/30/2012
In today’s rapid-paced life, we often tend to get so busy that we forget our parents’ rights.
Islam Message Respect for Our Daughters  - 5/29/2012
A person's need to feel import is something perfectly natural, something instilled in human nature.
Islam Message Marriage and Divorce - 5/1/2012
One of the most distorted concepts of Islam is the real meaning of marriage.
Islam Message Parenthood-and especially Motherhood as an Islamic Value - 4/10/2012
Motherhood occupies a major area in the work of the obstetrician gynaecologist. Motherhood, however
Islam Message Women as Mothers - 2/29/2012
Allah, the Most Beneficent, has repeatedly emphasized the right of parents in general and the mother in particular. Allah, the Exalted, states in the Qur'an:
Islam Message Kindness to Parents (part 3 of 3): Even After Death - 1/23/2012
Islam is a religion of justice and compassion. It teaches morality and forbids bad conduct.
Islam Message Kindness to Parents (part 2 of 3): The Value of Motherhood: Paradise is at Her Feet - 1/21/2012
In several verses of the Quran, God makes clear that duty, kindness and gratitude towards parents is an essential part of Islam. However, women in Islam,
Islam Message The Senior Citizens of Our Community - 11/6/2011
For senior citizens in most Muslim countries there is a social structure, an extended family, in which an individual can spend the rest of his or her life surrounded by doting children and grandchildren, as well as peers they may have grown up with their whole lives.
Islam Message Mothers in Islamic Teaching - 10/16/2011
The Quran has a number of things to say about a Muslim's obligations to parents
Islam Message Honoring Our Parents  - 10/4/2011
Our parents are the people who provide the most care for us in this world. Unfortunately, most of us often fail to show them the respect they deserve.
Islam Message The Islamic View Of Adoption And Caring For Homeless Children - 9/20/2011
The most famous orphan in Islamic culture is, without doubt, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. His father died before he was born and by the time he was eight he had lost both his mother and the grandfather who named him.
Islam Message Our Women: The Essence of the Community - 8/10/2011
So, the woman is the focal point of our conflict with our opponents, and the outcome of either victory or defeat will come through her.
Islam Message Responsibility to One's Family - 7/11/2011
Islam stresses mutual responsibility between family members, making it the solid foundation that protects the family from collapsing or splitting apart.
Islam Message Islam and the Oppression of Women - 6/26/2011
Does Islam oppress women? In answering this question, we must differentiate between the teachings of Islam and the practice of some Muslims.
Islam Message Polygyny in Islam - 4/25/2011
Polygyny has to be one of the greatest bug-bears around today, one that stalks even monogamous Muslims.
Islam Message The Family Structure in Islam - 3/6/2011
The family is a human social group whose members are bound together by the bond of blood ties and/or marital relationship...
Islam Message Marriage and Divorce in Islam - 3/6/2011
The tabloid image of Islam represents many negative stereotypes of marriage. Under-age girls wed to men...
Islam Message Parent-Child Relationship in Islam - 10/14/2009
Islam recognizes family as a basic social unit. Along with the husband-wife relationship, the parent-child relationship is extremely important.
Islam Message Adopting a Child in Islam - 6/8/2009
The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said that a person who cares for an orphaned child will be in Paradise with him, and motioned to show that they would be as close as two fingers of a single hand.
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