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Choosing Islam

  Financial Transactions
Islam Message Difference Between Will and Legacy - 10/26/2016
Islam is much more than a religion; it is a way of life.
Islam Message The Difference between Gift and Will - 10/19/2016
this article briefly outlined the discrepancies between a gift deed and a will, and how they are conceptualized in the islamic law...
Islam Message Treatment by Environment in Islamic Law - 3/1/2016
The environment can be used as treatment of disease in Islam according to the teaching of the Prophet – peace be upon – if and only is that that part of the used environment for treatment is not against the teaching of Islam... read more.
Islam Message Partnership in Islamic Business - 2/15/2016
this article presents the concept of partnership in islamic business and the essentials of it...
Islam Message The Six Varieties of Riba in the Prophetic Tradition - 2/10/2016
The word "Riba" means excess, increase or addition, which correctly interpreted according to Shariah terminology,...
Islam Message Criticism of the Arguments of Modern Financial Institutions for Riba - 2/2/2016
The Definition of Riba and its presence in Modern Financial Institutions.
Islam Message Rescinding of Bargains in Light of Islamic Jurisprudence - 1/1/2016
In Islam, both the seller and buyer have the option to withdraw the transaction before leaving the meeting (where the bargain is struck)...
Islam Message Disposal of Purchased Commodity before Receipt - 12/21/2015
if a buyer wants to dispose the commodity he bought before receipt through any means other than sale ...
Islam Message Commissioning (Wakalah) in light of Islamic Jurisprudence - 12/14/2015
It is permissible for a person to commission another in matters in which representation is permitted, such as concluding or canceling all kinds of contracts. That's called "Wakalah",Find the explanation in this article.
Islam Message Transference of Debts (Hawalah) in light of Islamic Jurisprudence - 12/8/2015
The contract of Hawalah is one of the important concepts in Islamic Finance...
Islam Message Option in Trade Transaction - 5/11/2015
Islam gives each of the seller and the buyer the choice to consider his own interest so that he can confirm what benefits him...
Islam Message Selling of Assets - 4/20/2015
In this brief but concise article, we want to elaborate the Islamic injunctions on the selling of Assets...
Islam Message Guarantee in light of Islamic Law - 3/9/2015
The guarantee has been regarded as an important method of securing the performance of future obligations...
Islam Message A Quick Glance at the Rules of Loaning and Loans - 3/5/2015
Loaning is a welcome practice in Islam, although with certain stipulated rules and regulations based on the teachings of the Qur'an and prophet (PBUH)...
Islam Message Barter Trade in Islam - 1/6/2015
The Holy Prophet-peace be upon him-clearly saw elements of exploitation, injustice and usury and many other economic ills in the barter system...
Islam Message As-Salam (Sale of Payment in Advance ) - 12/21/2014
The salam transaction is a type of permissible trade or sales in Islam whereby payment for an item is made in advance while delaying the receipt of...
Islam Message Confession - 12/4/2014
Confession is one of the strongest evidences in Islamic law. It does not require any further proofs or supporting evidences...
Islam Message OATHS IN CLAIMS. - 11/30/2014
Various definitions of an oath were propounded by various Muslim jurists. Popular among these is that of Az-Zarkashī (d. 1392 CE).He said:" an oath is a sentence that confirms a statement through emphasis"...
Islam Message Rules of Mortgage in Islam - 5/18/2014
Islam has given detailed regulations for our economic life, which is balanced and fair. Muslims are to...
The philosophy of the paper is in line with the position of modern interest in Islam, as to whether it is the same with riba or not.
Islam Message Allah Destroys Usury and Increases deeds of charity - 12/12/2013
It remains crystal clear that Islam is the best model of economic system ever witnessed by mankind. The recently crumbling economic settings of the so called developed nations can bear witness to that...
Islam Message An Invitation to Gain Allah’s Pleasure - 11/8/2013
Islam wants to create a society that is founded on fraternity, sympathy, ‎selflessness and sacrifice.‎
Islam Message Filling the gaps [Islamic Business & Finance] - 1/2/2013
The Investor for Securities Company launched Safa Investment Services, billed as the world's first global Islamic asset manager in the GCC, in October this year.
Islam Message Islamic Banking: Greener pastures open in banking sector - 10/9/2012
Kozhikode: The Muslim education institutions in Malabar have taken a cue from the state government in their interest towards Islamic banking.
Islam Message Introduce Alternate Banking Window in Conventional Banks: ICIF - 4/25/2012
In its relentless pursuit to introduce Islamic Finance and Banking in India, a delegation of Indian Centre for Islamic Finance-ICIF called on Union Minister of State for Finance
Islam Message Islamic banking may attract more funds to India - 4/17/2012
Islamic banking, if allowed, may attract more funds to India, especially in the infrastructure field, says former Indian High Commissioner to Malaysia R.L Narayan.
Islam Message British embassy, Muslim banker tackle merits of Islamic banking - 3/12/2012
The global financial crisis that weakened US and European economies actually presented emerging markets, like the Philippines,
Islam Message Waqf (Endowment) and Its Sociopolitical Aspects  - 9/13/2011
Waqf, in Arabic language, means hold, confinement or prohibition. The word waqf is used in Islam in the meaning
Islam Message Why Islam is Against Lending Money at Interest  - 12/14/2009
According to most governments the only ways to control the deficit is to raise taxes or to cut government spending.
Islam Message Islamic Economics: An Alternative?  - 8/23/2009
Signs of the collapse of the world financial system have emerged, causing great panic to people all over the world. Many governments called upon economists and experts to find a way out.
Islam Message Principles of Islamic Economics - 5/12/2009
Islam does not want economic race to take place in an atmosphere of moral neutrality and social apathy. The participants should be just and kind to one another. Islam, through its moral injunctions...
Islam Message Principles of Shariah Governing Islamic Investment Funds - 4/8/2009
The term "Islamic Investment Fund" in this article means a joint pool wherein the investors contribute their surplus money for the purpose of its investment to earn halal
Islam Message Justification for the Prohibition of Gambling - 3/24/2009
Every society reacts against the behavior of individuals which infringes upon public interest and it is universally believed that acts which provoke social relations must be punished.
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